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Make things HOT in the bedroom with temp play

It’s time to turn up the heat in between the sheets. Despite popular believe, you don’t need whips, ropes, and handcuffs to explore your wilder side. All you need is a bit of temperature play that is certain to send chills up and down your spine while making the room hot and sweaty. It’s an excellent way to introduce some BDSM into your life, without diving too far into the deep end of Mr. Grey’s playroom. So, if you’re ready to send chills up your spine that’ll make your toes curl or get hot and sweaty in between the sheets, you’ve come to the right place.

Sensual temp play adds excitement to your love life

What is Temperature Play?

The term ’temperature play’ may not sound as sexy as you like but don’t be mistaken because it’s definitely sexy! This type of sensation play uses hot and cold substances and objects, such as ice cubes and candle wax to light up your sensations. It’s an innocent form of BDSM that focuses on light touches to give you a standing O-vation.

How to participate in temperature play?

Anything that gives off cold or hot sensations can be used for temperature play. However, it’s crucial to ensure the substances and objects used are safe for your skin and body. So, here are some things you can use to get you started with temperature play.


Water is a great form of temperature play, as it’s around you at any given time. You never have to sacrifice your excitement. However, it can be messier than the other objects and substances. So, this is a great option for changing things up in the shower.  

Ice Cubes

Although ice cubes are still water (duh), they deserve a category of their own because the sensations that follow are unlike anything else. So, fill up your ice trays, and trail the cubes across the most sensitive spots on your partner’s body. Watch as their skin begins to tingle, then lightly blow some air on the same spot to see their excitement heighten even further. They’ll be begging you for more.    

Melted Candle Wax

You’ve seen it before in movies and music videos – someone drips candle wax on their partner’s body to give them a bit of pleasurable pain. To ensure this kind of temperature gives off the right amount of heat, you must place importance on the type of candles you use.

Different candles have different burning points, some of which can result in painful burns instead of painful pleasure. So, always stick with candles designed specifically for sensual play and drip, splash and pour your way to hot and sweaty sex.

Frozen Fruit

What’s better than temperature play? Temperature play that is full of sweet treats. Freeze some of your favorite fruits, such as strawberries and grapes, and use them in your mouth to explore your partner’s body. The freezing cold texture followed by your hot breath is certain to provide a new kind of pleasure.


For a mess-free experience that gives you all the sensations you desire, grab some sensation lubricants. Some are designed to make your body tingle, others provide a warming sensation, and some even give you a minty fresh chill. So, explore the possibilities of temperature play that can be found in a tube of lube.  

Adult Toys

The options for temperature play don’t stop there, as there are plenty of adult toys that cater to this form of sensual play. Just look for materials that can be easily heated or cooled, such as silicone, metal, and glass adult toys. Use water to warm, cool or freeze your toys’ temperature for an added dose of pleasure.   


As you start to explore the world of temperature play, you’ll start to wonder how you ever went without it. And now, you never have to.


Chantal McCulligh
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