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You may know Adam & Eve as biblical celebrities. Today, they’ve come to life in the form of a sensational adult toy brand that’s made even the most pleasurable sin accessible.

Adam & Eve toys are the secret to satisfaction you’ve been missing. Lucky for you, a subtle scroll down the screen will give you all of the information you need to kickstart a not so subtle self-gratifying journey.

Here you’ll find the best toys for vulva-owners, penis-owners and anal-play enthusiasts alike.

Eve’s Deluxe Rabbit Thumper by Adam & Eve

The All-in-One Vibrator 

For those who need penetration and clitoral stimulation to climax, Eve’s Deluxe Rabbit Thumber may just be the toy for you.

This classic rabbit vibrator gets the job done. Pairing a buttery soft shaft with delicately vibrating rabbit ears for your clit, pleasure is a given with this toy is in the mix.

Featuring a dual-motor system, you can control the two arms of Eve’s Deluxe Rabbit Thumper independently. So mix and match the thumping and vibration speeds until you find your preferred groove.

Adam’s Vibrating Triple Probe by Adam & Eve

The Vibrating Prostate Massager

This rump-rocking prostate vibrator will send you into a state of pure ecstasy… seriously.

Adam’s Vibrating Triple Probe by Adam & Eve boasts two ergonomically angled shafts and a powerful 7-speed motor. So, you can hit all of the right spots with the click of a button.

This toy has a sloping arc with a bulbous tip at the end. This design was by no coincidence. It allows you to target the P-Spot for mild-to-wild stimulation. At the same time, the shorter shaft teases the perineum (or “taint”) for total, body-quaking release.

No need to worry about losing it up there. Adam’s Vibrating Triple Probe comes with a small handle for easy release.

Magic Massager Deluxe Wand by Adam & Eve

The Classic Sensual Massager

The Magic Massager Deluxe Wand by Adam & Eve is the perfect toy for those who enjoy the simple things in life.

This massager is straightforward and gets the job done with ease. It’s recommended for vulva and clitoral stimulation, but you can use it on any sensual spot in need of some extra tender, love and care.

Adam & Eve’s Magic Massager Deluxe Wand is an improved version of the brand’s classic magic wand. The Deluxe option offers more variety with multiple vibration speeds and an ultra-quiet motor.

Adam’s Triple Prostate Probe by Adam & Eve

The Ultimate Anal Bead Set

Everybody has their go-to pair of shoes, but what about a go-to set of anal beads?

Adam’s Triple Prostate Probe by Adam & Eve is angled to anatomically fit the dimensions of your body for maximized prostate pleasure. Leave it in during your intimate moments, or enjoy some erotic solo play.

Pair these anal beads with Adam & Eve’s Water-Based Lubricant and you’ll be ready to rock. The bottle is sure to last you months, unless you’re using it daily. And quite honestly, you just might with this toy.

French Kiss Her Clit Stimulator by Adam & Eve

The One That Kisses Your Clit

Missing your significant other? No worries.

With the French Kiss Her Clit Stimulator by Adam & Eve, you’ll get the attention you need anytime, anywhere.

Boasting a powerful suction and a soft silicone handle, you can angle this toy exactly how you need to orgasm time and time again.

Marathon Sex Delay Spray

Finishing Too Quickly? This One’s For You, Dudes

Picture this. You’re in a long distance relationship with your significant other. You are finally together for a weekend of adventure, romance and, of course, intimacy. And just as you’re ready to rock his world… finished.

Believe it or not, there is a solution – the Marathon Sex Delay Spray by Adam & Eve. The spray works from the moment it makes contact with the shaft. It is also safe to be inserted into the vagina and anus.

Formulated with gently numbing benzocaine, this fast-acting formula goes to work in minutes to maximize the length and strength of erection. So be sure to keep this spritz in your nightstand.

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