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Whoever said you have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day has never explored UR Pleasure possibilities at Ella Paradis. Heck! We might even argue that you get to have more fun when you’re single on February 14th. At the very least, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s pleasure except your own – and that alone is worth celebrating. Here are some Ur Pleasuretoys to turn this Valentine’s Day into a toe-curling experience, with or without a partner.

Treat Yourself to Tantalizing “Touch” with the Womanizer Plus

Forget the need for a man’s or woman’s touch! When you have the Womanizer Plus, you really don’t need anyone else to make your toes curl. These touch-less stimulators will give you all the thunderous sensations you need without the irritation and friction that comes from other devices. And as soon as you realize that the Womanizer Plus feels like you’re receiving oral sex, you’ll never want to stop – and now you don’t have to!


Gift Yourself with The Best Gift Of All – A UR Pleasure Box for Her

With everyone else receiving flowers and neatly wrapped boxes of chocolates, Valentine’s Day can really start to suck. But, who said you can’t give yourself a gift – and a gift that’s much better than flowers that’ll dry up in a couple of days and chocolates that go against your New Year’s resolutions? It’s all about self-love, girl! Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.

The UR Pleasure Box for her is perfect for all the single ladies out there. The box arrives in a premium gift box and comes with all the pleasure and essentials you need for a night full of self-care and self-pleasure. Think massage candles, lace panties, We-Vibe Tango vibrator, and so much more.

Schedule a Class with The Sexiest Personal Sex Fitness Trainer

Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day? That’s completely okay! Hit up the gym… in between the sheets… with the revolutionary, Gballs 2 Kegel toys. This unique adult toy comes with access to an app that acts as your very own personal sex fitness coach. Treat yourself to personalized coaching, comprehensive training courses, daily goals, virtual progress report and a reward system. But of course, the best reward of all comes when you finally get to put those new kegel muscles into action.

Layer Up in Self-Love with a New Lingerie Set

You don’t need a partner to enjoy all the good feelings that come with purchasing a new, sexy lingerie set. So, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Buy a promiscuous lingerie set and wear it for no one else but you! Light some candles, make up a warm bath, enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries, pop a bottle of champagne and cheers to you! You deserve it.

See! You don’t need to be in love with anyone else other than yourself this Valentine’s Day. It’s about time you took the time to cater to all of UR Pleasure needs and deepest desires. So, head on over to Ella Paradis and stock up on some self-love adult toys and being “lonely” is that last thing that’ll be on your mind February 14th.

Chantal McCulligh
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