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Couples Sex toys for quarantine

Best Sex Toys For Quarantine 2020

It’s fair to say that no one thought 2020 would have gone this way. Now more than ever people are staying home and with that comes a lot of boredom. If you’re feeling like everyday is groundhog’s day it’s time to change up your agenda. Might we suggest some sex toys? Keep reading to see Ella Paradis’s Top 15 Sex Toys of Quarantine 2020.

There’s no question that everyone is feeling the stress of corona and being in quarantine. Looking for a way to destress? Well, the fact is for many years people have been using sex toys for stress relief. Because let’s face it we all know how good we feel after a toe-curling orgasm. Whether your goal is alleviating boredom or becoming a more complete sexual being, there’s a sex toy out there somewhere with your name on.

Curing boredom during these times…

We’ve decided to help you navigate this anxious, horny time by gathering up some of the best sex toys to help solve whatever stress you’re going through. The best part (next to promised orgasms) is Ella Paradis is having an ongoing sale as a little thank you for staying home, so if you purchase any of these toys from us an automatic discount will be applied to your cart.

From toys to ease tensions and keep things exciting for quarantined couples and app-controlled vibrators for those separated, and of course, sex toys for those going solo. 

Thank you and happy cranking!

#1 Womanizer Premium

premium sex toy for women

What is the Womanizer Premium?

Taking everything women love about the original Womanizer vibrator two steps further, the Womanizer Premium clit stimulator is a lady-pleasing triumph. The Womanizer Premium is sensual, slender and ergonomically shaped. It fits perfectly in your palm and is easily maneuvered so you can concentrate solely on your pleasure. Designed from the ground up to give you a better, more intense orgasm, the Womanizer Premium has a Smart Silence feature that keeps play sessions discreet, using Pleasure Air Technology to keep you feeling satisfied again and again—and again and again and again.

What makes this sex toy special…

Feel like a relaxing soak in the tub? And by that we mean, a really, truly relaxing soak? Then grab some candles, your favorite bubble bath and bring your Womanizer Premium too. It is 100% waterproof. Feel like some quality time? Go ahead! The Womanizer Premium has a battery life of 4 hours – so it is always ready when you are. Blending innovative tech with top-quality design, the Womanizer Premium features a fully rechargeable battery and magnetic pin USB charging port, saving you the hassle (and frustration) of having to ever buy or replace batteries.


Womanizer Premium

How it works…

Simple controls open the door to unlimited pleasure at the push of a button, and with 12 different intensity levels—ranging from ultra-soft to “rock your socks off”—the Womanizer Premium has something for every woman, whether she prefers a gentler, more gradual climax or sheet-shaking ecstasy.

Of course, for those who thrive on surprise and new experiences, the Womanizer Premium’s “Autopilot” function gives you a completely unique session every time you use it. It works by randomly selecting new stimulation patterns and intensities to keep your time together fresh and exciting.

 Silence is golden…

With the discreet “Smart Silence” feature, the Womanizer Premium won’t turn on until it’s almost touching the surface of your skin, shutting off and going completely silent when you pull it away from your body. This is ideal, because all Womanizer toys are much quieter when against your body. It’s the perfect toy for any woman who prefers to be a bit more inconspicuous when it comes to her alone time. Pleasure Air Technology allows the Womanizer Premium to stimulate your clitoris both gently and indirectly, without touching your clit. It’s this unique and pleasant feeling of light suction blended with sensational vibration that will bring you to a new kind of orgasm.


How To Use The Womanizer Premium:

Womanizer Premium sex toys

Step 1: Lay Down in a Comfortable Position
Spread your labia slightly, exposing your clitoris.

Step 2: Listen To Your Body
Begin by placing the mouth of the device on the clitoris, or next to the clitoris if the direct contact is too intense for you. Enclose your clitoris within the stimulation head, using light pressure to maintain a firm seal. Stimulate your clitoris as long as it doesn’t feel sensitive. Your body will tell you what feels right.

Step 3: Test The Toy
Adjust the intensity to your liking using the plus and minus buttons.

Step 4: Enjoy!
Take the stress out of your day while you lay back and enjoy the best orgasm of your life!

Step 5: Clean Your Toy!

Womanizer Premium sex toy

Womanizer Premium Features:
  • 12 intensity levels
  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
  • Autopilot Mode for a unique experience every time
  • Super silent motor (40dB) for discreet use
  • Battery run time: 240 mins
  • Charge time: 120 mins
  • Rechargeable via magnetic USB pin
  • 100% waterproof
  • Super-soft silicone surface
  • Includes 2 stimulation heads in different sizes
  • Includes high-quality silk storage bag


#2 Womanizer Duo

Womanizer Duo sex toy

What is the Womanizer Duo?

The sex toy that does it all, Womanizer DUO is a clitoral stimulator and rabbit vibrator featuring 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation, 12 intensity levels for G-spot stimulation, and 10 vibration modes for complete orgasmic pleasure you’ll need to experience to believe.

Multiple orgasms? You bet!
Womanizer DUO is the sex toy that does it all.

Designed from the ground up to provide you with the most incredible orgasms of your life, the Womanizer DUO is versatile, ergonomic, rechargeable, and waterproof, making it nothing short of a dream come true. Delivering simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot, this stimulator/vibrator combo is sure you make your toes curl with pleasure.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who wants to experience the ecstasy of a clitoral stimulator and G-spot vibrator at the same time within a single toy. It’s also great for anyone who wants a more discreet play session. In addition to being super quiet, Smart Silence Technology makes it so the DUO to only start up when it meets skin, going into standby the moment it’s removed. Whether you use the DUO alone or with your lover, you’ll never have to deal with annoying vibration sounds when it’s not in use.

Womanizer Duo sex toy


Pleasure Air Technology…

Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates the clitoris the same way the classic Womanizer does. Instead of rubbing and vibrating against the clit, the stimulation head envelops the clitoris without touching it, bringing sensational pleasure through soft pressure waves that are unique and enthralling, never desensitizing or overstimulating your body. This opens the doors to multiple orgasms. At the same time, the Womanizer DUO works as a powerful G-spot vibrator. This lets you enjoy external and internal stimulation simultaneously.

How does it work?

Not all sex toys are made alike. Complementing its ultra-flexible settings, the Womanizer DUO adapts its shape to excite your body in all the right ways. You can even switch from vaginal to clitoral stimulation – and vice versa – effortlessly. Whether you’re a beginner or a adult toy expert, the Womanizer DUO truly is the ultimate sex toy. Both the vibrator and clitoral stimulator can be adjusted independently of one another. There are 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation, 12 intensity levels for G-spot stimulation, and 10 vibration modes. The result? A more personalized, deeply intimate play session that’s sure to leave you completely satisfied.

sex toy for women Womanizer Duo

Duo Features:
  • 12 intensity levels of Pleasure Air™ Technology
  • Vibrator: 12 intensity levels and 10 modes
  • Smart Silence™ and Standby Mode
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Super soft silicone skin (hypoallergenic and medical grade)
  • One white LED with power and charging indication, placed in the
    stimulator head
  • USB cord with magnetic charging pins
  • Additional stimulation head size L
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Smart Silence Technology
  • Powerful vibrator
  • Up to two hours running time
  • Ergonomically shaped for your comfort
  • Includes: noble satin bag, elegant box, USB charging cable, user manual, an additional silicon stimulation head in a smaller size


#3 We-Vibe Chorus

couples sex toys

What is the We-Vibe Chorus?

We-Vibe is known for designing incredible sex toys. The We-Vibe Chorus Improves on The #1 Selling We-Vibe Sync Our Customers Love! Staying connected shouldn’t be such a daunting task. Let We-Vibe take the work out of with the We-Vibe Chorus couples’ vibrator. Enjoy 10+ modes of vibrations, a touch-sense remote that reacts to your human touch, and Anhorlink for the most stable connection! Grab yours now to experience the difference!

Sing with pleasure!

If you thought We-Vibe couldn’t possibly make a better couples’ vibrator, well we’re here to tell you you’ve thought wrong! Introducing the Chorus Couples’ vibrator from We-Vibe. This unique vibe provides dual stimulation with 10+ vibration modes. Its flexible body allows you to customize the fit to your unique shapes and curves for pinpoint accuracy. To make the moment even better between you and your partner, We-Vibe has created a squeeze remote that reacts to human touch.


How does it this couples sex toy work?

The hardest you squeeze, the more intense the vibrations. Additionally, its touch-sense also allows you to control the vibrations with your movements. Innovative, and intuitive, prepare to get closer than ever with the We-Vibe Chorus!

couples sex toys We-Vibe Chorus

Unbreakable Connection…

Now a days sex toys are designed with smarter technology and the Chorus is the perfect example of high-tech pleasure. Powered by a combination of Anchorlink™ Technology and Bluetooth 5, the Chorus provides users with the most stable connection between the device and the We-Connect App. Stay more connected than ever before with the We-Vibe Chorus!

We-Vibe Chorus sex toy

Chorus Features:
  • 10+ Vibration Modes
  • Dual Stimulation
  • Low Power Alert
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Powered by Anchorlink™ Technology for Stable Connections
  • Chorus Couples’ Vibrator
  • Squeeze Remote
  • Storage/Charging Case
  • USB Power Cable
  • 2ml We-Vibe Lube made by Pjur


#4 LELO Sona 2 Cruise

Sona 2 Cruise sex toy

What is the Lelo Sona 2?

If you thought the Sona Cruise couldn’t get any better, you thought wrong! Discover LELO’s newest creation – the Sona 2 Cruise today and experience the magic of cruise control and suction clitoral stimulation!

Whats new with the Sona 2?

This is more than a sex toy, it’s a revolution! LELO manufactured the Sona 2 Cruise using the most luxurious material – SenSonic – the softer silicone engineered to absorb the Sona 2 Cruise’s sonic waves and transit them back to your most sensitive erogenous zones! This makes the suction and sensations a little bit softer while deepening the sensation – yes please! Plus, just like the original Lelo Sona Cruise, the Sona 2 Cruise employs cruise control. What is this you ask? The cruise control automatically increases sensitivity when pressed against your body for controlled and consistent stimulation every time!


The best way to enjoy the Sona 2 Cruise..

Once you’re ready to use the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise simply apply it to your clit. Turn the Sona 2 Cruise on and have fun finding your favorite setting. Next get ready to edge closer and closer to climax! We recommend cleaning your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

How to use the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Step 1: Apply Lubricant
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Apply a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to your body and SONA™ 2 Cruise before and during use. Plus using lube with your sex toys is a bonus for extra pleasure!

Step 2: Listen To Your Body
Begin by placing the mouth of the device on the clitoris, or next to the clitoris if the direct contact is too intense for you. Stimulate your clitoris as long as it doesn’t feel sensitive. Your body will tell you what feels right. Feel free to take a break if the intensity becomes too great – there is no right way to reach an orgasm, there is only your way.

Step 3: Water Play Tips
If you prefer to take your SONA™ 2 Cruise to the bath or shower, please be mindful of the fact that water negates body’s natural lubrication, rendering your clitoris more sensitive and its skin dry. You’re also missing out on the benefits of using SONA™ 2 Cruise with a water-based lubricant which is our recommended method of usage.


Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Sona 2 Cruise Features:
  • Waterproof
  • Made of SenSonic Material
  • Sonic Wave Stimulation
  • Cruise Control
  • Wider Range of Sonic Intensities
  • Large Surface Area for Deepest Pleasure
  • Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicon
  • Size: 99 x 87 x 56 mm
  • Battery:Li-Ion 530mA 3.7V
  • Charging: 2h at 5.0V 400mA
  • User Time:Up to 1H
  • Standby:Up to 90 days
  • Frequency: 120Hz
  • Max. Noise Level: 50dB
  • Interface: 3 button interface, 8 modes
  • Mouth width: 23mm


#5 Better Love Rabbit Lily

rabbit vibrator

What is the Rabbit Lily Vibrator?

Looking for an intense climax with all thrills and no frills? Offering fantastic pleasure with every use, the BETTER LOVE Lily Vibe rabbit vibrator has the basics more than covered, featuring everything you’d ever need in a vibrating sex toy. Rechargeable, waterproof, and outright incredible, this is one toy that belongs in anyone and everyone’s collection.

Lily Rabbit Vibrator by BETTER LOVE

The Better Love Lily Rabbit Vibrator is a mid-level rabbit vibrator for consumers hoping to step up to a more advanced level of pleasure. With its two-motor design, the Lily Rabbit Vibrator simultaneously provides vaginal stimulation to the G-spot while tickling the clitoris into ecstasy. This beautiful, pink and white vibrator promises an unforgettable experience and otherworldly arousal with its 10 powerful settings.

Made from soft and smooth silicone, the Lily Rabbit Vibrator is designed from end-to-end for a comfortable, lifelike masturbatory experience meant to feel as good as the real thing. The best part is that the Lily Rabbit Vibrator is ready to bring you to climax anytime, anywhere. Want to play in the bath or shower? It’s 100% waterproof. Going on a trip and want to take it along for the ride? It’s rechargeable using an included USB cable – no need to travel with batteries. It’s the ideal adult toy for any lifestyle.


How do I use the BETTER LOVE Lily Rabbit Vibrator?

Using the BETTER LOVE Lily Rabbit Vibrator is easy. Just turn it on, select your favorite mode or pattern using the plus and minus buttons, and let the powerful vibrations massage your pleasure zones into heavenly bliss.

Most adult sex toys are better with lube, and the Lily Rabbit Vibrator is no different. Before starting your next play session, apply a dab of your favorite water-based lubricant to the tip of the device before insertion. It’s important that you choose a water-based lube, as other types of lube can damage the silicone material permanently. Avoid silicone- and oil-based lubes when using this toy. For user manual, click here.

How do I take care of my Lily Rabbit Vibrator?

Always wash your new toy before and after use. Sex toy cleaner or a mild soap with some warm water are the only things you need to clean it. Dry it completely using a soft, lint-free cloth before you put it away. Keep it someplace dark and dry when not in use. If you’ve got a breathable toy bag, store it there. It’s also a good idea to keep your Lily Rabbit Vibrator someplace with easy access to discreet charging. Nothing’s worse than reaching for your favorite sex toy only to find the batteries aren’t charged.

Better Love Rabbit Lily vibrator

Rabbit Lily Features:
  • Dual motors to double your pleasure
  • 10 speed modes and super quiet
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable (USB cable incl.)
  • Easy, push-button operation
  • Smooth to the touch soft silicone & ABS
  • Phthalate-free
  • Dimensions: 7.9” x 0.8” x 1.2” (20 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm)
  • Includes USB Charger


#6 We-Vibe SYNC

couples sex toys

What is the We-Vibe Sync?

SYNC is end of life and disco’d so just link to the chorus.The #1 couple’s vibrator is back and better than ever, featuring an adjustable fit that conforms to your unique shape, resulting in more intense and enjoyable play sessions with or without a partner. Download the We-Connect app and share intimate moments with your lover from anywhere in the world.

How does this sex toy work?

This is one of those sex toys that’s uniquely different than the others. The We-Vibe Sync features an adjustable fit that conforms to your unique shape, resulting in more intense and enjoyable play sessions with or without a partner. Made from body-safe silicone in a compact, body-hugging design, the We-Vibe Sync stimulates the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, resulting in sensual pleasure that will have you shivering with delight.

USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof, the We-Vibe Sync is designed to be used anywhere you like. The included remote makes it easy to adjust the vibration patterns and intensity to you or your partner’s liking. The We-Connect app expands functionality further, opening the gates to more exciting features for you and your lover to share.


Maximize your experience with the FREE We-Connect app

Enjoy the We-Vibe Sync with a partner no matter where they are in the world. Just download the We-Connect smartphone app—it’s free—and close the distance between you and your lover. In addition to custom playlists, video/text chat, and the ability to change modes and intensities with a swipe, you’ll open the door to fun new ways to play. Beat mode has the We-Vibe Sync vibrate to the beat of your favorite songs while Touch mode gives you real-time, completely custom control over your partner’s experience. Get the We-Connect app for iPhone or Android.

sex toys for couples

Who is the We-Vibe Sync for?

Do you like versatility in the bedroom? The We-Vibe Sync is a couples’ toy that can also be used for solo or interactive play. Yes, interactive! It connects to the We-Vibe phone app for remote control. It even works over long distances. Your partner can control the vibration patterns and intensity wherever they are. Whether it’s with your partner or solo, you’ll share more pleasure with the Sync.

How can the Sync be used for solo play?

The Sync is designed to snap into place and be a handsfree toy. Once you have the We-Vibe Sync in place, you or a partner can control it through the We-Connect app on your smartphone or with the included remote control. Set your preferred vibration pattern and intensity, then let your hands wander to other places. Ever thought about clitoral, G-spot, and nipple play in one solo session? It’s all possible with the We-Vibe Sync!


How do I use it?

After charging and cleaning your We-Vibe Sync, apply your favorite water-based lubricant and turn it on by pressing the control button on the clitoral stimulator. If you want to adjust the vibration mode, just press this button again. Once you’ve selected your favorite setting, gently insert the We-Vibe Sync G-spot simulator into your vagina while resting the clitoral stimulator on your clit. You or your partner can then play with the different settings, modes, and intensities using a paired remote or the We-Connect app.

couples sex toy

Sync Features:
  • 12 pleasure settings
  • Made from body-safe, phthalate-free silicone
  • Two adjustable flex points and independent dual motors
  • Compatible with We-Connect app (download on app store)
  • Remote control range: up to 9.84 feet (3 meters) (use connected to Wi-Fi)
  • 100% Waterproof and USB Rechargeable
  • User time: up to 90 minutes
  • Charge time: two hours
  • C-shape toy size: 3’’ W x 1.6’’ H x 1.2’’ D
  • Adjustable Fit for Your Unique Shape
  • Designed for Partner or Solo Play
  • Compact and Body Hugging
  • Simultaneous Stimulation of G-spot and Clitoris
  • Made of Body-Safe, Phthalate-Free Silicone
  • We-Connect App for Remote Pleasure
  • Includes personal massager, charging base, wireless remote control, USB charging cord (power adapter not included), We-Vibe Lube™


#7 Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

sex toys for women

What is the Satisfyer Pro 2?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clitoral vibrator is an improved take on Satisfyer’s best-selling sex toy. Waterproof, rechargeable, and whisper quiet, the Pro 2 delivers 11 escalating levels of suction and pulsation packaged in an easy-to-hold, easy-to-use ergonomic design.

A Stronger, Quieter Clitoral “Vibrator”

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clitoral vibrator is a clitoral stimulator that uses waves of pressure to satisfy the clitoris in all its tiny glory. Satisfyer took all the customer feedback from their original Pro clitoral vibrator and used it to create the revolutionary Pro 2. An updated version of their best-selling sex toy, this high-intensity clitoral stimulator has 11 escalating levels of suction and pulsation packaged in an easy-to-hold, waterproof, and pretty-dang-cute “rose gold” design.

How is the Pro 2 different from the original Satisfyer Pro?

It’s quieter—much quieter. Once you’ve surrounded your clit with the Pro 2’s head, you’ll hardly hear it! The button light is also dimmer and less conspicuous than that of the previous model. Additionally, the skin-friendly silicone head is now larger and wider than before. This helps it cover your clit more completely, opening the door to greater sensations and better orgasms.


sex toys for clitoral stimulation

… Wait, so does it vibrate?

We know—it’s confusing. It’s called “Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Clitoral Vibrator,” but it doesn’t vibrate per se; at least not in the buzzier way that traditional vibrators do. Instead, it uses intense negative pressure waves and tingling pulsation to provide touch-free clitoral sucking stimulation. The touch-free part is clutch! While some vibrators can lead to temporary desensitization with heavy use, that’s not an issue with the Pro 2.

If it doesn’t truly vibrate, then what does it feel like?

This is one of those sex toys you’ll feel pulsate rapidly in tiny—yet strong—bursts of air. These bursts are combined with negative pressure (see: suction) to create a gush of sensation. The only thing we can liken it to is a warm, gentle, yet direct shiatsu massage for the clit that gradually mounts in intensity until you can feel it all over your body. The suction draws extra blood flow into the clitoris, making it doubly sensitive, so imagine your best clitoral orgasm ever stepped up a notch or twelve.



Who is this sex toy for?

If you have a clit, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is for you. However, we’ve also heard reports of it feeling really good on the nipples, foreskin, or frenulum of the penis (if that’s your thing). It’s for singles, couples, people whose Facebook status is “It’s Complicated,” and everyone in between.

How do I use the Satisfyer Pro 2?

Step 1: Lube Up!
Lube up with your favorite water or oil-based lube, making sure to put a small amount inside the mouthpiece of the toy to help it increase suction and enhance sensation. While you can use the Satisfyer Pro 2 without lube, using lube will make the Pro 2 feel stronger. It’s all a matter of what you and your body prefer. The head is silicone, meaning it’s compatible with water and oil-based lube.

Step 2: Turn it On
Turn it on, find the level you want to start at (there are eight), and

Step 3: Apply
Apply it gently to the clit. You may have to move it around to find the right spot, but you’ll know when you hit it (you’ll feel a wave of pleasure and the toy will get quieter because it’s created a seal between itself and your clit).

Step 4: Enjoy!
From there, you can do anything your little heart desires—hold it on, hand it off to a partner, or play around with the intensity levels. Remember to make sure that the toy’s mouthpiece is completely flush with your clit. There should be no pockets of air between the Satisfyer Pro 2 and your body. This will make it feel stronger. It will also operate more quietly.

Step 5: Cleaning Your Sex Toys
Remove the silicone head, then wash it in the sink with a mild soap or toy cleaner. For deeper cleaning, you can also boil the head water or throw it in the dishwasher.

clit stimulation sex toy

Pro 2 Features:
  • Updated “Next Generation” model
  • Touch-free clitoral sucking stimulation through pressure waves technology
  • 11 Intensity levels
  • Ultra-quiet “Whisper” mode
  • 100% waterproof (IPX7 rating)
  • Body-friendly silicone
  • Fully rechargeable
  • USB magnetic charging cable included


#8 Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer Liberty sex toy

What is the Womanizer Liberty?

Take pleasure wherever you go with the Womanizer Liberty. Why do woman love these types of sex toys? Well a clit stimulator that is compact and small enough for on-the-go pleasure. The Liberty is designed with Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology and includes 6 intensity levels of play. Big things come in small packages.

How does this clit stimulator work?

Get off while you take off on your next trip with the Womanizer Liberty. This discreet is definitely one of those sex toys that may be small, but packs a punch. It has six intensity levels for you to explore and reach climax. The clit stimulator uses Womanizer’s Pleasure Air™ Technology to take stimulation and sensations to new heights. Looking to have some fun in the shower? You’re in luck, the Womanizer Liberty is also 100% waterproof.


Womanizer liberty sex toy

What makes this sex toy special?

The Liberty doesn’t kiss and tell, play with it wherever you go. This is one of those sex toys that’s super quiet. No one will hear a thing with its subtle but powerful pleasure settings. To seal the deal, the Liberty features a magnetic cover for hygienic transportation. With one charge, you can feel like you’re on cloud nine for up to 120 minutes of play. The Womanizer Liberty is available in Lilac, Powder Blue, Red Wine, and Pink Rose.

womanizer liberty

Liberty Features:
  • 6 Intensity Levels
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Patented Pleasure Air™ Technology
  • Discreet, magnetic travel cover
  • USB rechargeable
  • Charging time is 60 minutes
  • Material is ABS plastic & soft touch silicone head
  • Battery is usb rechargeable


#9 Lelo Sona

Lelo Sona sex toy

What is the Lelo Sona?

The LELO Sona will “clitorally” blow your mind. It’s a clitoral stimulator that uses sonic wave stimulation to help you achieve an orgasm. With 8 pleasure functions – this toy allows you to explore different intensities and find your sweet spot. The LELO Sona is also great for nipple play! It can go beyond clitoral stimulation.

Silence is sexy…

You won’t have to worry about waking anyone up… the motor is whisper quiet. If you have any trips coming up, the Sona is the perfect travel buddy. It’s discreet and you can simply throw it in the bag and be on your way! One of LELO’s best-selling sex toys and most iconic offerings, the Sona uses the magic of sonic waves to stimulate the whole clit, inner part included.


What is this thing?

It’s a party for your clit. This is one of the best-selling sex toys. Clitoral stimulator envelops your clit with its soft, silicone head and stimulates it with light suction and pulses of sonic waves that awaken the over 6,000 nerve endings that reside there.

…So, it doesn’t vibrate?

It sure doesn’t. Instead, it pleasures using sonic waves that travel deeper than traditional vibrations to massage the entire clit; even the part you can’t see. That’s right, the part you can’t see. The clit is like an iceberg –– 90 percent of it is invisible to the naked eye. Extending down from the external tip of it are two “clitoral legs,” densely innervated, wishbone-shaped nerve bundles that wrap around the vaginal canal and supply structures like the G-spot with fantastic sensitivity. Some vibrators are strong enough to activate the whole thing, but because the Sona uses sonic waves, it’s able to offer a deeper massage everytime.

What does it feel like?

Sex foam. The Lelo Sona sonic pulses bring a flush of warm, fuzzy waves of pleasure to the clit, and you can almost instantly feel it become more sensitive and engorged. For focusing on such a small part of your body, the Sona elicits a remarkably full-body sensation that feels like all your stress and tension is being drawn out of you through the toy. Also, because it can access the internal portion of the clit, you might experience some deeper pleasure than you’re used to feeling from clit play.

How do I use it?

Apply a good water or oil-based lube to both yourself and the toy, turn it on, and position it on your clit. You should feel your clit sort of suck up into it a bit, but if you don’t right away, just reposition it until you do (you’ll definitely know when you find the right spot.) Once it’s there, hold it on and hold on for dear life. You can ramp up the intensity to 8 levels of escalating pulsation, or you can oscillate between the settings for a wild ride.

What about lube?
Water and oil-based lube only. Always spot-test hybrid. Also, fun fact: using lube with the Sona will increase its suction, so make sure to be liberal with your lube-ing.

I already own a different clit stimulator … why should I buy the Sona?

Oh, so you’re a collector! Well, The LELO Sona works differently than other clit stimulators. While competitive products tend to focus on using things like suction and pulsation to stimulate the external part of the clit, the Sona’s sonic waves are capable of penetrating into deeper tissues for a more full-body, complete sensation.

Lelo Sona sex toy

Sona Features:
  • Sonic wave sensations
  • 8 Pleasure level settings
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Soft Touch Finish 
  • Silky Silicone


#10 Lelo Sona 2

Sona 2 sex toy for women

What is the Lelo Sona 2?

As experts in clitoral stimulation, the Lelo Sona 2 comes packed with technological advances to treat the clitoris like the queen she is with the deepest amount of pleasure from sonic vibrations and SenSonic technology. Try it today!

Whether you have or have not tried the Sona from Lelo, you’ll want to give the all new Sona 2 a try! With updated features, the LELO Sona 2 employs SenSonic technology meaning the silicone has been engineered to absorb sonic waves and then transmit them right back to your clitoris. What does this mean for you? Deeper, more pleasurable orgasms! Who can say no to that?


Whats new with the Sona 2?

The Sona 2 is 100% waterproof, compact and travel friendly making it an extremely versatile little toy. Whether you wish to play in the bedroom, shower, tub, pool or even beach, the Sona 2 is up for the challenge. Plus, since it’s handheld it’s also perfect for both solo and partner play – it won’t get in the way in the heat of the moment!

Lelo Sona 2 sex toy
Award-winning pleasure doesn’t come around too often, so don’t take our word it, try it today to experience the LELO difference!
We recommend to clean your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.

Sona 2 Features:
  • SenSonic Technology
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Wider Range of Sonic Intensities
  • Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicon
  • Size: 99 x 87 x 56 mm
  • Battery:Li-Ion 530mA 3.7V
  • Charging: 2h at 5.0V 400mA
  • User Time:Up to 1H
  • Standby:Up to 90 days
  • Frequency:120Hz
  • Max. Noise Level: 50dB
  • Interface: 3 button interface, 8 modes
  • Mouth width: 23mm


#11 Better Love Blowfish

clitoral sex toy

What is the Blowfish?

Looking for something to treat your clitoris like the queen she is? Then grab the Blowfish Silicone Clitoral Stimulator! Choose between suction stimulation or a magic tongue to caress your most erogenous zone! 2 sex toys in 1? This is definitely a no brainer!

What does this sex toy do?

Welcome to a new world of sex toys! With the Blowfish from Better Love, not only do you get to experience the joy of touch-less suction stimulation with 7 suction modes, but you’ll also get to experience a magic tongue. Magic tongue? Yes! This magic tongue mimics real oral sex and will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head from a mind-blowing amazing orgasm! Don’t just take our word for it! Grab yours now! We recommend to clean your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.

better love blowfish sex toy

Blowfish Features:
  • 2 Sides of Pleasure!
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 7 Suction Modes
  • Magic Tongue Function
  • Body-Safe Silicone
  • USB Rechargeable


#12 Lelo Soraya 2

Lelo Soraya 2

What is the Lelo Soraya 2?

Do you think 2 is better than 1? When it comes to orgasms, we’re sure you do! That’s why LELO has engineered the Soraya™ 2 with both G-Spot and clitoral stimulation with 12 pleasure settings to bring you to maximum climax!

Whats new with the Soraya 2 Vibrator?

The perfect marriage of power and precision, the Soraya™ 2 vibrator from LELO is a feat in sexual technology! Providing both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, this vibrator was designed using ultra-silicone for deep pleasure. Now, when it comes to design and engineering, LELO does not take this lightly. In fact, LELO created the shape of the Soraya™ through trans-vaginal ultrasounds to get the perfect shape to hit that spot by extending the top for enhanced g-spot targeting, providing you with a luxuriously deep orgasm. Pretty neat, right?

Lelo Soraya 2 vibrator


A smarter vibrator for your pleasure…

Not only did LELO design this based off actual human anatomy, they also designed it based off human activity as well. With a wider range of sonic intensities than the original Soraya™, the Soraya™ 2 employs 12 vibration settings with improved functionality. Plus, this is 100% waterproof, making it even more versatile! Wow, this thing is pretty advanced!

Interested to try to this feat in sexual technology? Grab your Soraya™ 2 now! We recommend to clean your product before and after each use with soap and water. Only use water-based lubes with this product.

Lelo Soraya 2 vibrator

Soraya 2 Features:
  • Sonographic Design
  • Extended Tip
  • Ergonomic External Stimulator
  • Wider Range of Sonic Intensities
  • Rechargeable
  • 12 Pleasure Settings
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Sculpted for Your Pleasure
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicon
  • Size: 220 x 76 x 45mm
  • Diameter: ⌀ 36mm / 1.4in.
  • Insertable length: 110mm / 4.3in.
  • Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 500mA
  • User Time:Up to 4H
  • Standby:Up to 90 days
  • Max. Noise Level: 50dB
  • Interface: 3-button interface, 12 modes


#13 OhMiBod Esca 2

sex toys for couples Esca 2

What is OhiMiBod Esca 2?

With the ability to be controlled from anywhere in the world, this Bluetooth enabled vibrator is perfect for long distance couples or when your partner is out of town!

Ideal Long Distance Couples Sex Toy

Missing your partner? Wish they could be there with you when you’re having a solo session? Your wishes are our commands thanks to the OhMiBod Esca 2 Interactive Wearable G-Spot Vibe! Powered by KIIRO, maker of numerous long distance play toys, you know this will definitely heat things up when the other side of the bed is cold!


g-spot vibrator couples toys

Esca 2 Features
  • Bluetooth
  • App Enabled
  • Controlled from Anywhere in the World
  • Perfect for Long Distance Couples
  • USB Rechargeable (Adapter Not Included)
  • 3 Vibration Levels
  • 4 Vibration Patterns
  • 5″ Insertable Length


#14 We-Vibe Melt

couples sex toy melt

What is the We-Vibe Melt?

Elevate your next bedroom experience with the We-Vibe Melt! Not only does this vibrator employ the fan favorite Pleasure Air Stimulation, it is the ONLY couples’ vibrator with this technology! Join the rev-OH-lution today with the We-Vibe Melt!

sex toys for couples

How does this couples sex toy work?

As the only Pleasure Air Technology Vibrator designed for couples, you might be asking yourself, how exactly does this work? Well, the We-Vibe Melt employs clitoral targeted changes in air pressure to gently massage the most sensitive area tied to stimulation. Additionally, the device uses suction to gently pull on the clitoris to enhance the sensation. The ergonomic design of the Melt allows for perfect placement while so closely positioned next to your partner, which means no more fumbling around with hard to use toys!

To change intensity of the device, you can either opt to change it on the device itself or use the We-Vibe Connect App on your smartphone. As the Melt’s intensity increases, the pressure of the waves becomes more elevated and the suction becomes stronger, putting you in the perfect position for extreme orgasms at just the right time!


Couples sex toys we-vibe melt

Melt Features:
  • 12 Levels of Intensity
  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • Designed for Couples
  • App Controlled
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Waterproof Design
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Phthalate Free
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty from We-Vibe
  • No Latex
  • Battery Lasts up to 2 Hours
  • Bluetooth Bonding Avoids Interrupting Signals
  • BPA Free


#15 Better Love Butterfly

clitoral stimulator sex toy

What is the Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Sex Toy?

Spread your wings and fly into pure bliss with the Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator from Better Love! From subtle to intense suction vibrations, you’ll melt into heaven with this sex toy!

Why you’ll love this sex toy…

When it comes to the female orgasm, this can sometimes be complex & difficult to achieve. Why not simplify it with Butter Clitoral Stimulator from Better Love? With 10 different vibrating suction modes and an ergonomic design with pinpoint accuracy, you’ll be taken to pleasure town quickly and effectively!

Make Playtime WET and Fun!

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath with sex toys? For added fun, its waterproof and splash-proof design allow for both shower and bath play. Since its design is compact and aligns with the natural curvature of the body, this can be used for both solo and partner play as well!


This sex toy is not only easy to use but easy to clean

You’ll love how the push button control makes it easy to dial in your preferred settings whether you like it soft or maybe you like it a bit more intense as you reach closer to climax. Either way, this toy is guaranteed to make any woman orgasm. And we mean that! We recommend cleaning your Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator before and after each use. To wash, simply use antibacterial soap & water. As with any silicone toy, use this toy only with water based lubes to avoid damage to the outer layer of silicone.

sex toys for women

Butterfly Features:
  • 10 Suction Vibrations for Intense Clitoral Orgasms
  • Waterproof for Shower or Bath Play
  • Easy Push Button Control
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Waterproof (IPX7 Rated)
  • Phthalate & Latex Free
  • Push Button Control
  • Suction Vibration
  • 10 Vibration Modes
  • 7000 RPM Motor
  • Internal Lithium Ion Battery
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Charge Time: 90 Minutes
  • Length: 1.8 inches
  • Height 4.6 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches


From clit stimulators to vibrators that last for hours and all of the right kind of app enabled vibes for couples. This list is sure to keep you busy during these times when staying home is a necessity.

Whether your looking for a new way to explore your sexual desires or looking at sex toys to cure your boredom during quarantine, Ella Paradis make shopping for the perfect sex toy fun! Check out more of Ella’s best selling sex toys.

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