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It’s not every day your favorite feminist celebrity teams up with a luxury sex toy brand. But when they do, you know you’re in for some big surprises.

Amber Rose’s luminary relationships have made headlines for the past few years, but nothing compares to the Swedish beau she recently paired up with.

In the dead of winter this year, Rose announced a successful 10 million dollar partnership with LELO, a leading pleasure brand. This collaboration was sparked by Rose’s social work with the transnational movement, Slutwalk. Bringing about more sexual awareness and excitement to first-time sex toy users and experienced couples alike, Rose and LELO celebrated the excitement an amazing orgasm can bring.

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Curating a toy collection featuring 6 sexy devices that left no desire unsatisfied, Rose commented on the assortment, stating “ Orgasms don’t judge, and neither do I. Pleasure is inclusive, and whether you’re a single, professional woman who makes her own pleasure, or a couple looking to spice up intimate moments, me and LELO have you covered with a collection of products that turn up the heat.”

It may seem like an odd pairing at first, but when core values align, anything is possible.

Amber Rose & LELO

Take Amber Rose, the utterly stunning, sex-positive and pro-feminism socialite who broke out from the shrouds of the hip-hop world and used her fame to support noble causes like Slutwalk. This organization focuses on signaling an end to rape culture, victim blaming and slut shaming.

While an arduous task, the movement is commendable and helps foster a healthier, well-rounded image of a woman (or man) that enjoys their natural body’s expressions. Each year draws a larger, more ambitious crowd, one that is ready to dismantle the biases subconsciously placed on women.

Embracing its mission for sexual independence and expression, LELO embodies similar core values, making its 2017 partnership an organic one.

Swedish, sleek and sexy, LELO was created by three designers who wanted to replace the shame of owning a sex toy with the satisfaction of using one. Adding beauty and innovation to each of their creations, LELO has become an international sensation, winning countless industrial awards and satisfying people all around the world. Their innovative products continue to turn into global bestsellers and for good reason. Combining the high-tech power of patented digital technology with the intimacy of human touch, LELO vibrators target your most sensitive points with uncanny accuracy to arouse and release your passion with just a flick of a button.

Curated for liberation, LELO pushes boundaries in the same way Rose has found adventurous avenues for women to express their sexual independence. With its devices of desire and her illustrious career, this was a match made in orgasmic heaven.

On the heels of the 3rd annual 2018 edition of Slutwalk coming in October, it’s only right that Amber releases a limited edition of one of LELO’s most extravagant toys, the TIANI. A global bestseller and featured on countless top 10 lists for sex toys for couples, you can’t go wrong with this C-shaped sex toy. Clipped around the vagina and clitoris, this device provides dual stimulation in just the right regions, leaving you utterly satisfied every time.

LELO_Insignia_tiani-amber_Front_Pack_1772x1772 copy


LELO TIANI Amber Rose Gold Edition

Coated in Rose’s signature rose gold tone and LELO’s silicone black, the TIANI is a couples massager that combines the best of both worlds. Sleek, slim and super powerful, the TIANI is worn internally during intercourse, its vibrating strength completely in your control with its synced remote control disc. Rated one of the best couples vibrator on the market, its flexible tail slips inside of the vagina while leaving enough room for your partner to enter comfortably. Once inserted the smooth silicone surface wraps around the clitoral area, providing exhilarating pleasure. Its snug fit allows the toy to stay in place and is made for all body types, allowing you to explore its pulsations in your favorite positions.

Used on your own or with a lover, the LELO TIANI is not only versatile in its play but in the sensations it brings. Designed with LELO’s exclusive SenseMotion technology, you’re in charge of the intensity you want to feel during lovemaking. Paired with a vibrating remote control disc, the TIANI is versatile in its strength, allowing you to control the intensity of the reverberations from the device.


While inserted, turn the disc from side to side to intensify or decrease the pulsations depending on your sensitivity. You can also create your own vibration patterns, designing a customized adventure for you and your lover. Waterproof, rechargeable and compact, this massager makes an excellent companion for travel and any underwater playtime you might experience.

Complete with a satin carrying case for luxurious discretion and a 10-year guarantee for unlimited satisfaction, TIANI is made to heighten your pleasure and bring you to the edge quicker than you’ve ever been before.


Amber Rose is all about having bigger and better climaxes on your own or with your lover. Self-exploration is key to unlocking your hidden desires and creating richer experiences with the one you love the most. There’s no better way to uncover your body’s secrets than with the LELO TIANI.

Release the idea that exploring your body is shameful and replace it with the indulgence of sensual exhilaration. From marching to the tune of expression in LA to wrapping yourself up in the titillating pleasure of TIANI, embrace your sexuality in any way possible.

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