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As they enter their 15th year, LELO, the world’s leading pleasure brand, has launched two brand new products, SONA and SONA Cruise.

SONA represents a markedly different approach to product design from their previous outings, such as the global bestsellers SORAYA and GIGI 2. Where LELO has traditionally lead the innovation of vibrating massagers and sex toys, they’ve now developed a whole new type of sensation, a real departure: sonic massage.

SONA is LELO’s first ever sonic clitoral stimulator, and sets a new standard of quality and pleasure for the industry.

For most of us, pleasure is a journey, not a destination. SONA is redefining that path to pleasure with the sensation of sonic waves.

SONA does not use conventional vibrations. Instead, its ‘mouth’ (the hollow, cone-shaped section) rests gently around the clitoris and emits sonic pulses for contact-free stimulation. It’s an eager, fluttering sensation that resonates through the entire body of the clitoris, building to an orgasm unlike anything you’ve ever felt.

LELO believes this technology has the potential to open the door to an entirely new experience – perhaps even a whole new kind of orgasm: the whole-clitoris orgasm. Most women, around 75%, require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve climax. However, by definition, a conventional vibrator can only stimulate the external part of the clitoris – the part you can see.

The True Story of the Clitoris

But, as most of us now know, the true story of the clitoris is a far more interesting one. The clitoris consists of much more than the little bump you can see on the surface. In fact, it extends deep into the body, with ‘legs’ curling down and around the interior of the vagina. The whole clitoral structure can be as much as four inches long.

SONA is the world’s first sex toy designed to bring more stimulation to more of the clitoris, including the internal parts. It does this with sonic pulses that are transmitted through the external tissue and resonate along the whole length of the clitoris. It’s a bit like standing in front of a big loudspeaker: the sensation seems to be deep inside you.

And there are two variations: SONA, and SONA Cruise.

SONA is a whisper-quiet sonic massager that offers an entirely new orgasm, a prolonged climax after a sensual build-up. Its smooth, waterproof design is made from a single piece of premium silicone, making SONA incredibly easy to clean and soft to the touch.

It features 8 pleasure settings to play with, is USB-rechargeable and fits comfortably in the hand.

SONA Cruise

The same features and unique sensation of SONA, made even more enjoyable with LELO-exclusive Cruise Control Technology. Even when the mouth is fully pressed against your body, SONA Cruise automatically adjusts to maintain intensity, no matter what.

Cruise Control controls the power to make sure intensity remains the same. This world-first technology ensures sonic waves and pulses won’t stop unless you want them to. Select the intensity that’s just right for you, and Cruise Control keeps the momentum going for a completely uninterrupted experience.

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