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While a good arsenal of sex toys is always a sure fire way to have some mindblowing sex, there seems to be one thing we always leave out of the equation: confidence. Sometimes, confidence in the bedroom starts with confidence down there. As 2020 brings with it some exciting promises, mind blowing sex and rejuvenated confidence are on the top of the list. A clean, fresh and youthful vagina is not only a must for overall health, but it sure helps for confidence in the bedroom! Not sure where to start when it comes to your coochy? We are here to help. Here is how to start 2020 fresh!

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Classic Erotica Coochy Shave Cream- Au Natural

Want that perfect, butter-smooth vagina that can seduce not just your partner but yourself? Classic Erotica Coochy Shave Cream is one of the best vaginal shaving creams with a special ‘au complex.’ The complex not only reduces cuts, scrapes and nicks, but also moisturizes the sensitive skin around the vagina. Get this now for a fresh and gliding smooth coochie!

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Jimmyjane Personal Care Menstrual Cups

Made with purely body-grade and FDA-approved silicone, Jimmyjane Personal Care Menstrual Cups are really your best friend ‘during that time of the month.’ These cups come in two different sizes, and are reusable. Jimmyjane menstrual cups keep you completely leak free for up to 12 hours, are flexible for easy insertion and come with a hygienic bag for easy carrying. Do you really know what’s in your tampons? Some contain dangerous fillers your body can absorb. Plus, those plastic applicators are not very eco-friendly. This on the other hand not only provides a body-safe exterior, but since it’s reusable, it creates less waste!

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Swipes Unscented Wipes

A mildly moist, dry, and smooth vagina is desired by every woman out there. Sweat and other fluids can result in bad odor from your panties. This is where Unscented Wipes by Swipes come to rescue your coochie. Made from pure water and free from alcohol, paraben, chlorine or any other irritant, these are the most skin-friendly wipes for your highly sensitive parts. Get a pack and keep your kitty cat clean, fresh and happy.

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Swipes Cucumber Wipes

If you have an ‘evil’ plan of making your partner give you the best licking ‘down there,’ you probably want to smell nice, fresh and clean before the action (if you feel so inclined). Cucumber Wipes by Swipes are made from Cucumber water and are free from any kind of irritant. These also help you maintain the optimum pH level around and inside your privates. Simply wipe the sensitive skin around your vagina to moisten it and keep it healthy and youthful.

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bio.pHresh Vaginal Probiotic Supplement

Say bye-bye to those uncomfortable vaginal infections during summers and humid seasons. bio.pHresh is a Probiotic supplement by Good Clean Love that restores healthy vaginal flora and keeps urinary tract infections at bay. This supplement slightly lowers the pH of the vagina as undesireable bacteria tend to flourish is a high pH environment. Simply take a capsule a day and surprise yourself with an ever-healthy and evergreen (not like that) coochie.

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Buff & Brighten Exfoliating Pads by SweetSpot Labs

Formulated with your body’s chemistry in mind, these pads gently exfoliate and prevent uncomfortable ingrown hairs, bumps and razor irritation with a blend of glycolic  acid, papaya and pineapple enzymes. That’s the buff part. Brightening for all different skin tones happens when clean, natural Aloe Vera and organic witch hazel water act together to soothe away shadows, darkness and redness. This product is free from any irritant or toxic plastic material, a perfect companion for your lady under the panties. If you have any other areas of the body experiencing razor bumps and shadows, like the underarms, these work great for that too!

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Exsens of Paris Intime Fresh Cleanser

Made with organic rose water extract and organic aloe Vera extract, this body cleanser is perfect for keeping your vagina fresh and healthy due its pH balanced formula. But, we just want to remind everyone that anyone can use this. Perfect for after waxing or shaving or just for whenever you want to feel a little more fresh, this soap free foam is great for your intimate body areas. Get a 150 ml bottle now and give yourself the gift of ultimate intimate hygiene.

Now that you have some great ‘weapons’ in the intimate hygiene arsenal, it is time to give your coochie a makeover. Keep it healthy, youthful and fresh for a rocking sex life only with Ella Paradis’ recommendations. Happy 2020!

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