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Ultimate Guide To Hot Vacation Sex

There’s just something about it—the smell of the ocean air, walking barefoot on the beach, or buttery soft hotel robes that scream sex. People are typically more relaxed on vacation, better rested, and may have a much-needed change in perspective that makes sex feel exciting and gives it that extra something special. 

If you’re overdue for a vacation, daydreaming about your next trip, or leaving tomorrow, you might consider those extra details like what to pack or how to fulfill you and your partner’s vacay fantasies to get the max amount of pleasure from your trip. A little bit of planning can go a long way! 

What to pack

Going on vacation can give you that needed push to shake up your routine. You might find you’re more inspired to try new things, be more adventurous, or just feel more excited to have sex in general.

Before you zip up that suitcase, consider packing:

  1. Protective barriers like condoms, dental dams, or latex barriers
  2. Lube (just remember, lube is a liquid, so if you’re flying, make sure to adhere to TSA’s rules, so you don’t lose your lube!)
  3. Something that makes you feel sexy (read: that pair of lingerie that’s been sadly tucked in a drawer with tags on for the last year or two)
  4. A few sex toys (yes, you can fly with them! Just make sure to check TSA’s rules on batteries)
  5. An open mind (you might find vacation causes you to relax about when, where, or even how you have sex.)
The Ultimate Guide To Hot Vacation Sex

Why you might feel more inclined to have sex on vacation

Now that you’re packed and ready to go, let’s take a second to talk about why vacation sex can be so steamy. Aside from being away from the chaos of routines in everyday life, typically on vacation, people experience a drop in stress levels. What’s this got to do with sex?

Stress wreaks havoc on libido! Stress may cause increased levels of cortisol which decreases sex drive. This is why when you have a day packed to the brim of important meetings, work, or family obligations, coming home and getting it on might be the furthest thing from what you’re wanting. 

To set yourself up for hot sex on vacation, make sure to schedule relaxing activities and help decrease your stress. 

Relaxing vacation activities might include:

-a long walk in nature

-a couple’s massage

-activities that bring you joy

-candlelit dinners

-going on a drive and taking in the scenery

-lounging in the sun

-time unplugged from devices

How to make a sexy vacation bucket list

When you’ve relaxed, and you’re ready to get down to business, how do you and your boo decide what to do? There’s no time like a vacation to implement your sexual fantasies. The change in location and break from everyday routine might make you open to trying something new. 

Tips on creating your bucket list

  • Make it achievable  

Sure, having sex while zip-lining through a jungle might sound thrilling, but is it attainable? Make sure to make your goals fairly realistic so that you can achieve them. 

  • Pack/plan for it

Ask yourself what you might need to accomplish your bucket list item. For example, if trying anal is on the table for vacation, but you’ve never tried it before, be sure to do your reading before it’s go time! If you’re planning a roleplay, consider what sex toys or outfits might help you ease into it. 

  • Compare notes

If you’re vacationing with a partner, compare bucket list notes beforehand! You’ll want to get a sense of their interest level on specific activities before introducing them in the bedroom (or hotel room, beach, boat, etc.) Having a quick conversation before you start checking off bucket list items can help you both choose what’s on the table and what’s not. 

Ultimate sexy bucket list ideas

  1. Sex in nature 

On a quiet beach with no one else around? Make sure to bring a large blanket! (Sand in bits equals no fun for anyone.)

  1. Have a threesome

You might find you feel more comfortable meeting people in a new place (i.e., away from your hometown where everyone knows everyone). Make sure to spend time checking in with your partner about having a threesome before it happens to avoid any potential ruptures after the fact. If you meet new people while out and about, you might have a code word with your partner that means you’re interested. You can also look on apps to meet a third. Make sure to signify that this is what you’re looking for so that all parties are on the same page!

  1. Fantasy play 

Roleplaying on vacation might be easier to get into than at home; a new scenery can help make things feel more realistic. You might also find you’re more relaxed and open to experimenting while on vacation. 

  1. Play a sex game 

Strip poker, anyone? There’s also x-rated truth or dare, or sex games specifically designed to get you in the mood. You can get creative with rules, rewards, and what happens when someone wins or loses. 

  1. Water play

If you’re on vacation somewhere warm, try cooling off in the water and adding a sexy element. This could mean foreplay, making out in a hot tub, or having sex in or near a body of water. Outdoor sex not your thing? Hotel shower sex after a hot day in the sun works just as well. 

You might find you’re more creative on vacation, down to break from sex routines (read: that 5-minute missionary before bed), and feel less pressure about when and how to have it. 

Sex on vacation should serve as a time to reconnect with yourself or your partner(s). If all else fails, and you haven’t had time to try anything new, stick to listening to your body for what feels good. Go for quality over quantity; pleasure is the measure!

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