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It may come as no surprise that men have been shown to have (or at least admit to having) more fantasies than women. Apparently, they are also able to be (or willing to be?) much more detailed in their descriptions of their fantasies than women, according to a study done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

While I can’t go into detailed description of each of these (that will really depend on the individual guy, so I’ll just get you started and you can run with it), I can give you the top 5 reported fantasies for guys.

1. Threesomes

Top 5 Fantasies for Men

Nearly every guy has at some time in his life (or still does to this day) fantasized about having a threesome (i.e. sleeping with two girls at one time.) While it makes sense that living this fantasy would certainly give him some bragging rights, apparently when it comes to the actual act, men really do enjoy the visual aspect of two women (we’ve established that men are visual beings, right?) pleasing each other or being pleased by him.

2.      Role playing games

Top 5 Fantasies for Men

Guys love the role-playing. When questioned, most men responded that role-playing regularly with a steady partner kept them more satisfied in long-term relationships because they could momentarily pretend that they were having sex with someone different each time – but without the guilt of actually having sex with someone different.

3.      Women who are off-limits

Top 5 Fantasies for Men

Men love a good chase, but they eventually like to catch the one they’re chasing. Somehow, it’s those elusive ones (his best friend’s girlfriend, his girlfriend’s sister, his childhood best girl friend who is always in a relationship with one of his friends, etc.) that seem the most attractive to him. Why? Because they are the uncatchable ones. The off-limits. He wants what he can’t have and that just drives him crazy.

4.      Exotic locations

Top 5 Fantasies for Men

Surprisingly, this one ranked pretty high on the list of women’s most common fantasies, and barely missed a top 5 ranking for women. Guys love to switch up the scenery when they get it on. Whether that means simply going from bed to kitchen counter or it means taking the dirty deed out of the house to a public place, just getting some plain old variety is always a good thing.

5.      Being dominated or dominating a partner

Top 5 Fantasies for Men

This was the only fantasy that made it to the top 5 list for both men and women, and apparently, both men and women fantasize about both dominating and being dominated. This is interesting since we have been told in the past that men and women who participate in BDSM actively only identify themselves as a ‘dom’ OR a ‘sub,’ but never BOTH. Hmmm…I wonder if the guys fantasize about doing it in a full black leather bodysuit too?


Bonus Fact: 90 percent of the men who participated in the study by The Journal of Sexual Medicine identified as heterosexual, but approximately a quarter of them admitted fantasizing about giving fellatio and 20 percent admitted fantasizing about having sex with another man.

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