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Here at Ella Paradis we’ve always thought sex toys help to improve people’s sex lives, it’s the main reason we opened our store. We heard stories of women with certain health conditions making it extraordinarily difficult to reach orgasm. We’ve met men with performance issues due to diabetes. The trans community has told us sex toys make it possible to connect with their partner. These stories really make it all worth it for us. So we recently conducting a survey to see exactly how you all feel about sex toys and why you use them. The 1,160 responses solidified our thinking on sex toys and what they mean to everyone. Sex toys improve your sex life, and there’s no doubt about it.

Do you use a vibrator?

Of the 1,160 respondents who participated in the survey, 86.2% responded that they use a vibrator, the most commonly purchased sex toy we offer. According to HelloClue, 52% of women in the US and many men use them too. Even before vibrators were even invented, it is alleged that Cleopatra used a gourd of bees to stimulate her genitals, similar to a vibrator. So with such a large portion of people using vibrators, this brings us to our next question…

Why do you use a vibrator?

32.6% of respondents said “There’s no specific reason, just because” – Heck more power to you! 29% said it allows them to experience a blended orgasm from sex. Blended orgasms are when you have a both a g-spot, vaginal orgasm combined with a clitoral orgasm. These are extremely intense and amazingly pleasurable. 15.9% said they have a better orgasm from a vibrator than from sex. 11.6% said they struggle to reach orgasm with their partner during sex and 8.37% noted because they don’t have a partner. With 56.5% of respondents noting an answer relating to sex, here’s our next question…

How often do you use a vibrator during sex?

72.5% noted sometimes, 17.4% noted every time and 10.1% noted never. That 89.9% of people use a vibrator during sex – and we gotta say YAHOO! Get it, friends! Let’s get into the nitty gritty now…

What type of vibrator do you use during sex?

54.3% said clitoral stimulator, which if you are not familiar with this type of vibrator, it encompasses a couple different types of vibrator as it’s anything that stimulates the clitoris. This could be a wand, a bullet, a finger vibrator, or a suction/sonic wave vibrator that engulfs the clitoris without *actually* touching it.

14.5% said other, 13% said traditional/rabbit, 6.5% said wand, 5.8% said bullet/finger and 5.1% said dildo. Looks like clit stims are super on trend right now – and we gotta say we highly suggest trying one if you haven’t!

Being that Valentine’s Day is approaching, the second half of our survey focused on sex toys for this holiday.

Do you intend to use sex toys this Valentine’s Day?

83.1% said yes, and 16.9% said no. For those who said yes, if you haven’t gotten your stash for v-day, check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Which do you plan on using this Valentine’s Day?

39.8% said vibrator. 36.1 said multiple. 6.8% said a cock ring. 4.5% said Bondage and also the same percent said Dildo, and the same percent also said other. Only 3% noted anal toys.

So how do you stack up when it comes to sex toy usage?

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