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Being a momma is a rewarding, yet challenging adventure.

Whether you are a mom to a newborn or chaperoning a coalition of teenagers, chances are your self-care game is far from blossoming.

With so much on your plate and rare moments of peace and quiet, it can be difficult to make time for you… especially when it comes to your love life. To all the mothers who have put pleasure in the backseat, this is your sign to broaden your definition of self-care to include more than wine, a face mask and a bath…

Mommas, it’s time to add sex to the list.

Partner or no partner, we’ve got the tips, tricks and toys that you need to turn up the heat in the sheets.

1. Don’t wait around…

Motherhood never slows down. Not until the kids are out of the house.

If you have children running around the halls of your home, you know that time just evaporates.

You may catch yourself waiting for the perfect moment to lock the door and spend some quality time with your lover. Or maybe you plan for a late-night break with your boo once the kids are asleep, only to find one of you is too exhausted at the end of the day.

Whatever keeps you from fitting sex into your schedule, remember that you are not dependent on a partner to bring you satisfaction.

Moms, you take matters into your own hands every day. From feeding hungry babies and changing diapers to supporting your children in school and arranging family time, you are no stranger to making things happen. So don’t wait around for your partner to match your sexual enthusiasm. If you are feeling frisky and on fire, focus on you when your next free moment strikes.

Don’t have a toy in that nightstand? Let’s get on that.

Vibrators for Women

Make sure your vulva is in good company and introduce her to a toy of your choice. From rabbit vibrators to remote control vibrators, your options are endless in the world of gyrating figurines.

So do yourself a favor and browse the largest selection of premier vibrators for women.

Clitoral Stimulator

A clitoral stimulator is a device aimed at — you guessed it — the clitoris. They are one of the most popular sex toys for women, and for good reason.

Many cannot climax without clitoral stimulation and these bridge the gap, making it possible to orgasm each time. They’re good for both masturbation and couples’ playtime.

Each clitoral vibrator has a buzzing, or vibrating, mechanism that stimulates the bundle of nerves. Many of these toys also come with several vibrating or pulsating patterns to satisfy a wide range of users.

Explore the world of clitoral stimulation and find the toy that will make you buzz.

Anal Toys for Beginners

Despite the stigma that often comes with anal play, the back door is just the spot to deliver a new kind of pleasure.

If you have yet to play around in this area, it is always a good idea to start with a toy. Don’t get caught up in the broader selection of anal toys… if you are a newbie, chances are plenty of the toys out there will be quite daunting.

There are numerous anal toys for beginners that will allow you to ease into this kind of play.

Start small and go from there…

2. Spice things up.

Who said sex life as a mom has to be boring?

Sexual exploration doesn’t have to stop once you have a kid in the crib. Have a conversation with your partner about spicing things up in the bedroom and see where things go.

Maybe you try new positions or open your mind to role play? Maybe you welcome a toy into the mix, or many toys…

Here are the momma’s favorites:

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

Meet the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. Featuring an optimized larger tip, 10 modes of vibration, and 11 levels of pressure wave intensity, Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration is the upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. 

Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibe Vibrator 

Looking for an intense climax with all thrills and no frills? Offering fantastic pleasure with every use, the Better Love Lily Vibe rabbit vibrator has the basics more than covered, featuring everything you’d ever need in a vibrating sex toy. Rechargeable, waterproof, and outright incredible, this is one toy that belongs in anyone and everyone’s collection.

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise 

Explore the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise today and experience the magic of cruise control and suction clitoral stimulation. This toy is waterproof, made of Sensonic Material and features Sonic Wave stimulation. 

3. Be flexible.

To revive your sex life as a busy mom, it is important that you maintain flexibility and manage your expectations.

While “managing your expectations” may sound like a bore already, it can be the difference between feeling unfilled and joyfully satisfied.

If you are rigid with your schedule and set expectations to share an intimate moment with your partner (or yourself) at a certain time, you may feel let down if something comes up and demands your attention. 

Moms, you are no stranger to this.

By being flexible and having an open mind about when sex will make an appearance, you invite pleasure whenever the moment is right. Whether that is at the tail end of your day or when the kids are out of the house, buckle down, dim those lights and escape for a little.

4. Saved by the sleepover.

If your little ones aren’t so little anymore and sleepovers are already on their radar, moms, get excited. While hosting a sleepover for your child and any number of their tiny companions is a big responsibility, you are not the only parent in the equation.

When a parent of your child’s friend offers to have a sleepover at their house, go ahead and pack that overnight bag. Or if grandma is open to having your kids over for a quality evening, don’t hesitate to take her up on that offer.

When you send the kids out, you are almost guaranteed an evening of personal time. If you are lucky enough to avoid the calls home and pick up requests, you may just experience a night of kid-less bliss… so take advantage.

Put on something sexy, get sneaky, and tap into uninterrupted pleasure.

You deserve it.

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