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masturbation is great for your sexual health

There’s nothing like passing the afternoon with a good masturbation session. This private habit of yours is a mind-blowing (pardon the pun) way to relieve tension, release feel-good endorphins, and improve your sexual health. However, there’s still that negative stigma that seems to follow solo play wherever it goes.

While the negative stigma associated with masturbation has significantly decreased over the years, it’s still there. There are still viral photos floating around the internet condemning  you to hell every time you masturbate and worse, organizations that have a sole mission to stop people from masturbating.

masturbation is great for your sexual health


The truth about masturbation is all about moderation

Masturbation is in no way bad for you. It’s completely healthy with many benefits that extend into your personal life and relationship. However, like everything in life, it’s all about moderation.

If you find yourself unable to control yourself and have to masturbate especially when it’s inappropriate to do so, it’s possible that your self-satisfaction has become an addiction. But this is the most extreme scenario and not as common as some would like you to think.  

The majority of the time, masturbation is healthy and simple – something everyone does to relieve stress and tension, clear their mind, relax, and enjoy their body.  It’s natural! Even animals do it.  

Dee Wagner, sex and relationship expert explains, “Like other animals, mating for humans remains a biological drive like eating and drinking water, sleeping, and protecting ourselves. These days, we no longer need to increase our population but sexuality remains on our list of adult needs because of its other benefits,”


The negative stigma associated with masturbation

Unfortunately, not everyone sees it like that. There’s a negative stigma attached to masturbation that has significantly decreased over the years but one that still remains. Dee Wagner breaks down the reasoning behind the stigma, “The messages we receive about this self-touch influences whether our masturbation shifts into a private activity or a secret, shameful one.”

To some, pleasuring yourself sexually is dirty, uncleanly, and perverted which is where the negative stigma comes from. However, Dee explains, “If masturbation is normalized and named a private activity — like cleaning our bodies — we are less likely to develop unhealthy shame around this kind of self-touch.”



Organizations against masturbation

Again, just like everything in life, there are extremists. With a quick search online, you’ll find organizations such as Stop Masturbation Now – Faith and Family Values, Christian Mothers Against Masturbation and NO Fap eager to send an anti-masturbation message.

One must wonder how much research such organizations have done about masturbation because the benefits are prominent. Research has shown masturbation is actually beneficial to relationships, that it isn’t infidelity, that it’s natural and healthy. Why anyone would want to limit their bodies to receiving these benefits is beyond us.

Today there’s so many new and improved options to show yourself some love. Men have the option of “experiencing” their favorite adult stars, with Fleshlight’s Girls series, while women also have a range of amazing solo toys for her to choose from.

The conclusion here is masturbation is great! There’s scientific research that proves it to be powerfully beneficially to your mind, body, and overall health. While there is a risk of developing an addiction to porn and masturbation, it’s absolutely minimum. Compared to how many people masturbate, the risk of addiction is nonexistent.  


Chantal McCulligh
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