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Top 11 Men's Masturbation Toys

Male masturbator toys have come a long way. They’re more technically advanced than in the past and made to give more pleasure. Yet, male masturbator toys are more than just a tool to enjoy while you’re alone. Yes, they’re perfect for that too, but these toys have hidden benefits you might not have thought of. Along with quite a few “Oh God” moments, these toys help you minimize premature ejaculation and improve your performance in the bedroom.

So whether you want to improve on a good thing or simply want to get off where there’s no one there to distract you, these toys are the ultimate in male pleasure. And honestly, why not enjoy both the pleasure and the advantages?

We all deserve a little alone time and these male masturbator toys are the perfect thing to get you off in a huge way. But where to start?

With that said, let’s check out the top 8 best male masturbator toys. We will take a look at why they’re the best and what makes them a “must have” in your collection.



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Flip Hole Black by Tenga

Another inconspicuous male masturbator is the Flip Hole Black by Tenga. This adult toy looks like a mini speaker so it’s great at being all stealth-like in your home. But how does it rate as a pleaser? The Flip Hole Black has three pressure points. These allow you to choose the stimulation level as well as the tightness and seriously, who doesn’t like it tight?

The construction material is similar to silicone and this toy from Tenga has a sucking sensation similar to a blowjob. It comes with its own lube samples and is good for up to 50 uses. Does that mean it’s useless after 50 uses? Not at all. This is just the suggested time that it lasts. Some people have had theirs over five years according to reviews of the product.

This male masturbator is ideal for edging or orgasm control and works great for training to last longer. The Flip Hole Black can be used in different ways to get unique feelings. For instance, if you have it facing you it is a little less intense. Flip it over and the tingles to your penis will be incredible. The buttons on it control the tightness and suction. What more could you want for an incredible workout with your penis?



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Onyx 2 Interactive by Kiiroo

Sometimes you might want some alone time – with someone else. The Onyx 2 Interactive by Kiiroo makes that possible. How, you ask? This is a male masturbator that you don’t have to do anything with but enjoy it. You are connected to a partner via Bluetooth and their insertion matches what you feel on the Onyx 2 Interactive. So while your partner is getting off, so are you.

It moves in sync with your partner’s actions and allows you to feel penetration in real time. There are 10 strategically positioned rings that contract individually so each experience is unique. Seriously, this one mimics the real thing. And honestly, how futuristic is being able to mutually masturbate with someone and actually feel it when they’re not in the same room? That’s some serious visionary stuff.



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Manta Blue by Fun Factory

Honestly, the Manta Blue by Fun Factory looks like an alien device. But don’t let the claw look dissuade you from giving this male masturbator toy a try.

This one works great for solo play as well as playing with a partner. How it works for partner play is to slide it in between the two of you to basically make your penis into a vibrator. Pretty cool, huh? But this one works well by yourself as well.

There are six speeds, six vibration patterns, and the ridges it has holds lube so that it is easier to use. It’s also rechargeable and waterproof so don’t worry about taking it into the shower or pool.

This is a discreet toy that’s fun to use whether you’re flying solo or want to please your partner. The look is almost alien-like and that’s fitting since the feeling is out of this world.



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Atom Plus C-Ring by Hot Octopuss

Finally, there is a male masturbator toy that targets perineum stimulation for that wow factor when playing solo. With this toy, you combine it with something like the Pulse III, a static Guybrator. Then you get vibrations everywhere – from the entire groin area to the penis.

The really special thing about the Atom Plus C-Ring by Hot Octopuss is that the manufacturer found a solution to technology to run wires. This has the ability to stretch, something not found in the past with other toys.

To make it easier to understand, the Atom Plus C-Ring is the world’s first cock ring to house duel integrated motors. This gives you strong vibrations to the top of the shaft while giving you mind-blowing and load-blowing sensations to the perineum.

This one is excellent for guys who can’t find a fast release due to medication or other reasons. Hey, not everyone wants to stay hard for an hour without getting off.

A Couple from Hot Octopuss

Here are a couple of more scorching hot toys from Hot Octopuss. They’ll please you into the best orgasms! So much so, you may just want them all.

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Pulse III Solo by Hot Octopuss

The Pulse III Solo by Hot Octopuss is something new and unique. It’s what is called the world’s first Guybrator and has patented technology backing its claims. But don’t just listen to us, this one has won multiple awards.

According to Men’s Health:

As well as boasting six different vibration patterns, the Guybrator is 100 per cent waterproof and you can charge it via USB. The guys at Hot Octopuss have truly covered all bases.

Oh, and you don’t even need an erection to use it. Tests have shown even flaccid users can reach the Big O. For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, the Pulse III Solo could a game changer.

What’s really neat about this male masturbator toy is that it’s pretty much hands-free. This is due to its innovative design. You can use it like that or use it as a stroker by adding lube and having your way with it. Either way, this technologically advanced adult toy is what we all hope the future looks like.



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Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss

The Pocket Pulse by Hot Octopuss is similar to its aforementioned counterpart, the Pulse III Solo. It has an amazing lightweight design with perfect portability. Two intensely strong motors power this powerful pocket toy and it comes with seven adjustable vibration modes so you can choose your ideal fun.

The Pocket Pulse is 100 percent waterproof and like some of the others mentioned, you do not have to be erect to use it. It works for flaccid or erect penises and you can use just one hand to operate it.

This is another one of the next generation Guybrators and you’ll surely love all of its features. This is a hands-free male masturbator toy that will get your blood pumping and your juices flowing – literally.



Satisfyer Satisfies

The Satisfyer brand is so much fun, we’ve included two of their ecstasy-inducing masturbators.

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Men Vibration Masturbator by Satisfyer

The sleek and sophisticated design of theMen Vibration Masturbator by Satisfyershouldn’t fool you. This toy is no joke. It has a waterproof design, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a USB magnetic charging cable. But let’s get to the good stuff.

This masturbator is made out of body safe silicone and has an ample 14 vibration programs. You also get eight sultry rhythms and three intensities so no matter what setting you choose, there’s something for everyone. Oh, and it’s easy to use because you simply use your thumb to adjust the settings so you never lose a moment of pleasure.



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Men Heat Masturbator by Satisfyer

The very title of this toy tells you one thing – it brings the heat. One of the hot options in the Men Heat Masturbator by Satisfyer is that it has an innovative warming function. That’s right! This masturbator gets hot so it feels more realistic. The cool thing (see what we did there?) is that you can use it with or without the warming function. But if you do choose that option, there are three settings and it goes up to 104 degrees – just a little warmer than a tight, hot body.

There are 10 vibrating functions as well so that you find that perfect setting that will blow your mind – and your load.

This male masturbator fits ergonomically in your hand and is ideal for both solo play and couple’s play. It is also 100 percent waterproof and you know what that means – awesome fun in the hot tub, shower, a jerk session in the car wash, or a slip-n-slide in the backyard. Seriously, if it means water play, then you can do it with this masturbator.

It cleans up easily with soap and water and charges via USB. By the way, this doesn’t look like a sex toy so if you happen to have it charging and someone sees it, they won’t even know what it is.



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Sono Stroker w/Vibrating Bullet #22 by Shots America

This TPE stroker has a lot going for it. The Sono Stroker with Vibrating Bullet #22 comes with 10 speed modes and a vibrating bullet for that little lagniappe for your dollar. The grenade outside is easy to handle with an outstanding grip to it.

As if that’s not enough to pique your interest, it also has a ribbing structure canal and extra stimulation beads. All this combined adds up to a fun toy at a lower price point.

It’s a simple toy with a lot to offer someone who wants to get the job done with pleasure.



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Man Wand Masturbator & Couples Toy by Man Wand

If you want a male masturbator toy that you can bring out for couples fun too, consider the Man Wand Masturbator & Couples Toy by Man Wand. Seriously, you won’t even feel you have to hide this one because everyone can join in on the fun.

This is another male toy where you don’t have to have an erection first. Just place your penis in the wand’s vibrating head and move it back and forth. Using lube is a good idea because it helps the movement. It has 20 vibration modes and eight speed settings for optimum fun.

It can be used in water and is USB chargeable. Another great thing is that it is 100 percent phthalate and silicone free.

This toy also works as a couples toy to stimulate the clitoris. So, enjoy it alone or with a partner – it’s a blast either way.



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Men Masturbator by Satisfyer

The Men Masturbator by Satisfyer is a solo toy that is making waves. The sleeve is cyberskin and we all know how realistic that feels. It has a one-button trigger release and tight, textured canal from which you can have the best mind-blowing orgasm ever.

If you give the sides a tight squeeze, you will feel air pressure inside the stroker case and increase pleasure

The unique pump feature and innovative internal pressure is what caused Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi to declare that he had his best orgasm with it. Whether it’s true or not remains to be seen but honestly, who wouldn’t trust a premier porn star who knows all about hot and intense orgasms?

Which One Should You Choose?

There is no right answer to that question. All of these male masturbator toys are hand-picked for your pleasure. Each have different features so choose the one that most fits what you ideally want in an adult toy. No matter which one it is, you’ll be satisfied in a big way – and in more ways than one.

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