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Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. For many people, that means a month of stress and obligations.

The holidays don’t have to focus on cooking, shopping, and parties, though. Follow these dos and don’ts of sex after Thanksgiving dinner to add some excitement to the day.

Do: Start Your Holiday With Some Exercise

Thanksgiving often feels like the holiday version of a marathon. Either you have to rush from house to house to celebrate, or you have to stay home to cook an exhausting amount of food.

Where would anyone find the energy for sex after Thanksgiving dinner?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you can find the energy you need by dedicating your morning to exercise.

Devoting half an hour to an hour of your morning to exercise will help you throughout the day by:

  • Increasing your endorphin levels to give you a boost of energy all day long.
  • Helping you stay mentally focused so you can complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Improving your mood so you can get through the holiday with a smile on your face.

Ideally, you already exercise a few times each week. You just have to make Thanksgiving morning one of your “gym days.” If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, Thanksgiving is a great time to get started.

Pick any activity that you enjoy. The more you like to exercise, the more likely you are to make it a habit.

Don’t: Overeat During Thanksgiving Dinner

The average American consumes 3,000 to 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving. That’s about twice as many calories as the typical person needs in a day. When you eat that much, you can expect to feel bloated and sleepy. In other words, you can expect to feel the opposite of sexy.

You can indulge in Thanksgiving celebrations without going overboard. Pay attention to how much you put on your plate, and keep track of how many portions you eat. Culturally, Americans put food at the center of the holiday. Do your best to eat a normal amount of food. Well, maybe you can eat a little more than usual. Just don’t stuff yourself.

Try to think of Thanksgiving as a day to spend time with family and friends, not a time to eat so much that you have to unbutton your pants before you pass out in front of a TV.

If you can resist that second serving of mashed potatoes, you will feel healthier and sexier at the end of the day.

Do: Choose a Position That’s Comfortable, Even With a Full Belly

A full belly can make sex difficult. You might as well forget about trying anything that’s too enthusiastic. Bouncing around will lead to discomfort and increases the likeliness of unexpected flatulence.

Keep your positions simple so you and your partner can have fun without feeling ill or embarrassed.

Some of the best positions for post-Thanksgiving sex include:

  • Big Spoon, Little Spoon
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Missionary
  • Sideways Missionary
  • Wrapped Lotus (where one person sits on the other’s lap)

If you decide to try mutual masturbation, you can make the experience more fun by adding toys.

The Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady will hold his shaft snugly while sending vibrations through his whole penis. A lot of men find that the vibrations make a dramatic improvement over the standard Fleshlight.

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The Rabbit Lily gives women multiple types of stimulation. The vibrating fingers flick against your clit while the body penetrates deeply and hits the G-spot.

When you just can’t resist second helpings of pumpkin pie, you can always rely on toys for satisfying sex.

Don’t: Have More Than a Couple Drinks With Dinner

A lot of families like to have wine with their Thanksgiving dinners. Feel free to enjoy one or two glasses. Set a hard line at two drinks, though. Too much alcohol will put your sexual performance in jeopardy.

The alcohol rule applies to women, men, and everyone else. A little booze might make you feel more adventurous. Too much alcohol, though, could mean that you just pass out before things really heat up.

Restricting alcohol consumption matters most for men, though. When men drink too much, their bodies can’t direct as much blood flow to their penises. Without good blood flow, you can’t achieve your hardest erection. Some men can’t get erections at all after drinking too much.

Even if you can get hard, you might never reach orgasm.

For an experience that satisfies everyone involved, lay off the booze on Thanksgiving.

Do: Use Your Favorite Sex Toys to Work Up a New Appetite

Ella Paradis has all kinds of sex toys that will help you work up a new appetite after your Thanksgiving meal.

Since you probably ate during the holiday, you should probably stay away from anal toys. But that’s your call. If you feel comfortable with anal play on Thanksgiving, try a prostate massager or butt plug.

A lot of people understandably don’t want to have anal sex after eating and drinking all day. When you want to stick with more traditional sex toys, you can get:

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If the holiday gives you some spare time, then you can use it to experiment with new toys. The Lovebotz Maestro Multi-Faceted sex machine comes with a 7-inch dildo, adjustable stroke speed, and adapters for clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation. Just because one of you feels too full or tired to have sex doesn’t mean that the other person can’t enjoy full penetration from a sex machine that never quits.

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Perhaps you don’t have extra time during the holiday. Does that mean you can’t have fun? Absolutely not! A pair of My Body Blooms Panties will give you a something new to feel thankful for. The comfortable underwear comes with a remote-controlled vibrator. It’s a stealthy way to get you in the mood for after-dinner play. Your partner can adjust the intensity while you hang out with friends, drive to your next party, or enjoy a glass of wine.

Make Thanksgiving a special time for you and your partner by exchanging new sex toys every year. It will give an exhilarating way to start the holiday season. Why wait until Christmas for gifts? Start a new tradition that only you and your partner know about.

Don’t: Worry About Wasting Your Black Friday Energy

Thousands of Americans wake up early the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of retail sales. Some people stay awake all night so they can be first in line at their favorite stores.Black Friday requires preparation and energy. Shoppers tolerate the inconvenience because they want to get great deals on electronics, clothes, and other foods. Some shoppers even get a rush from the early-morning event.

This year, put your partner first – don’t worry about conserving your energy for Black Friday sales. Instead, spend your time working off calories and deepening your relationship in the bedroom. With our upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you can sit back and stay warm with bae while everyone else is freezing their butts off outside!

Do: Schedule Time to Spend With Your Partner

You may get invited to several holiday dinners on Thanksgiving. While you probably feel obligated to attend some of them, you do not have to say “Yes” to every invitation. If you let other people schedule your day, then you will never find alone time with your partner.

Take control of your day by setting aside time for sex and romance. You and your partner can agree to leave the day’s last event at a specific time. That way, you have enough energy to enjoy each other at home. You can also schedule a break in the middle of the day. A break gives you time to have sex, recharge before the next event, and stay in a good mood.

As long as you make your relationship a priority, you will find room for alone time on Thanksgiving.

Ella Paradis always has toys and advice to keep your holiday sexy. Visit the Ella Paradis online store to discover exciting sex toys that will change the way you think about Thanksgiving. Whether you want something kinky and intense, or an easy sexual release that keeps your day fun, Ella Paradis can help.

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