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Technology is a wonderful thing. And when it’s Pleasure Air Technology, we think that’s something incredibly amazing. If you’re wondering what Pleasure Air Technology is and what it has to do with the Womanizer sex toy, we have a surprise for you and we think you’re going to like it.

The Womanizer Sex Toy

The Womanizer sex toy is an innovative clitoral stimulator. There are six of the Womanizer types that include:

For this review, we’ll focus on the Premium by Womanizer but keep in mind that all of the Womanizer toys have the magical Pleasure Air Technology.

So, what’s so special about the Womanizer before we get to the Pleasure Air Technology? This amazing sex toy has a ton of features. For instance, one of the benefits is that it is 100 percent waterproof. That means you can not only clean it more easily but take it with you in the shower, hot tub, swimming pool – or anywhere you want to get wet in more ways than one.

Another thing you’re going to love is that the body-contact points are made out of natural feeling silicone. It’s also ergonomically shaped to fit your hand seamlessly and the super soft silicone surface makes it feel natural and pleasant.

Pleasure Air Technology

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Now let’s take a look at what really makes this innovative clit stimulator a real blast.

Pleasure Air Technology is what stimulates your clit without even touching it. Say what? Seriously! How it works is that it encloses your clitoris without having to touch it. Then the Womanizer stimulates your little man in the boat using soft pressure waves that are so unique it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced or felt in the past.

How you use it is simple:

  • Spread the labia apart slightly so that the clit is exposed.
  • Enclose the clitoris with the stimulation head, using light pressure to keep a tight seal.
  • Discover new levels of orgasmic intensity, experience 100% pleasure and bliss.
  • BONUS: Use a water-based lubricant on the toy’s business end to create a stronger seal (never use silicone lubricant!).

Why is touchless stimulation so important? Often if we stimulate our clit too much, we get used to the sensation. This makes it more difficult to have an orgasm. Check out this information about that from Bustle:

But no matter what your clitoris and labia looks like, there is a point for a lot of women where there is too much stimulation— it becomes sore, or just so sensitive it’s no longer pleasurable. Remember all those amazing nerve endings in the clitoris? They are freaking incredible. They’re also very, very sensitive.

Yet with the Pleasure Air Technology, it never actually touches your clit. Your body will never get used to the feeling, and you can come as often as you want. And come, you will because it takes away the fear of over stimulation and sensitivity loss.

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Extras That Count

There are two stimulation heads so you choose the one you like best and everything comes in a silk storage bag that is both discreet and classy. There are other replacement heads that you can choose from just to have extra on-hand. These tips are made from body-friendly silicone and you can get the extras in case you lose one or want to always have a spare. They come in different sizes – small and medium, as well as in different colors.

As far as charging it, the Womanizer comes with a magnetic USB charger. No more trying to find the charging hole or worrying about the prong being bent or compromised. Just lay it on the Womanizer and it charges easily within 120 minutes. By the way, the battery run-time is 240 minutes. That is four hours of playtime before it needs a boost!

There are 12 intensity levels so that you can always find the perfect one that makes you explode with pleasure. But what is really mind-blowing is that there is an autopilot mode. This allows you to trust the toy and be surprised all at the same time. With this mode, the toy choose the speed and intensity levels so that you never know what you will get. It’s almost like a partner is controlling the pleasure – and that makes it even more orgasm-worthy.

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Super Silent Mode

The super silent mode is so amazing that it needed its own little section. Have you ever wanted to get off and couldn’t quite get the privacy you need? Maybe you have a roommate. Or perhaps you’re reading a really hot book and just want to orgasm without bothering your partner. It happens! Sometimes you want to have a quickie without the mess or even the emotions or involvement of another person.

Well, the Womanizer Sex Toy has something that is perfect for those occasions. Its motor is a “Wanna hear a secret?” low volume of just 40dB. That is about the lowest limit of urban ambient noise. It is comparable to the sound of a library. That’s right – no one will hear you using it. Yet, we can’t guarantee that you won’t scream out loud in pleasure. So while this is one super quiet toy, we bet that you won’t be.

The Smart Silence feature works with a sensor in the Womanizer’s head. This makes sure, the power only comes on once the Womanizer actually touches your skin, and not a second before or after.

Doesn’t Play Till You Play

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As mentioned, another excellent feature of the Womanizer is that it works only when you’re ready. When you turn it on you may think it is broken at first because nothing happens. This is because it only works when you touch it to your skin. This is especially helpful if you are playing with a partner because you don’t have to turn it on and off. You can use it then sit it on the nightstand while you do other things and it won’t run by itself. Once you are ready for some toe-curling sensations, pick it up and put it against your magic button and it’s ready to play.

This saves on charging time and makes it convenient just in case you’re disturbed while playing. Let’s say you’re taking a solo trip and your mom calls or someone comes to the door. Just sit it down. That’s it! You don’t have to search for the “off” button or worry that it’s making noise that someone will hear. Besides, we already mentioned the super quiet lack of noise it has but now you have two features that provide total discretion.

What’s the Difference in Models?

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The main differences in the Womanizer models are things like some have more speeds. Others have internal parts you can use along with the stimulator. For example, the Duo has everything the others have and more. It includes a rabbit vibrator with 12 intensity levels for G-spot stimulation. It all depends on what you prefer and the price level you are comfortable with. But all of them have the Pleasure Air Technology and super silent mode. Each of the models is available in a few pretty color choices too.

What Are You Waiting For?

Is this a great time we live in, or what? This kind of technology is exactly what makes it worthwhile. Once upon a time (and not that long ago) your choices included a loud, plastic vibrator that took D batteries with a screw top. It was ugly, bulky, hard (and not in the good way), and cheap.

Now we have choices like the Womanizer with technology that literally (well, almost) caresses your clit like a real person. It goes in standby mode when you pull it away and it’s so quiet that you can pretty much use it anywhere without getting caught. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this review!

I am a highly sexual, orgasmic 52 yr old woman, but in recent years I have been having more and more trouble reaching climax during sex. I have tried creams and vibrators etc but nothing helped. I am in a wonderful relationship, having the best sex of my life with an amazing lover so not being able to climax was very frustrating. My boyfriend found the Womanizer and bought it for me/us. The first time he used it on me we couldn’t believe how fast I came! The sensations this gives are like nothing I have ever experienced before. Next we used it during sex and I was left speechless. This product is beyond amazing! Don’t wait another minute to purchase this for yourself or your partner.

That is just one of many women who have mentioned that the sensation is like nothing they have ever felt. Experience it for yourself!

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