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I’m sure you’ve heard couples complain over and over about how the passion in their relationship has simply died, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether straight or gay, introducing the right toy can be an exceptional way to light the flame in a relationship that’s gone flaccid.

#1 Prostate Massagers

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship

Give him the most intense and pleasurable orgasm he’s ever had with a Prostate Massager. His P-spot is his ultimate pleasure zone and with just the right stimulation from a new prostate massager, you’ll melt his boxer briefs right off.

#2 Double Dildos

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, a Double Dildo is an exciting addition to your collection, allowing both parties to be pleased simultaneously. Brands like Pico Bong by LELO have a collection of specially engineered double-ended toys, like the “Transformer” (above) with an individual motor in each end, sending simultaneous pulsations of pleasure through each shaft. After all, two is better than one, am I right?

#3 C-Rings

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship

One of our favorite toys that is great for couples of all sexual orientations is the C-Ring. Made to comfortably restrict blood flow to the penis, this nifty little toy will make his erection harder and last longer. For lesbian couples, this can be used on a strap-on for added sensation or wrapped around 3 fingers and used as a finger vibrator.

#4 Penis Pumps

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship

With regular use, penis pumps have been proven to not only increase length and girth, but also to lead to increased sexual satisfaction overall. Pumps are great for achieving an instant erection that typically lasts longer and stays harder than a natural erection. And who doesn’t want improved performance, increased stamina, as well as a few extra inches to help boost self-esteem and overall confidence?

#5 Anal Toys for Him & Her

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship
Re-ignite the Passion in Your Gay Relationship

Anal play is becoming increasingly more popular among both same sex as well as heterosexual couples. With safety in mind, anal play can be very fun and exciting and has also proven to be extremely pleasurable for couples of all sexes. A great way to begin getting accustomed to this world is by checking out our selection of anal toys for him and for her. Start by experimenting with a prostate massager for him, a double penetration dildo for her, or a vibrating butt plug for both!


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