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womanizer premium

The future is here.

Or, at least it is for your clit

Clitoral stimulation experts Womanizer have just released two exciting new models, the Womanizer Premium and the Womanizer Classic. Meant to phase out their current line-up by the end of the year, each still use Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology® but have been updated with an intuitive and minimalistic interface, more ergonomic design, and a pair of innovative new features that are changing the clit game.

The first is called Autopilot. This feature creates a more relaxing and pleasurable experience for users by gradually increasing the toy’s intensity level on its own, without the user having to lift a finger. Instead of having to take themselves out of the action by fiddling with controls, users can sit back, relax and concentrate on the sensation without having to think about when the suction and pulsation will get stronger. In fact, not knowing exactly when the sensation will increase can be kind of a thrill — it can feel a whole lot more natural and intuitive when there’s an element of surprise.

Womanizer has also outfitted their newest products with a new feature called Smart Silence. This function keeps the toy from turning on unless it’s near the body, meaning you can’t accidentally turn it on when you’re not trying to and it won’t make any jarring, “bird stuck in an engine” noises that might interfere with the mood.

new womanizer premium

The beautifully designed Womanizer Premium is fully loaded with both Autopilot and Smart Silence. The strongest of Womanizer’s products yet, the Premium has 12 new intensity levels that clock in at a softer first level and more powerful max level than its predecessor, the Womanizer Pro W500. Pleasure Air Technology® aims to pleasure with an intense sensation derived from a highly effective combination of purring pulsation and suction that shudders and quakes on the clit. A much different sensation than traditional vibration, the Premium offers a feeling that’s less “buzzy” and more akin to suckling; almost like oral sex with the addition of a powerful, fluttering motor. Additionally, while many vibrators can cause temporary numbness or loss of sensation, clit stimulators like the Premium keep the clit sensitive and responsive by providing touch-free stimulation.

Perfect for folks who like intensity, are having trouble orgasming with vibrators or who just want to try something new and effective, the Premium is the industry’s most innovative cream of the crop for clit.

new womanizer classic

Meanwhile, the Classic is Womanizer’s new introductory clit stimulator. Meant to replace the gentler, more beginner friendly Pro 40, the Classic also uses Pleasure Air Technology® to touchlessly tease and pulsate the clit a level that rides the line sweet spot between a light touch and “HOLY S#!T.” A medium-strength, mid-range option for the clitorally inclined, it’s about as intense as the Pro 40 but much better looking and more ergonomically designed.

While the Classic doesn’t come with Autopilot, it is equipped with Smart Silence, meaning it’ll stay quiet and discreet until it’s near your body. Even then, the Classic has been intentionally redesigned to be quieter than its earlier cousins.

Both the Premium and the Classic are submersible and come with soft, plush silicone heads for comfort and safety. Cleaning them is easy — just twist the head off the toy and clean it with a toy cleaner, mild soap and water, or throw it in the dishwasher because you’re worth it.

As always, Womanizer promises an orgasm in four minutes or less with all their toys, but with the Premium and Classic’s updated tech, you may not even have to wait that long.

womanizer premium

Isabelle Kohn
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