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Pride is at an all time high. 

And let’s just say… It’s about time. 

However, society’s recent increase in support, acceptance and advocacy of the queer community is just the start. True equality is still far off…

And this is where organizations like Queers for a Cause come in. 

Offering proud, fun and safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, Queers for a Cause is committed to dismantling hatred, bigotry, harassment, racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism. In fact, they have zero tolerance for these ideologies and behaviors. 

It is through this mission and position that Queers for a Cause is able to focus on creating safe queer spaces where acceptance and validity are abundant. 

Furthermore, their investment in the LGBTQ+ community does not stop at community support. Every month, Queers for a Cause chooses an LGBTQ+ organization to sponsor. They donate half of their monthly proceeds to the selected organization. This ensures that their support is dispersed and distributed to various influential organizations. 

Founded by and for queers, Queers for a Cause is an organization that should be on your radar… and on your feed. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed about events, news, and community updates. 

But for now, you can kickstart your support by familiarizing yourself with what this pivotal organization is all about. 

Here’s the rundown: 

Community Events 

Safe, fun and comfortable spaces for the LGBTQ+ community are hard to find. Queers for Cause acknowledged this from the very beginning, and responded actionably. 

Today, they hosts events that are intended to be safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people. The goal is for queer folk to come together, find comfort in community, make friends and fundraise.

Their events are delightfully diverse. In the past, Queers for a Cause have hosted dance events (both in person and virtually), park gatherings, trivia events, community clean ups, art events and more. 

You can learn more about what upcoming events are on the calendar here

The Queers for a Cause Blog 

The Queers for a Cause blog is an insightful and inspirational read for LGBTQ+ people and allies alike. The topics featured in the blog include:

  • Queer media representation
  • Dating and relationships
  • Queer lifestyle
  • Politics
  • Local events
  • Educational information on sexualities and gender expression
  • And more…

Feature Fridays 

Feature Fridays are a Queers for a Cause special, showcasing local queer creators and their talent. By highlighting queer artists, writers, musicians, activists and trainers, Feature Fridays are a collective effort to shine light on LGBTQ+ talent and to connect artists. 

Queers for a Cause: Cause of the Month 

Every month, Queers for a Cause donates half of their proceeds to a designated LGBTQ+ organization. 

This month, their Cause of the Month is the Queer South Asian Women’s (QSAW) Network, an organization committed to empowering, connecting and enhancing a sense of belonging amongst LGBTQ+ South Asian folk. 

Alyy Patel, founder and executive director of the QSAW Network, created the organization in 2019. They were brought to action upon noticing a lack of community for Queer South Asian people. Today, the QSAW Network’s main focus is to reclaim queerness and gender while simultaneously refusing white colonialism assimilation. 

Offering workshops and activities for a thriving online community, the QSAW Network is creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. In these spaces, queer folk can explore sexuality and gender in whatever ways feel most natural, labels aside.

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