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Top 7 Tips For Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

You want to take sexy pictures. That’s great! You can increase your self-confidence. You can even make money selling nude selfies!

It can seem daunting to take sexy photos, especially if it’s your first time. The following tips will help you get that sexy selfie even if it’s your first time.

If you are sexting your partner, there is no reason to be self-conscious about sending that photo. You might even discover you are more photogenic than you thought. It can also be fun to come up with nude ideas.

1.) Flatter with Sexy Angles

There are many ways to take naked selfies that will increase your self-confidence and make your man smile! Angles are extremely important. All photos do not have to be taken straight on. It is possible to take the photo from either the side, above, or below. Even better, you could take it from behind you while looking in a mirror. You can capture your reflection to get more angles.

If you are looking for something more artistic, try a photo of your shadow in an erotic pose.

Even the most beautiful woman can make awkward or unattractive poses. Take a look at those double-chin photos. The unflattering image results from looking down at your camera. You can also show off your bosom by looking straight ahead or up.

Similar to the above, taking photos too high will make you appear smaller and wider.Closeups are not to be avoided. Even if you aren’t in it, the angle of your hips or the swelling of your butt makes for great photos. This will make it impossible for people to recognize you from your selfie. Before you take a selfie, practice framing the parts of your body you love.

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Flattering Angles | Step 1 For Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

2.) Choose Your Pose

When taking nude selfies, it can be difficult to figure out how to pose.

One thing you don’t want to do when posing for nudes is make it seem forced. You will see it in your photo. We know what we mean when our “photo smile” is not natural to our natural smile. Don’t force yourself to be uncomfortable just because you feel the need to sexually posing. It’s not sexy! It can also be dangerous.

Try these erotic poses instead and pair them with our Sexy, Sweet & Everything In Between Straight & Curvy Size Lingerie:

Red Carpet – This is the classic red carpet pose. Place one hand on your hip and turn your head away from the camera. Then, look over your shoulder. This will flatter your face as well as your body.
Lie down – We love the position where you lie on your stomach and your knees behind you on the bed. This is a fun and sexy way to flatter your breasts.
Lay Back – To lengthen your legs, you can lean against the wall with your heels to stretch your legs. You can either let your hair fall around you or bend your neck to look at the camera from an upside-down position.


When you take a selfie, your posture will also improve. Imagine you are holding a lemon between your shoulder blades to improve your posture. You will find your shoulders retracted while pushing your chest forward. You can also arch your back to create a more romantic boudoir photo.

If you are concerned about your stomach, bend your leg to cover it. A similar pose can be used to show off boots or shoes. To make your footwear the focal point of your photograph, bring your knees up to your chest.

To give your hands something to do while standing in photos, reach toward your shoulders. You can also play with hair.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential with the camera. It will feel like you are looking directly at your man when he sees the picture.It is a good idea to view the camera through the lens, instead of just looking at it.

Eye contact is not required for some photos. Some photos are beautiful even if you don’t have eyes in the shot.

Poses for The Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis
Highlighting Your Jaw

Extend your jaw outwards from your neck to highlight your jaw. This can be done by tilting your chin down. You can flatter your face by looking sideways, backwards or forwards over your shoulder. This is especially useful when you smile! Alternately, you can tilt your head to one side and place your shoulder closer to the camera.

Sometimes it may take some time to perfect the poses. Even if you are disappointed in the first few photos, don’t stress. You are both the model and the photographer when you take a selfie. This can cause you to become anxious as you try and position your body and camera simultaneously.

You can take a few moments to relax your body and include your mouth. As you press the shutter button, think of something funny.

Your Mirror is Your Friend for Sexy Selfies

To help you get it right, you could pose in front the mirror. Practice makes perfect, no matter what you are learning to flirt or how to take sexy selfies.

Although it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking the same selfies every time, this can lead to photos that are less interesting or unique than you would like. Don’t be afraid of mixing it up. You might find that your partner will appreciate something different if you have sent him more than just a few photos.

These are only a few ideas for selfies. You can look through the portfolios and boudoir photographers for inspiration on how to take sexy mirror selfies. You can also look through your photos to find the best angle for you, and then take a selfie with it!

3.) Use Tools

If you only have one hand to hold a phone or camera, some of these poses may be challenging. Modern cameras have a countdown mode and a front-facing lens that makes it easy to take selfies without having to compromise your artistic ideas.

Before taking a picture, ensure that your camera is on a stable surface. A case with a kickstand is useful if you’re using your phone for a selfie. A tripod is useful for taking selfies. You can buy small tripods to use with your smartphone for as low as $10!

These tools are particularly useful when you want to take a full-body photo. It’s easy to get awkward poses and photos when trying to show your entire body while taking selfies or looking in the mirror. If your phone’s selfie camera isn’t capable of taking quality photos, a stand may be an option. A countdown timer is a great way to prepare for your event.It is important to remember that you should be able to hold your camera while taking a nice nude.

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The Needed Tools To Taking A Selfie | 7 Tips for The Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

4.) The Right Lighting

Professional photographers always have a portable light source handy, even when the sun is shining overhead. It is a standard in the industry. Even though you don’t likely have thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you can still make the most of what you have.

You have many options for how to play with light in a sexy selfie…

Take photos at different times throughout the day. The natural light almost always looks flattering on the subject of a photograph! You can either lean against a window, or just sit down and let the light wash in.

You should also check the lighting in your photos. Different rooms will have different levels of brightness and light. You should move so that the light source hits your face from different angles. To find the best light angle in any room, all you have to do is turn in a complete circular motion. Avoid shadows below or around your eyes. They can be unflattering and harsh.

Also try taking some provocative photos when you’re on vacation with a new view for your lovers eyes only.  Pack along some of our Travel Approved Essentials & Must Haves too.

It’s possible to be more creative by using soft candlelight, string lights or decorative lights. Our Sweet Orgasm Scented Candle is absolutely perfect to set the mood for a sexy selfie photoshoot. For more creative images, you can change the light source that lights your selfies. Be wary of flash. Although it is useful even in daylight, it can cause you to look unflattering and harsh. This can be overcome by having enough ambient light so that you don’t have to use the flash.

Perfect Lighting Is Key | Tips For Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

5.) Sparingly Use Filters & Photo Editing Software

It’s not a good idea to try to imitate someone in your photos. It’s a smart idea to use a filter that makes colors pop or brightens up clouds when you take selfies.

Most cameras have the option to capture in black and white or sepia. This can produce a cool artistic effect. Don’t do it too often.  This is a great time to incorporate some BDSM and Bondage toys into your sexy selfie. The bottom line –  Your photos shouldn’t undergo extensive editing/Photoshopping. You don’t have to smooth every wrinkle and blemish. Those imperfections are part of who you are, and that’s why you love your man!

All-Natural Is Perfect | Tips for Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

6.) Get Involved With Your Partner

To make it easier for you to create the perfect photo, ask your partner to help. This will allow you to relax and increase intimacy. How? He can choose the clothes, poses, and props that you will wear in the photo.

He might not be able to help you if your question is too broad, but you can offer him options. You can let him choose between two types of lingerie (check out our lingerie under $25) or send photos of each to him so he can decide which one he likes. You can also describe props that you might use or pose with, including sex toys (we recommend our Better Love Tap Dancer™).The photo you send to him will then be personalized.

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Get Your Partner Involved | Tips for Hottest Selfies | Ella Paradis

7.) Look Beyond the Photos

These tips have been focused on selfies which are static images. However, there are animated options. You can, for example, record a video, and then send it over to your favorite messaging app. You can also use the native video options offered by the app. You can record videos as short as 10 seconds on Snapchat and as long at 60 seconds on Instagram.

Looking Beyond The Photos | Ella Paradis

You might also want to look into dedicated apps like Boomerang by Instagram. Boomerang from Instagram will combine multiple photos to create a video which displays both forward and backward. You may be able to stitch together photos and edit videos with your phone.

We hope these tips will help you take sexy selfies!

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