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Five new positions and tips to ring in the New Year with fireworks

Whether you’re catching New Year’s fireworks this year or not, you can still start off 2022 with a bang. How? Read on!

Regardless of if you’re in a sex slump or have been going strong in 2021, anyone can use a few new ideas to shake things up in the bedroom. According to a 2010 study, when couples report lower sexual satisfaction in their relationships, it contributes 50-70% to their overall relational satisfaction. Sex plays a more significant role than just providing pleasure, which is all the more reason to spice up how you’re having it. 

It’s easy to get into a sex routine after being in a relationship for some time. And, if you’re like many people, the pandemic may have played a role in how often you are having sex or your excitement about it. 

You don’t need to hit gymnastic-level flexibility or aerobics to try new positions (but if doing it in a handstand is your thing, go ahead!) If you’re shaking up your sex routine or trying to ring in the New Year with a bang, check out these suggestions to spice up your sex life–you deserve it; it’s been a year!

Add a vibrator! Yep, even with partnered sex 

It’s a myth that vibrators are only used for solo play or people with vulvas. Vibrators can enhance stimulation for anyone, anywhere that they see fit. 

Looking for ideas? For partners with a penis: use a vibrator to stimulate the balls, perineum (the area behind the scrotum), or tip of the penis. These areas are sensitive, so make sure to start slowly and on a low setting! There are also vibrating cock rings to amp up sensation during penetration or hand jobs. 

You can also gear up a vibrator in any position that calls for more direct clitoral stimulation, like doggie-style or legs-over-shoulders. 

Do it standing up 

Stand-up sex can allow for more spontaneity and experimenting with different power dynamics. For starters, one partner standing and the other on their knees makes for hot oral.

If you’re new to stand-up sex, you can try facing your back to your partner and bending over for penetrative sex or hand sex. 

You can also face your partner, lift one leg, and hold on to them while you’re doing the do. To add a power exchange, tie the standing partner’s hands behind their back and tease them as you see fit (with their consent, of course.)

Do it somewhere new

Sometimes routine sex can start to feel monotonous: go to the bedroom, close the door, choose from 1-3 sex positions, and race to orgasm. If your sex goes anything like this, you might consider changing up your location. Changing your perspective can help break up routine sex and make it feel new and exciting again. And, you can access any of these ideas right from home. There’s nothing that says “I want you” quite like, I want you anywhere

Untapped and underrated places to have sex:

  • Kitchen counter

Slide over kitchen appliances, and either lay down or have one partner sit on the counter and the other partner use their mouth, fingers, or a penis (if they have one) for teasing or penetration. 

  • Shower

There’s something so sexy about seeing your partner dripping wet as you have sex. You might add a non-slip bathmat to the mix for safety. Heat up foreplay by angling the showerhead to your partner’s genitals. Try shower sex standing up or sitting on the floor as the water cascades down you and your boo. 

  • Floor

Having sex on the floor can inspire new positions and more intimacy. Pro tip: make it more comfortable by adding a yoga mat, comforter, or pillows. Try floor sex while spooning with candles, ideally by a fireplace if you have one! The big spoon can stimulate their partner either through penetration, fingers, or a toy. 

  • Couch

The couch is as good a place as any to shake up your sex routine. Do it seated, laying down, or with one partner seated and the other on their knees. Better pause that Netflix show!

  • In front of a mirror

Mirror sex can be a major turn-on and show you new angles of your partner’s body, and may inspire new positions. Fresh out of the shower? Aim for the bathroom counter. The visual element of watching you and your partner have sex can add a whole other layer of eroticism. 

Explore new erogenous zones 

Instead of racing to orgasm, take more time warming up and exploring new erogenous zones. You can use a finger, your tongue, or a feather to play around with what type of touch feels good. Couples often find themselves in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again. There is always somewhere new to become curious about. Plus, sensation and what feels good can change over time. Try spending more time exploring your partner’s nipples, ears, buttocks, lower abdomen, perineum, or lower back. 

You can explore new erogenous zones either during foreplay or sex. Pay attention to any sensations you may experience, and make sure to communicate with your partner about what feels good. 

Reverse cowgirl

Ever found you can orgasm alone but not with a partner? Reverse cowgirl is an optimal position to try if you’ve ever struggled with coming during partnered sex. 

For the partner on top, turn around (yep, that’s the reverse part), ride your partner, and feel free to stimulate your clit with a vibe or your fingers. There doesn’t need to be penetration during reverse cowgirl (but there can be.) It can be hot for the partner on the bottom to watch the back of the partner on top, knowing they are up to something naughty. 

As always, start slow and warm up before sex. Before trying something new, make sure to check in with your partner! Wishing you a happy, healthy, and sexy New Year. 

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