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lelo gigi 2

For the past centuries, and even in modern-day media, the G-spot has remained an elusive area that is known for being hard to find and difficult to orgasm from when stimulated. Myths backed by flimsy research studies have disillusioned us into thinking the region may not even exist, let alone derive pleasure from. While it may not be in the most accessible place to firmly target each and every time during intercourse, G-spot stimulation doesn’t have to be as fantastical as a fairy tale. With a bit of self-exploration and an awesome anatomically curved sex toy, we’ll delve into how you can learn to not only stimulate your special erogenous zone but also enjoy the effects of making it your main focus.

Like most mysterious things, the G-spot is tucked away in plain sight. Situated in the upper region of the vaginal wall, this area can be reached with just a few inches of internal penetration. During arousal, the G-spot becomes fleshier and swells up, similar to a clitoris or nipples. Its dimpled texture is a sure indicator that you’ve reached the right spot, but it’s important to be aroused before trying to find it, otherwise the area may go undetected. After a few minutes of foreplay, insert your fingers into the vagina and press upwards, in a come-hither motion. The tips of your fingers should graze against the upper walls of your vagina, pressing into the G-spot region. Depending on the size of your Skene’s gland, also known as the female prostate and responsible for female ejaculation, the G-spot will vary in sensitivity and shape, dictating the intensity that will arise when triggering it. Normally, the larger the gland, the easier the G-spot is to locate and stimulate, but even with smaller nodes, this area is still considered extremely sensitive.

Once provoked, G-spot stimulation is an enjoyable experience that can provide another avenue for exhilaration when pleasuring your partner. This ambiguous area may also be the key for those that may not always achieve orgasm during intercourse.

Unleash the pleasures your body contains by stimulating the G-spot with your lover, on your own time with your fingers, or, for more assistance, with a G spot vibrator. When it comes to sex toys, there’s no limit to the number of devices out there claiming to stimulate your most sensitive area, but only one award-winning toy is guaranteed to reach your special spot with ease and comfort.

LELO Gigi 2

Brought to life by 3 Swedish designers who had a penchant for combining pleasure with purpose, LELO sex toys is home to the best G spot vibrator. Their toys are made to satisfy and entice people from all around the world, no matter what they desired. Replacing shame with pride, LELO transforms the way people interact with and display their sex toys by combining beauty and function in every product they create. Driven by a ravenous curiosity, LELO vibrators combine the high-tech power of digital technology with the interconnectivity of human sensation, creating a perfect meld of the best of both worlds. With its iconic objects of desire, it’s no wonder LELO has won over 30 industrial and design awards to date, consistently delivering on quality and innovation. Curated for liberation, unbounded pleasure and ease of use, LELO continues to push boundaries and stimulate pleasure by exploring the realm of sensuality and enhancing the heights that can be reached during solo play or accompanied by a lover.

Lauded for its high-tech intimate design and powerful pressure, the LELO Gigi 2 is one of the best G-spot vibrators on the market today. Top rated, highly reviewed and enjoyed by lovers around the globe, this sex toy will make you wish you had more than one G-spot to pleasure. Your answer to ultimate stimulation, this LELO vibrator makes a promise it can accurately deliver on. With a versatile curved, yet flattened tip, the toy can be used to comfortably rouse the G-spot while also doubling as a clitoral stimulator before insertion. Used above ground and underwater, this waterproof device is a great addition to a hot bubble bath after a long day. Let the sweet curvature of the toy target your sensitive spots with ease, its powerful motor giving you the flexibility to indulge in 8 different pleasure settings. Fully rechargeable and travel-safe with locked control settings, the Gigi 2 is an excellent toy to take on the go, no matter your lifestyle or destination. A full charge can handle up to 4 hours of unbelievable delight, giving you the chance to explore your best-kept secret for as long as you desire.

Now is the time to let go of the myth that the G-spot doesn’t exist or is hard to find. With the help of a few buzzworthy friends like the LELO Gigi 2, you too can also experience the undeniable sensations that come from G spot stimulation.

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lelo gigi 2

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