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Don’t panic if someone finds your adult toy stash

“What do I do when someone finds my Adult Toys?”

There is a moment that everyone who has a sex toy dreads–the moment when someone stumbles upon it and asks you to explain. Don’t panic! This moment is always awkward, but it can be less awkward if you know what you would say before it happens. And of course, the conversation changes depending on who finds it.

Your Partner

Let’s be honest, your partner’s reaction might be the scariest to deal with. They might be a bit jealous that you have (or need) the toy to feel sexually satisfied even with them “there” for you. Just smile, keep it light, and tell them they aren’t always (physically) there when the mood strikes or that solo-play is a little different from couple’s play. The best option? Invite your partner to play with you.

Your Parent

If your parent finds your vibrator, you will get the urge to be defensive right away. You will assume that your parent is going to judge you for it, and perhaps you judge yourself for having it. WAIT. These days, parents tend to be a lot more accepting of their children’s behaviors. Just tell them that it’s good for stress relief and that it’s a healthy coping mechanism. It’s the truth, and parents are all for healthy coping mechanisms. If they are judgmental, stay calm. Show them that you are the same as you were before they found it. And then never mention it again. 

Someone Found My Love Toy
Someone Found My Love Toy

Little Ones in the Family

If your pre-pubescent sibling, niece/nephew, or grandkid finds your toy – but doesn’t know what it is – just tell them you’ll explain it when they are older. Alternatively, a little white lie doesn’t hurt; after all it’s in the interest of preserving their childhood. But do be there for them when they have these questions. If they do know what it is and give you grief for it, you can either change the topic (eventually they will stop if they don’t get the reaction they want) or be understanding and remind them that they’ll understand when they’re older.

Put Your Toys Away After You’re Done Playing

What it all boils down to is this: don’t let their judgments affect you negatively. After all, using love toys is a healthy activity and orgasms are part of your well-being. Also, practice being more open about it. No one will be able to use it as a weapon against you. That is, unless you want them to. 

Still, you can avoid these situations by cleaning and putting your toys away after playtime is over. Here are some sassy options:

Someone Found My Love Toy
Someone Found My Love Toy
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