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As every person who has ever menstruated knows, your period is an inevitable, natural, and hormonal process.

Though inevitable, it’s not always the easiest five to eight days. Along with the physical and hormonal effects, there are a variety of negative stigmas and misconceptions that revolve around your cycle.

While you are likely no stranger to these said misconceptions, it’s about time they are addressed.

Misconceptions About Menstruation

Menstruation is your body’s way of telling you that it is capable of creating a new life.

If anything, it is a superpower that makes an appearance on a monthly basis. That’s roughly 54 days a year that the average person has a period.

So yes, over a month every year is spent hiding hygiene products and discretely taking care of one’s body while going through normal day to day tasks.

From the time you have your first cycle, it is something predominately discussed in hushed tones, behind closed doors.

Countless individuals have grown up with some older relative or friend showing them the “tricks of the trade”. These include how to hide your menstrual products to discreetly handle your business. And the how to’s on calming down the cramps so as to proceed like you would on any other day.

These actions surround the period, in all of her glory, in a secretive and shameful tone. But to be discreet or embarrassed about Aunt Flo is nothing short of silly. She is, after all, a totally natural and expected visitor.

And unfortunately, these beliefs further perpetuate the misconceptions that periods are dirty and unhygienic. But let’s be real, mensuration is just the opposite.

The health benefits from menstruating are countless, starting with the promotion of cardiovascular and overall health through the shedding of excess iron in the body.

Menstruation & Equity

People have long viewed menstruation as a taboo topic. This has led many people to be completely oblivious to the larger issues at hand.

For example, did you know that menstrual hygiene was declared as a public health issue in 2014?

Many individuals do not have access to crucial menstrual hygiene products. This is true in even the most developed countries. And the lack of public conversation around the period are exactly why many folk are unaware of how equity fits into the equation.

Nevertheless, education is the key to changing the public perception of the period. It is also how those who menstruate will gain equitable access to the hygiene products they need.

The Rise of the Menstrual Cup

As the period conversation is normalized, the more “unconventional” menstrual products are due to reach the spotlight.

And the queen bee of this topic is the menstrual cup herself.

Though they have been around since the 19th century, menstrual cups have been all the rage in recent years. Today, they are the newest commercial hygiene product for menstruation that are environmentally conscious, convenient and comfortable. Additionally, they aim to promote healthy relationships with periods and overall sexual wellness.

You can check out some of the most popular menstrual cups on the market here.

The Bottom Line

The negative stigmas and misconceptions about periods have dominated the menstruation conversation for far too long. To effectively debunk these not so hot thoughts, the uterus must be addressed in a positive and accurate light.

Sharing posts like these with friends and family are a solid place to start. Further educating yourself on the menstrual resources that are available to you is another great play.

So, if you’re no stranger to menstruation, do your part in setting the record straight, one period at a time.


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