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summer penis

Is it getting hot in here, or is your penis always that big?

Our UK brothers and sisters have been questioning their eyesight this summer after noticing an abnormal number of over-sized penises. Could it have something to do with the sun?

That’s one theory.

According to medical professionals, there is a correlation between the rising temperatures of the summer and the size of a male’s genitals. Or, as it’s more commonly known, Summer Penis.

Unlike the slightly unsatisfying condition most often inspired by the summer heat– think summer penile syndrome which has more to do with itchy bites than organ-swelling– summer penis encourages more men to get out and absorb some Vitamin D. When basking in the heat, blood vessels expand and cause the male member to appear bloated, even in its relaxed state. More heat creates better blood flow and a quick boost to the male ego.

summer penis

The Internet exploded with this news, as it routinely does when slightly scientific facts get blown out of proportion (pun intended). Men have been tagging themselves as “showers, not growers,” while women are keeping their eyes peeled for this delicious sightseeing adventure. Some males are even attributing the phenomenon to their balls, saying they sling low in the summer and shrink up like “a little hard brain” in the winter.

You may think your eyes are deceiving you, but they’re not. There is, in fact, science behind this.

Similar to the way the penis shrinks in chilly temperatures, the organ expands in warmer climates, giving the member a slightly more pink complexion and fuller size due to increased blood flow. It’s the body’s natural way of responding to external conditions and cools down once the A.C starts flowing.

Trying its best to evaporate the heat through sweat, your body can become dehydrated, signaling you to drink more water which can lead to bloating. All of this H2O combined with the beaming rays can make certain body parts appear larger.

As Urologist Dudley Danoff, author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health puts it, “There’s a reason why a hot tub is attractive for romance.”

Summer swelling may be a seasonal occurrence, but it doesn’t have to end once the leaves start falling. These sexy and effective male enhancement products will help you turn up the heat year round while keeping your cool in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Bathmate - Hydromax X30 Hydropump - Penis Pump
Bathmate Hydromax x30

Penis pumps have been around long before Summer Penis and have proven to provide the satisfaction of an elongated member just when the situation calls for it. Clinically tested and body-safe, the Bathmate Hydromax x30 is a water penis pump that provides up to 35% more suction than a generic one and allows you to see results within 15 minutes. Its unique water-assisted design and comfortable fit make it a must-have accessory for a bigger, fuller penis. With its soft sealing suction, the vacuum-sealed fit reduces pressure to ensure you have maximum control and comfort around the base of the penis and testicles.

If you’re already lengthy, a C-ring could also come in handy to ensure you last longer while masturbating or making love with your favorite partner. Slipped on a flaccid or erect penis, these C-rings provide extra stimulation around the shaft as well as targeting erogenous zones like the perineum and prostate.

Bigger, long-lasting erections have been a huge part of sexual satisfaction for men. With a bit of Vitamin D and the right accessories, Summer penis can be yours year round.

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