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Lube | Types of Lube & Uses | Ella Paradis

Hello Everyone

I am going to be lube low-down-ing you today as I walk through the different types of lubes, more specifically focusing on oil based, silicone based, and water based.

I wanted to start this video out by saying a little disclaimer… I am NOT endorsing any one specific brand. The brands that I will be showing are just specifically for the sole reason of they’re the ones I had at home.

Okay, let’s get started!

Here is your: Lube Low-down

Oil Based:

Okay, so, the one that I don’t have at home which is one of the three is oil-based. So, let’s go ahead and start with oil-based. There are a few things I wanted to highlight, beginning with, oil-based is really really good for long play. If you’re going to have a longer session, massaging, etc. Where I would stay clear is, because since it’s a longer-lasting lube, it isn’t good for my people who generally have UTIs or are prone to year infections because it does have that consistency and can linger around.

Now, I will say, another thing to look out for because oil based is pretty potent, just as any other oil is that it does stain sheets and clothing, and it is a little bit more tedious to get out if you get it out at all.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Silicone Based:

Moving onto Silicone Based Lube (Lubricants). Again, not endorsing any one specific brand so please do your research and find what works best for you and what fits your lifestyle/preferences. But, Silicone Based (lube) is also one of the better ones for longer sessions. You don’t have to re-apply it as much as you do water based (lubes), which I will get into. 

Silicone, for me personally, I don’t prefer as much as water-based (lube) because it does leave texture on the body that I personally (again, personally) do not prefer but, because it doesn’t require as much reapplication, people tend to prefer it.

Please please please with oil based, silicone based (lubricants) avoid silicone toys, as it does break down that silicone layer and then oil-based COMPLETELY AVOID from ANYTHING LATEX! Latex condoms especially (you’re asking for a tear)

Water Based:

And of course my favorite, which is water based (lubricant). I like water based because the consistency is a little bit lighter and easier to wash off. Not good with shower play because it obviously comes right off. Where as silicone is really good for shower play, it sticks around. Silicone, shower (SS).

In general, I wanted to go through lubes (lubricants) as a whole. Lubes are your friend. Especially for my people who don’t tend to get as wet, and or wet at all. Lubes are good massagers (I mentioned oil based lube) and other things I wanted to highlight is it gives more of a human feel to the toys, to “foreign objects”.

Also, take your handy (hand job) to ANOTHER LEVEL!

Lubes are good for foreplay and look, really anything. It enhances play without you throwing in toys, accessories, bondage, etc. Simply adding lube enhances so much. 

So, that was your lube low down. Please follow our blog at:

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