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The Labor Day holiday marks the last three-day weekend of summer. Not surprisingly, about 35 Americans hit the road every year to take advantage of the break. An additional 16.5 million travelers take to the air to reach their vacation destinations.

Health researchers can give you plenty of reasons to enjoy vacation. Taking a few days off from work can lower your stress, help prevent heart disease, give you better sleep, and even improve your productivity when you return to work.

Let’s not forget another reason to take a Labor Day weekend getaway. It gives you an awesome chance to reinvigorate your sex life!

This year, make the most of your Labor Day vacation by following these six sex tips.

Pack Your Favorite Sex Toys (and a Surprise or Two)

Maximize your pleasure by packing your favorite sex toys. For many couples, that means bringing remote-controlled vibrators, cock rings, and clit stimulators.

If your toys require batteries, make sure you bring plenty of extras. You don’t want to run out at the wrong time!

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Vacation is also a terrific time to try something new. Surprise your partner with soft bondage toys like handcuffs, nipple clamps, and scarves.

You can also use your Labor Day getaway to experiment with anal toys. If you’re new to anal play, start with small toys like the Better Love Beginners Butt Plug Set or Better Love Silicone Anal Bead Dildo. Both options give you complete control over length and girth, so you can feel comfortable exploring new sensations.

If you’re used to anal play, you could up your game with a Better Love Fist Dildo or We-Vibe Ditto vibrating butt plug. Your partner’s jaw will drop will he or she sees the surprise you packed.

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Try Some New Positions

Has your sex life fallen into a routine? Vacation gives you a chance to break free of a sexual rut by trying new positions in a novel environment.

You’ve probably already covered basic positions like missionary, 69, and doggy style. You may have even tried to recreate porn sex scenes that include acrobatic positions like standing 69.

No matter how much experience you have, you can always find new things to try. Start with some random positions from the Kama Sutra. Then, make advanced positions more comfortable with sex furniture like the Liberator Flip Ramp or Sportsheets Sex Sling.

The sex swing is a particularly fun item to try. It lets you use positions that are impossible to do on the bed.

Don’t Forget the Lube!

About 17% of women between 18 and 50 say that they have problems with vaginal dryness during sex. The percentage only goes up as women get closer to menopause.

Vaginal dryness has several causes. In many cases, women just aren’t aroused enough to stay lubricated. If that sounds like you, then foreplay is probably your best solution.

Vaginal dryness can also happen because of sexual frequency. If you try to have vaginal sex for an hour or more, you can expect things to get a bit dry. It’s unrealistic to expect your partner’s body to keep producing lubrication for that long!

If you plan to enjoy long nights of passion, then you will need backup lubricant.

You have plenty of options when it comes to lube. Some favorites include:

Remember that some toys and condoms need specific types of lube. Make sure you pack lubricants that comply with your toys’ needs and safe sex practices.

Role Play During Your Labor Day Getaways

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you may have noticed that you don’t experience as much passion for your partner as you did several years ago. People tend to fall into behavioral patterns. Eventually, those patterns can get boring.

Role playing will help you rekindle the spark in your relationship! Plus, you get to display parts of your personality that don’t get to come out and play very often.

Some people find it challenging to get into roles. Luckily, being at a hotel or resort gives you a new environment that should make you more comfortable playing a character. After all, no one else knows who you are.

If you have a hard time coming with role play scenarios, use the following to get your imagination started.

Role Reversals

Does one of you play a more dominant or submissive role in the relationship? Role playing is the perfect time to switch things up.

Swap roles in the bedroom to see what it’s like to either take or lose some control during sex. The shift in perspective could open you up to a new type of pleasure.

The Man (or Woman) of Mystery

Meet your partner at the hotel bar. One of you (or both!) get to play a mysterious person. Maybe you’re an escaped convict, a spy, or a wealthy entrepreneur looking for a weekend of anonymous sex.

During your drink, it becomes obvious that you cannot resist each other. Hold out as long as you can before you go back to your room to play with this man or woman of mystery.

For an extra thrill, don’t exchange names. Pretend that you’re having anonymous sex with someone you’ve never met.

The Massage that Goes Too Far

Pretend that you have ordered a massage from your hotel or resort. Your partner plays the masseuse. After a relaxing rub down, things start to get a little steamier. The next thing you know, one of you has crossed the line from professional to sexual.

You would never do something like this with a real massage therapist. That’s what makes the role playing so hot!

Authority Figures

A lot of sexual fantasies involve authority figures such as police officers, politicians, and teachers. Tonight, you or your partner get to play an authority figure that takes advantage of his or her position.

Finally, you get to make out with that hot teacher from high school, or you get out of a speeding ticket by accepting an officer’s advances.

The best role playing scenarios are often things that would disturb you in real life. Enjoying the game does not mean you think it is okay for people to abuse their authority.

Enjoy a Little PDA

Most people frown on public displays of affection. A little kissing and holding hands are fine, but you probably wouldn’t make out with your partner in public.

At least, you probably wouldn’t do that in your hometown.

When you’re on vacation, you don’t have to care about what anyone thinks. Touch, kiss, and nibble at each other all you want. Let people stare. It’s not like you will ever see them after Labor Day weekend.

To make your PDA really exciting, get a pair of remote-controlled vibrating panties. Everyone in the room thinks that you’re just getting a little frisky during vacation. They don’t know that you’re a few minutes away from trying to hide an orgasm.

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Don’t Worry About Your Hotel Neighbors

Your hotel neighbors are strangers that you will never see. Have sex as loudly and passionately as you want.

Even if you do make eye contact with them the next morning, it’s better to feel a little embarrassed with strangers than extreme embarrassment with your roommate or children.

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