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The heat of passion is in the air, just as the winters are all set to depart. Valentine’s Day 2020 is not far away. Valentine’s Day is not merely a symbolic date reflecting the human sense of love. Rather, it is a chance to unite with your partner, make them feel special, indulge in the steam of passion, let go of your inhibitions in bed and bathe in passion. Yes, ‘sensual’ is the key here, dear friend. There are no feelings without intimacy, and no intimacy without feelings. However, you can go a notch higher and enhance the quality of sex life for yourself and your partner with the use of sex toys, and there is no better time than this Valentine’s Day!

In fact, according to a recent survey we conducted of 1,589 adults, 55.5% of respondents say they plan on using a sex toy this Valentine’s Day. With more than half of the population saying yes to sex toys this Valentine’s Day, we figured we should help everyone out by rounding up our favorite couples’ toys for some hot, passionate sex!

Here are the top ‘Must-haves’ for a sensual Valentine’s Day with your partner in 2020.

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator

Yes, she deserves those mind-blowing shivering orgasms that make her clench her fists and quiver her legs! Achieve that every single time with the Satisfyer Pro 2 C-spot stimulator. Designed with highly sophisticated medical grade technology, this stimulator is boasts touch-free clitoris sucking function powered by pressure waves. Its 11 intensity levels and ultra-quiet ‘whisper’ mode make it the perfect gift for her in bed!

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My Body Blooms Remote Control Panty Vibrator by Fifty Shades of Grey

Ever thought of taking your intimate moments to a whole ‘new’ and ‘daring’ level! Sure, when you make her wear these panties while traveling, or in a public place, you are going to make her feel stars and moons. The panties are made of high-quality satin and sport a universal fitting- thanks to its classy ribbons. The vibrator is super comfortable (and naughty) with 8 vibrator patterns and 12 intensity speeds. The woman can go solo if she wants, or can give you the sleek and discrete remote control in your hands to tease her until she is wet and wild. It is a perfect gift for travel, and a perfect couples’ toy for Valentines.

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Principles of Lust Couples’ Bondage Kit

Ah! the age-old and evergreen bondage paradigm between the couples. There is something about dominating and/or submitting to your partner in the bed. Be it a man or a woman, this bondage kit ticks the pulse of many people’s inner primitive beast. Principles of Lust is a couples’ bondage kit by Fifty Shades of Grey. A complete kinky treat with blind fold, silky cuffs, finger vibrator, cock ring and teasing tickler, this gift is going to give you the best sex of life. Rock your valentine in the bed with love, bitterness, submissiveness, dominance, and a little bit of everything for ultimate pleasure.

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Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator By Fifty Shades of Grey

As the name suggests, if you or your girl have the hots for wild and rocking sex, this is the toy to set everyone’s mood. Sporting a classic design, this Rabbit-style Grey Greedy Girl Vibrator is on the America’s best-seller list for a reason. The reason being- Give every girl the pleasure she deserves. Its 2 powerful motors (one to vibrate the pussy canal and the other to stimulate the clit) achieve this effortlessly. The material used is soft silicone and it is fully waterproof. Its 8 pleasure intensity levels are always eager to please your senses and give you blinding orgasms.

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MATCH Couples’ Vibrator by We-Vibe 

Every partner has the desire to please the other one with intense pleasure during every intimate encounter. For couples in any kind of relationship, the desire to ‘give’ is often surpassed by the desire to ‘take.’ MATCH by WE-Vibe has been designed for such couples. Ever thought of making her ‘scream with pleasure’ in bed? MATCH’s 10 distinct patterns and intensity speeds will help you do the same. But, be careful- she might never be able to forget the encounters with you in bed after this! Your partner will keep asking for more and more every day. Such is the power of Match by We-Vibe.

Spice this year’s Valentine’s with the perfect adult toy. Give your partner the ultimate gift of pleasure that nature intended to! Stay awesome!

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