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Picture this: You just had some much-needed personal time with your favorite sex toy and are now uber-relaxed, laying in your bed just soaking in the moment. The last thing you want to do is get yourself up out of bed and make your way to the bathroom to clean your toy.  You’re so comfortable. Maybe it can just wait until later.  Is this sounding familiar to anyone?

 Obviously, you need to clean your toys.  Immediately after using them.   After all, you might like it dirty but your toys sure don’t. We know, cleaning your toys is not the fun part. If your toys need cleaning, you likely just finished the fun part!  We hope you finished, anyway.   But here’s the thing — Today’s hyper-awareness associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic has put proper hygiene into the spotlight on all fronts.

 We know that talking about bacteria is the opposite of sexy.  But the truth is many may not know the dangers associated with not cleaning out your toys properly, this is why Ella Paradis offers not only the top adult toys but also the crucial accessories you need to pair with them. Studies have shown that HPV and other STIs can stay on sex toys for up to 24 hours after use, and because of that, multiple users or improper cleaning between uses can be dangerous to your health.  While this is not so pleasurable to think about, it is a fact of which we all need to be aware.

 So, let’s talk dirty- or rather, clean.  There are traditional cleaning methods, which in some cases can work fine for upkeep when done properly. The materials that your toys are made of will determine which traditional method of cleaning makes the most sense.  Are they silicone, stainless steel, Pyrex, hard plastic, motorized or non-motorized?  All these factors play a part in how you clean your toys using traditional methods. Some can be boiled, some can be washed in the dishwasher, and some just cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Rather than scrubbing your toys by hand, though, sanitizing products are useful in making sure your toys are ready when you are. Just as hand sanitizer is a quick and painless way to keep your hands clean, spray or foam sanitizers are a useful and successful way to clean your toys. Sanitizing sprays are available for both you and your toys, to keep you both fresh, healthy, and ready to go. These are available in a range of types and sizes, some with specific antibacterial ingredients and with green tea extract.  You can even get toy tissues for easy bed-side access or travel purposes.

Here are some we love:

Intimate Earth Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming 3.4 oz.

CalExotics Anti-Bacterial – 4.3 oz.

Pjur Med Clean Spray – 3.4 oz

Afterglow Toy Tissues – Multi-Pack of 20

Classic Erotica Before & After – Antibacterial Adult 4 oz.

Fleshlight Cleaner – FleshWash – 4 oz Bottle

Not only is cleaning your toys important to maintaining sexual health and hygiene, but storage is also just as important. So, we are sorry to report that your bedside table drawer that never gets cleaned may not be the safest place to store them either. Or let’s just say, if you’re going to keep them there – at least keep them in a sterile container.

A simple option to make this process a little (okay, a lot) easier is UV-C light.  UV-C light kills 99.9% of bacteria found on adult toys in minutes. Unlike cleaning them with soap and water or other traditional methods, when using the BVibe UV Sterilizer Pouch your toys stay dry, which eliminates any worry of mildew or bacteria growing between uses. It’s USB powered and as easy as placing your toy(s) into the pouch and pushing a single button to sanitize. In literally three minutes, your toys are ready for action again – safely.  After sanitization, they can be stored in the pouch, too. So not only can you keep your toys clean between uses, the pouch can help with keeping your secret stash a secret – and keep you from second-guessing that convenient bedside table drawer.


The BVibe UV Sterilizer Pouch fits toys up to 10” and is TSA approved, so perfect for taking your toys on the go and is very discreet. Other safe storage options are available too like the Sugar Sak Anti-Bacterial Toy Bag






When it comes to sexual health, safety is just as important as pleasure, and this technology takes the guesswork out in 3 minutes flat, so you can spend more time enjoying your toys and less time worrying about and cleaning them. 

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