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Self-love is when you wake up in the morning unapologetically proud of who you are, including the quirks and flaws because it’s a package deal. Self-love is also reminding yourself that you are valuable, worthy, and so very deserving of unlimited happiness and a little pleasure, of course.
It doesn’t mean you always have to be better than the next person, and it isn’t dependent on the “perfect” conditions. You can take charge of your circumstances and create moments for yourself when no one is looking, add a toy or some oils, like the System Jo Dona Let Me Touch You Set.

and let yourself relax and enjoy your own company; you may just find it to be exactly what you needed. Who knows what you like, more than you anyway? Let’s give ourselves credit.
The most important part is getting to know yourself from top to bottom, inside and out. You can start by simply establishing boundaries with the people around you and protecting your energy. Figure out who and what is and isn’t good for you. Keep people in your life who want to see you win just as much as they want the win for themselves. Live a life of intention and purpose. Be motivated by the possibilities of the future no matter what the current circumstances look like. 
Not sure what self-love looks or feels like? Here are a few examples:
  • Telling what is right for you instead of holding in words that express what you truly feel, think, or want to do.
  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes. Appreciate the chance to learn and grow.
  • Spending some quality, connected time with yourself.
We all give a lot of ourselves away each day to our friends, family, partners, and jobs. It is essential to acknowledge that our needs are just as valid and important as anyone else’s. With that being said, self-care is a top priority and something you should never neglect. It is all about balance. Healthy eating, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy (whether it’s solo or a team effort), and healthy social interactions are all part of appropriate self-care.
Make time for fun and adventure, but know when it’s time to tap out and relax. Practice meditation and relaxation exercises. These are quick and easy ways to reduce stress, even if you only do five minutes a day. When you put effort into taking care of your body, mind, and spirit, you become happier and full of energy. This boosts your self-esteem and daily motivation, which go hand in hand to bring out the best version of yourself.

Here are some other benefits to making self-care a priority:

Become More Productive.
By slowing down, you get the chance to focus on what is truly important and be intentional with your plans. Learn to say no to tasks or favors that do not bring you peace and joy. Instead, say yes to that yoga class or brunch with friends you have been putting off.
Boost Your Immune System and Decreases Stress.
Take a warm bubble bath, get a massage, or do a face mask. You can even try our Fizzing Heart bath bombs! These are the perfect ingredients for a vacation without leaving the comfort of your home.

Fizzing Heart Bath Bombs

Getting the right amount of rest and exercise will turn on your parasympathetic nervous system putting your body in the perfect mode for some “Do Not Disturb” time. All in all, you’re giving your body its best shot at fighting the common cold, flu, and other immune system problems.
Increase your self-esteem and self-compassion.
You have the power to change your perspective of the world by putting yourself in the right mindset. Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself? Is that how you would speak to others? We need to learn to give ourselves the love we so freely give to everyone else. Depression and anxiety can also be reduced by speaking words of affirmation to oneself. Psychological research shows that self-love and self-compassion are essential to mental health.
Create more “You” time
Allowing time for pleasure should be a big part of any self-care routine. Treat yourself to a special gift for when you create this time to unwind. A few of our favorites include the Better Love Yoki G-Spot Vibrator, The Satisfyer Stay and Play Bundle, and the Soraya 2 by Lelo. If you’re not sure which is the best for you to start with a classic like the We Vibe Tango and then explore from there.Above Mentioned Products Take some time to identify one or two things you can do today to show yourself some love. Whether it is a supportive thought or an intentional action, be sure it is going to uplift you. Write down what you want to do and when you are going to do it. By writing it down, you hold yourself accountable, and it encourages you to follow through. As you continue to add more of these positive thoughts and actions to your daily routine, self-love and self-care will become second nature.




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