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Lube may seem like a trivial item in between the sheets but it’s the key to taking your pleasure to entirely new realms. When you’re in need of extra sensation, grab a warming lubricant that adds a bit of sizzle; when in need of a bit of flavor, add a drop of flavored lube. The possibilities are endless but in order to maximize your pleasure, there are some things you need to know about buying, using, and storing lubricants. 

Shopping for slippery fun

With a quick look on Ella Paradis, you’ll be amazed with how many delicious, wet possibilities are available to you. The selection is vast which is great but it can make it difficult to find the perfect on for you. Here’s the secret to buying lube – since there are so many kinds, there’s one for every type of person out there.  Whether you have sensitive skin, live a vegan lifestyle, are sensitive to certain ingredients or are specific about what you bring into the bedroom, there’s a bottle of slippery fun that’ll cater to your needs.

So, the secret to shopping for lubricant is to know what you need and want. Not all are created equally and having an idea of your requirements will ensure you find the perfect one for you.

Applying lube during solo or couple play

Lubricants can be used for some solo fun with your latest purchase from Ella Paradis or some sensual play with your partner. Fortunately, the application is incredibly easy for both. So, when you’re in the mood, add some lube and get to it!

All you have to do is add a small dollop of lube onto your sex toy, yourself, and/or your partner.

Storing your Lube

Storing your lube is just as important as shopping and applying it. After all, you’ve spent all this time finding the perfect one for you and your partner, and leaving it out in a bad location will ruin it and bring your pleasure back to normal levels. And that’s never fun.

That’s also not to mention that after you start using lube on the regular, you’ll be totally obsessed with the increased sensation and pleasure. So, store it properly to ensure you can always maximize your O.

Like most things, you never want to store your lube in direct sunlight. Fortunately, you don’t have to store it in the fridge either which is a huge bonus as you’ll be able to avoid any uncomfortable questions at your next dinner party.

Instead, simply store your lubricants in room temperature and preferably, out of reach of the dog and any little ones running around. A bedside table or secret sex box are always great options.

Now that you know how to shop, apply, and store lube, it’s time to squirt some on! Explore the wild possibilities today and you’ll never go back to sex or solo play sans lube.



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