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The Satisfyer Pro 2 is different from most clitoral stimulating toys. Though it bears a remarkable resemblance to one standout – the Womanizer. That’s an important part of this review. Because the Satisfyer Pro 2 is an obvious adaptation of the Womanizer. That said, it’s not an inferior product. And in a few ways, some women may prefer it. Let’s take an in-depth look at this women’s adult toy and explore whether it’s right for you.

How Sex Toys Help

Women masturbate. That’s been proven in study after study. Perhaps we don’t do it with the frequency that men do. But masturbation is a common, natural, enjoyable activity for many of us. And it’s a good thing we engage in it. Science says women experience more stress than men. Happily, sexual pleasure is good for us. It can help reduce stress, ease tension, and help us sleep better. It makes us feel healthier, improves our mood, and even boots our powers of concentration. Take that, stress!

Time constraints, difficulty achieving orgasm, and enhanced pleasure are some of the reasons that we turn to sexual aids and toys during self-pleasuring sessions. Many heterosexual women don’t easily climax during penetrative sex. The numbers vary, but as many as half of us need more than that. And for all sexual orientations, clitoral stimulation helps more woman achieve orgasm. This makes toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2 a popular option. This sex toy can enhance your pleasure both while you’re alone and during sessions with a partner. It provides the clitoral stimulation that many women need to achieve orgasm. Plus, it feels wonderful, and it’s fun!

Buyer Considerations

When choosing a vibrator, we need to look a few things:

  • Will you be using your new toy alone, with a partner, or in both situations?
  • What type of stimulation are you looking for – clitoral, g-spot, penetration? What feels more pleasurable to you?
  • What do reviewers say about the toy you’re considering?
  • Does the manufacturer have a solid reputation?
  • How much are you willing to spend? I understand that price is a concern, but don’t skimp on such an important purchase. And don’t forget where you’ll be using this product. Buy quality!

So, now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s see how the Satisfyer Pro 2 measures up.

What is the Satisfyer Pro?

Before diving in, we need to talk about this name, right? Because I feel like the people behind the Satisfyer really missed an opportunity here. You can see they opted for an unusual spelling. So, why didn’t they fully commit and call it the SatisfyHer Pro 2? I googled it. That name isn’t already taken. It’s a mystery to me. But let’s push past that and get into what this innovative toy is and how it performs.

Pro 2 Vibration - Gold

Pro 2 Vibration - Gold



Meet the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. Nevermind cloud 9, the new vibration function will take you to cloud 9000 in a matter of minutes. Featuring...

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 looks a little like that light the doctor shines into your ears. But that’s where the resemblance ends. It’s offered in a rose gold hue and includes a removable skin-friendly silicone head. Its 6.5-inch ergonomic body is made from ABS plastic. The Pro 2 is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and it comes with a USB magnetic charging cable. A full charge lasts 30 minutes.

Negative air pressure and pulsations are the driving force behind this toy. The Womanizer was a pioneer in this field. But since its introduction in 2014, other manufacturers have designed many other clitoral stimulators that use this technology. That’s the case with the Pro 2. Offered at a lower price point, this toy is accessible to more women.

The Pro 2 is designed to stimulate your clitoris without touching it. Instead, you place the large head of the toy over your clitoris and pulsating waves of air deliver pleasure. Happy users have compared the sensation to cunnilingus. Use it with or without oil-based lube, based on your personal preference. The design and pulsating action create suction to keep the toy in place. Though some reviewers state they sometimes must reposition the Pro 2 during use. This may be an issue if you move around a lot while being stimulated, which I believe is common. The pulsating action is very effective in driving orgasm. And it works fast, often delivering multiple orgasms during one session.

As a waterproof toy, you can use it in the tub for more variety. With eleven levels of air wave pulsations, this toy is primed to take you by storm. The original version only had one mode button. So, users were unable to change the intensity levels during use. This required some experimentation to learn what worked best. That way you could choose the right setting before starting to play. The new version (Next Generation) is outfitted with a button that allows you to increase and decrease the intensity levels during use. It’s a smart and necessary upgrade that makes this toy even better. The upgrade also made the Pro 2 quieter.

The Pro 2 has earned many accolades. Most recently it was named a 2019 German Design Award Nominee. Plus, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Shape magazines have all raved about the Pro 2. It’s a popular toy for solo use. Some couples add it to their lovemaking, but users say it can be difficult to accommodate partner use.

What Women are Saying About the Pro 2

Pro 2 Next Generation

Pro 2 Next Generation



The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clitoral vibrator is an improved take on Satisfyer's best-selling sex toy. Waterproof, rechargeable, and...

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You can’t try before you buy with sex toys. So, user reviews take on more significance. The Satisfyer Pro 2 has 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 680 reviews on a popular reviews site. The Pro 2, Next Generation, merits 3.9 out of 5 starts, with 1,155 reviews.

The top complaint here is durability. Most of the unhappy reviewers claim the toy stopped working after very few uses. But it’s important to note that the majority of these users said it was great while it worked. Some customers also state that this vibrator is loud. But for the women who like the Satisfyer Pro 2, they’re very effusive in their praise. Essentially, they’re simply raving about how wonderful it feels. Some examples:

  • “Best new toy I have ever bought.”
  • “Always gets the job done.”
  • “Every woman needs one.”
  • “Best ever!”
  • “OMG!”

The 1-star and 2-star reviews for the Satisfyer Pro 2 make up just over a quarter of the total reviews. Happy users who gave it 4- and 5-stars account for 64% of the reviews. So, you need to weigh the cost versus value. Overall, users agree that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is effective and gratifying. But for at least 25% of those customers, the pleasure was short-lived. You may need to plan for frequent replacements. The positive and negative review breakdown for the Pro 2, Next Generation, is a bit more in favor of the toy.

What About the Competition?

With thousands of sex toys on the market, you have a lot of choice in pleasure aids. Take a quick look at three top Satisfyer Pro 2 competitors.


This is the original – the first clitoral stimulator to use pressured air waves for stimulation. It comes in a variety of styles that feature between four and 12 intensity speeds. And it’s waterproof. It boasts excellent battery life and comes with a replacement silicone head. This makes it a more durable option than the Satisfyer Pro 2. Reviews are exceptional. But you do get what you pay for. And you will pay more for the Womanizer Pro W500. Review five Womanizer styles on our site.

Sona by Lelo

Sonic wave stimulators are all the rage, and the Sona is on board. It offers good battery range and is also a waterproof option. It’s a quality product with eight pleasure settings and a firm tip. The pleasure builds slowly with the Sona, so your sessions are longer. Overall, it gets the job done at a fair price. See more features of the Sona by Lelo, available in three colors.

Queen Bee by Hot Octopuss

This toy is an excellent clitoral stimulator for beginners. It has six different vibrating patterns at various speeds. Easy placement offers broad stimulation around your clitoral area. It’s user-friendly and not too intense for most users. Check out the sturdy, waterproof Queen Bee more closely.

Why You Should Buy

For clitoral stimulation and pleasure, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great choice. It will help you reach orgasm, and happy users rave about its dynamic effects. One downside is the less-than-reliable lifespan. If you plan to use your toy often, this could be a drawback. But the price is low. So, consider purchasing two or three to ensure you always have a back-up. With numerous positive reviews and multiple awards, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is likely to please most users seeking clitoral stimulation in a sex aid. It’s a smart buy for tantalizing fun. Learn more about acquiring a Pro 2 here.

Try the Satisfyer Pro 2

Want to give the Satisfyer Pro 2 a run? Get it on our website. You’ll enjoy great savings and our shopping guarantee. We offer excellent value for the lowest prices. And we’re proud to be a part of your journey to sexual freedom, health, and pleasure!


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