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When it comes down to it, the way you feel about yourself has a major impact on your sex life. This includes everything from your body to your gender identity, even how you feel about your relationships or your job. In the same way that you exercise regularly and brush your teeth, sexual health is something that can be maintained with regular attention.

Taking personal responsibility for your sexual health is important if you’re single, but it’s actually especially important when you’re in a partnership. No one else can know what it’s like to be you. Nobody else knows what feels good to you, what worries you, or what you’re curious about. 

Your sexual health is like personal hygiene. When you don’t take care of yourself, the first person it affects is you. Then it begins to affect the important people in your life. To stay happy and healthy as a sex-loving individual, here are some ideas to include in your solo routine.

Solo Activities to Stay Satisfied

Masturbation is a great way to stay in touch with your own body. This is true for single people and partnered people. No matter who you share your body with, at the end of the day your body is your own. 

Touching yourself is a great way to take responsibility for your own pleasure. If a partner is too busy or unavailable for sex, you can masturbate. If a new partner can’t get you off the way you like, masturbation is a great solution. 

If you’d rather not use your hands, there are highly effective toys that you can use alone in bed (or at the office) like the Ultra Bullet. It’s totally fine to use a toy in front of a partner too, as long as you’re both cool with it. Using a toy on yourself, like the powerful Womanizer, can actually be a really sexy way to show a new partner what you like.

There is nothing inherently wrong with masturbation. It’s not a secret you have to keep from your partner, nor is it something you need to disclose. It’s just a healthy part of being alive. 

If you’re new to masturbation, touching yourself in the shower is a great way to start a regular routine of personal sexual health. Just check in with your body under the spray and notice how you feel. There’s no wrong way to do this. 

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Solo Activities to Stay Curious

Sometimes your sex life gets stale. It’s normal. You might have the feeling that you’re stuck in a rut. Maybe you’re wondering if your relationship will always be like this.

If you’re feeling a lack of excitement, then it might be time to try some new things on your own time. There are a lot of easy ways to spice up your sex life with solo playtime. It begins by getting curious about new experiences. 

At its core, sexual health is all about staying in touch with your desires. If you want to try something out without rocking the boat in your partnership, solo play is a great way to do this. Watch a porn video that you would normally never watch. Try to orgasm without any toys. Bring your Vesper vibrator to work and see if public orgasms turn you on.

Stay curious and try to think outside the box. By trying things solo, it’s easy to stop and reexamine your feelings in the moment. Sexual health is about building trust with yourself. It means you pursue the things that turn you on. So feel free to try bold new things, and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t follow through. It’s all about staying curious.

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Solo Activities to Stay Healthy

Keep your sexual health going strong with regular upkeep. Read about consent and see how other people are talking about sex. Find a podcast about queer relationships or taboo topics. 

Clean your sex toys and set up your nightstand for easier access to your Lelo

Remember to keep an eye on your mental health. Feeling good about yourself is a precursor to enjoying sex. So take a break. Connect with friends. Give some love to your body without asking it to hit a certain mileage, or look a certain way, or achieve multiple orgasms.

Your sexual health includes mental health and physical health. Whether you’re single or partnered, you can take control of your sexual health all by yourself. 

So this week, take some time out of your schedule to take care of your sexual health: stay curious, appreciate your body, and satisfy yourself when no one’s looking.


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