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New Age Vibrations

Meet Pearl a new-age, technologically advanced G-spot vibrator designed to satisfy your most adventurous needs. You can have an evening of solo-play or an intimate experience with your partner online. However you choose to indulge, Pearl will take your breath away. Pearl has a smooth silicone body and gentle G-spot curve designed for your pleasure. A single multi-functional button gives you the power to easily switch between modes and features 9 vibration modes for solo play. Kiiroo Pearl contains capacitive touch technology, this means that the surface of Pearl senses your movements. You can use this for solo sessions or to send and receive pleasure from a partnered device. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to Kiiroo’s secure video chat platform or app. When you connect with Onyx, the patented pleasure core will move in sync with your motions and your partner will feel every stroke. Your partner can use the touch pad on Onyx to control the speed and pattern of your Pearl’s vibrations. When you connect to Pearl, you will control the speed and pattern of your partner’s vibration with every stroke. Experiment with your partner to learn how they like to be pleasured and discover the most exhilarating ways to reach climax together.

The future of vibrations is finally here, are you ready to be a part of this new pleasure movement? Try one today!

New Age Vibrations
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