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intimate couple

intimate couple

Intimacy; what is intimacy in today’s modern world of hook-ups, emotionless sex, and random rendezvous? We live in a world full of sex, hookup apps, pornographic films, images, innuendos, 50 Shades of Grey and all the kink that comes with it. Some may even argue that intimacy no longer exists within today’s kinky society. While there’s no denying the “hook-up” culture does lack intimacy, it would be unfair to say that intimacy is non-existent between two people just because they’re diving into their wildest fantasies. In fact, we argue that it’s the couples who pull out their fun sex toys that are the most intimate of all. They’re the ones who have enough love and trust with one another to become completely vulnerable. They’re also the ones who are so invested in making one another thoroughly satisfied and happy that they’re willing to explore one another’s emotional, physical and sexual pleasure.

So, if you want to take your relationship and intimacy to the next level, it’s time to bring some real excitement into the bedroom.  Staying away from adult toys and sticking to the same ole’ boring routine is never going to give you that physical and emotional intimacy you’re looking for.

Sex Toys Emphasize Physical and Emotional Intimacy

At first, sex is always physical. Anyone can have sex for the physical pleasure. In order to truly bring out the real intimacy between two people, you need to let some walls down and tap into your mind and heart. There’s no way to do that if you’re simply climbing into the missionary position and doing what you’ve always done. This is routine, habit, and takes little care, thought or emotion, and that’s simply not intimate.

Bringing in sex toys emphasizes the physical intimacy for obvious reasons. As for the emotional aspect, it shows your partner pieces of you they’ve never seen before. Using adult toys requires you to be vulnerable and it helps build trust between you and your partner.

Discovering one another’s inner thoughts, fantasies and sexual inhibitions may be a new way to express love, but it’s still expressing love nonetheless. Very rarely do people bring out their sex toys during a one-night stand because it’s too intimate for the situation.

Sex Toys are Mutually Beneficial

Some like to argue that sex toys are one-sided; they only provide pleasure to one person within the relationship. We like to say that anyone who believes that has yet to experience the full potential of adult toys.

While many can be used for solo fun, they’re even better when used with a partner. Adult toys enhance the pleasure for both of you, as you’re doing something new and exciting. This creates a stronger bond between a couple, again, because of the level of trust and vulnerability that’s involved with it.

The key to real intimacy with sex toys is to use them together. Use the adult toys as part of the fun, and only finish when both parties are thoroughly fulfilled and satisfied. Don’t let the sex be about the toy, but rather, let the toy be a part of the sex.

Adult Toys Keep the Relationship Thriving

Boring sex is a deal breaker. Ask any couple who’s experiencing a “rough patch” within their relationship or who’s on the verge of breaking up, and the first thing they’ll tell you that went AWOL is the sex.

While relationships aren’t just about the sex, you can’t deny that it is a huge component to a happy, healthy love. When one partner is unsatisfied and the other is unwilling to change things up to satisfy the other, the relationship starts to dwindle. This could result in a love affair, break up, divorce – you name it, but it rarely results in the relationship growing. It’ll either plateau, become mundane or end.

Bringing in adult toys can revitalize a worn-out relationship. It shows your partner that you’re willing to invest into the relationship and change things up to savor the love. And if that’s not emotionally intimate, we don’t know what is.

Some say sex isn’t about the orgasm. Well, if sex isn’t about the orgasm why would anyone do it? The reality is, sex is about the pleasure – physical, emotional and mental pleasure. In order to tap into real intimacy, you need to trigger all three and adult toys do just that. They reveal things about you and your partner you never knew existed. More importantly, they reveal things you’d never know existed if you didn’t explore off the beaten path.


Chantal McCulligh
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