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As you read the title of this article, you likely thought, “voyeurism charges!” And you bet! Masturbating anywhere other than in the privacy of your own home can land you in some serious legal trouble. However, there is some discussion floating around amongst psychologists that claim masturbation breaks at work to be the key to combating stress and improving productivity.

Masturbation is very effective at work

It all began when one psychologist from Nottingham Trent University spoke with the Metro earlier this year saying that masturbation would be “very effective at work” because it’s a “great way to relieve tension.”  There’s no denying that but the conversation was incredibly controversial. After all, work can quickly become an uncomfortable place if someone could be masturbating behind every closed down. Great for the individual; not necessarily great for the co-workers.  

However, it was when another doctor came in to support this psychologist’s claim that made the topic of workplace masturbation a little more acceptable… and considerable.

A masturbation policy could improve productivity

A life coach, Dr. Cliff Arnall, was open to the idea of adding masturbation breaks in the workplace. He added, “I would expect a masturbation policy to result in more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling.”

He then continued, “Certainly taking a masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase work focus”. There’s no denying that either; if someone has sex on the brain, it can disrupt their focus, productivity, and increase stress.

The problem with masturbation breaks

However, the idea of masturbation breaks being allowed in a workplace doesn’t come without some concerns. One of the main ones being, masturbating at work could open a whole can of worms in terms of inappropriate behavior. We currently live in a world where winking at a co-worker is considered sexual harassment. So, being able to masturbate at work goes against everything that is currently in place to protect individuals while working.

Masturbation isn’t accepted by all

Furthermore, not everyone is accepting of self-pleasure. From viral memes saying God kills a kitten every time to masturbate to popular rumors that masturbation will leave you blind or infertile, masturbation isn’t still one of those things you just don’t talk about, let alone do let alone in the workplace.

Masturbation breaks raises alarm for further crimes

That’s also not to mention that not all workplaces are appropriate for self-pleasure, such as any facility that works with children. So, even if a workplace masturbation policy passed, it wouldn’t couldn’t be applied to every individual, which would then cause concerns about inequality.

While we’re all for self-pleasure, it’s fair to say that workplace masturbation would come with a lot more problems than it would relief. So, let’s keep your solo-pleasure to the privacy of your own home. Times may change in the future but for now, the workplace is for work and afterwards, when you’re behind closed doors, you’re free to play.

Chantal McCulligh
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