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sex education with Ashley Cobbs

This past week we sat down with a sex expert , Ashley Cobbs to discuss female pleasure, diversity in sexual representation, and Black Lives Matter. In this interview we dove into the modern issues that we are seeing throughout our society, plus the lack of diversity in the media when it comes to sexual education. See the full interview below.

Who is Ashley Cobbs?

Ashley Cobbs a sex blogger and sexfluencer that believes every woman deserves to have an intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life. Ashely uses all of her platforms as a safe space to help women feel comfortable discussing sex out loud without shame. She is definitely making waves in the world of sex education and has become a well known sex expert.

sex with Ashely Cobbs

Question: What brought you into sex education and starting your podcast?

Answer: I got into the sex field through college. I have a degree in health promotion so I originally wanted to work in the public health sector as a health educator. At the time I could not find a job as a health educator so I had to create my own avenue. I ended up creating a blog and a podcast which now has led me to have my own radio show.

Question: What’s one thing as a sex educator you wish more people knew?

Answer: One thing I wish more people knew as a sex educator is especially for women is how to advocate for their pleasure. A lot of women just leave it up there to our partners, we should be taking control over our own pleasure and not leave it up to someone else.

Question: What do you feel is the connection between self acceptance and sex?

Answer: There is a correlation between self acceptance and sex I think with a lot of women they don’t love their bodies as they should. Therefore we are not as free in the bedroom as we could be because we are self-conscious about our stomach or how her boobs look or butts not big enough. That takes away the focus from having a good time with our partner.

Question: Do you feel there is a lack of representation in sexual education? Why or why not?

Answer: There is a definite lack of representation in the sex fields. A lot of the household name influencers and big bloggers are Caucasian. We need more people of color who are queer, trans, non-binary and heterosexual so people who identify with them can have someone that looks like them and understands their struggles.

Question: How do you feel sex education and Black Lives Matter can work together?

Answer: I think sex education and Black Lives Matter can work together by creating platforms that give black educators recognition. A lot of companies seem to  give more white influencers bigger contracts or make them the face of the brand. By incorporating more black influencers you are telling your black customers that they matter to your company and their views are important. 

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