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Just in time for the holidays, the good people at Ella Paradis have curated a splendorous couples sex toy Adult Advent Calendar Gift Box Set (we will dive deep into this box in this article).  Intimacy and Desire in a relationship are topics that should always garner some attention. During the holiday season, stress can make this time of year challenging for couples and families. Whether it is due to work, families or something else, we all face similar sex-obstacles and it is up to us to make the effort and the time. Only you can find ways to incorporate sex into your daily routine.  Relationships can only go so long without intimacy. Adding this sex toy Advent Calendar into your daily routine could help improve and maintain a relationship.

We are all sexual creatures by nature and even the greatest loves cannot withstand a life without sexual pleasure. Don’t make one of the most common relationship mistakes and take your partner for granted. Gentlemen, there’s a good reason to invest in this sex toy Advent Calendar. Results of an American Psychological Association survey show women are more likely than men to report increased stress during the holiday season. Sources of stress include lack of time, lack of money, and pressure to give or receive gifts. The results of increased stress can make a woman feel sick and tired, and lose interest in sex. With all these facts and now having a sex toy Advent Calendar, it eliminates all the holiday stress and adds more sex.

Okay so now that you have all the facts let’s talk about this fabulously orgasmic gift-set. Ella Paradis has curated this exquisite box that has a lovely arrangement of toys for adults and are you ready for this, it includes 24 premium sexy surprises. They’re stocked with some of the top-rated manufacturers such as Fun Factory, Shunga, and Bijoux Indiscrets. The Advent Calendar comes with fully equipped with sex toys, intimate accessories, lingerie, and more. So let’s explore some of these love toys, shall we?

Vibrators: The real love buzz, ladies as we all know clitoral stimulation and masturbation can cure headaches. An orgasm is “the miracle cure” to staying healthy and balanced. Natural chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are released during an orgasm, making us feel happy, flushed, warm, or sleepy, says Brown University Health Promotion. When they enter the bloodstream, these chemicals can induce both pleasure-enhancing and pain-relieving sensations.

Oh my, I almost forgot to mention the Advent Calendar also includes a beautiful and colorful booklet guide to help you and your lover explore 24 days of sexual pleasure, so forget gifting your lover the basic, traditional Christmas gift this year. Ignite passion throughout December bringing in the new years with a real bang.

Lastly, sexual exploration with a toy can also help you have better sexual relationships. Knowing what you like and how to express yourself sexually is attractive and makes you appear confident and self-assured, which are definite turn-ons. It also takes the guesswork out of sex as your partner won’t be forced to guess what can you make you moan from pleasure and what makes you shy away.

Ladies and Gentlemen, give the gift that keeps on giving this year with this incredible sex toy Advent Calendar only available in the US with the top online retailer, Ella Paradis. Also let’s not be selfish, how about giving this gift box to a close friend, a couple in need of adventure or even your sister (don’t worry I ordered one for my mother already because she needs pleasure too). My darlings, just in case you fear the mailman judging your character, Ella Paradis offers discreet shipping, so now you are completely out of excuses to not have an incredibly naughty and nice holiday season.

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Jane Jett

Jane Jett is a tantra/kink educator and podcast host who believes sexual empowerment comes through education and awareness.

Ms. Jett started her journey as a model, which lead her to the BDSM world and becoming a dominatrix. She opened the infamous premiere high-end studio and creative space Studio Servitu in Downtown Los Angeles that re-inspired erotica and art culture. Ms. Jett has been featured in high-end magazines Inked, Bizarre, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Marquis, and DDI. She’s drawn large crowds with her fetish performances at Cine Kink LA, Trash NYC, Kit Kat Club in Berlin, Bar Sinister, Playboy Mansion, The Roxxy in Los Angeles, Club Obscure, and fetish balls around the country, as well as a suspension artist for Jane’s Addiction.

Most recently, Ms. Jett has obtained her Masters in Psychology, found her Neo Tantra guru, and became a certified tantric coach. Ms. Jett currently hosts the podcast Kinktra in the Raw with the goal to teach women and men to tap into their authentic sexuality. Kinktra in the Raw is a sexual and intellectual guide to all things pleasure that openly discusses and educates listeners about sexual positivity, taboos, the benefits of sexual liberation, and much more.
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