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Ella Paradis Satisfyer Pro 2

Just got the Satisfyer Pro 2? Let’s run through how it works!

Let’s go over how to: 

  • Power on and off your product
  • Increase speed and intensity, decrease speed and intensity
  • Where you can find the charger

Now, keep in mind, every product will be different in terms of location and settings, as well as where the charger can be found. This specific product (Satisfyer Pro 2) has the on and off as the same button, speed increase and intensity increase(+), decrease and intensity decrease (-), so you’re looking for the plus, the minus, and the circle.

For this specific product all you have to do is press the “ON” button once, and the product (Satisfyer Pro 2) turns on. Please note, not all products will be like this. Some, you will have to hold the on button for three to five seconds. This means that the product (adult sex toy) has a travel lock. This designates the product is safe to travel with and WON’T randomly turn on.

Now let’s go ahead and turn the product on – as you can hear the product is now pulsating. Increase intensity (with plus sign +), and no we’re going to decrease intensity (minus sign -).

Now to turn the product back off, we’ll go ahead and hold the “ON” button down and the light will go off. Now when you’re needing to charge the product, this one specifically (Satisfyer Pro 2) has the two prongs that will be placed right on the charger.
Again, this is the Satisfyer Pro 2 at (Ella Paradis)

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