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Man laying in bed looking in erotic magazine under sheets

Let’s talk solo play! Masturbation is great. Almost everyone does it –  not everyone admits it – but it’s something we shouldn’t be embarrassed about. After all, why does self-pleasure need to involve self-shame?

Fortunately, with the growing trend of sophisticated – not sleazy – sex toys, masturbation is being more accepted by individuals. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the kinky toys either, but you get the point…

Man laying in bed looking in erotic magazine under sheets

…Masturbation is normal.

Here are some other interesting masturbation statistics that’ll shock you.  

Masturbation can reduce risk of serious illness

We’ve all heard that masturbation is healthy but have likely wondered if it was true. There are many studies that suggest masturbating males lower the risk of prostate cancer, whereas women who masturbate have less cervical infections.

4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex

To say masturbation is better than sex sounds like there may be a problem in between the sheets with the partner. Masturbation definitely feels great but it’s a different feeling. So, comparing the two is like comparing C-Rings to lube. Both are so vastly different and are designed for different things, it would be ridiculous to compare the pleasure received from both. But regardless, 4 out of 10 women say they prefer masturbation over sex. Ouch! Their partners need to step it up.

Male kangaroos give themselves oral sex

This is one sex statistic that may blow you out of this world – pun intended. Male kangaroos have been known to give themselves blowjobs. Google it. Wait, definitely don’t Google that; trust the statistic.

Female porcupines masturbate with sticks

Male kangaroos aren’t the only animals out there that understand the importance of self-pleasure. Female porcupines have been seen using sticks as sex toys.


There are almost 800,000 people masturbating right now

At any given moment in the United States, 797,151 Americans are masturbating. That’s more than the entire population of Alaska. Let’s make that number 797,152 with a shopping trip at Ella Paradis, shall we?


92.2% of people have masturbated in a chair

Hopefully, this was done on their own chair in their own bedroom.


71.5% of people have masturbated in a the bathtub

A good strategy to maintain your privacy and make for easy clean up is to keep your fun in the tub. The sound of running water also helps drown out other sounds you might not want others to overhear. There are also some amazing waterproof sex toys that can help you turn bath time into your favorite part of the day.

95% of men admit to masturbating

Remember, that’s only the statistic of men who admit it. The chances are, the statistic for men who masturbate – period – would be 5% higher.


89% of women admit to masturbating

This sex statistic is wonderful because it shows the world that women also take control of their pleasure. There’s also this common misconception that only freaky women masturbate and that’s just ridiculous. Your sexual preferences have nothing to do with your desire for pleasure!


82.1% of people have masturbate while standing

Who needs a bed when you can pleasure yourself standing up! There’s an abundance of adult toys that make vertical stimulation easy and enjoyable.


41% of women have intentionally been walked in on while masturbating

Now, this is one sure fire way to end the day with a bang! More importantly, having the confidence to open yourself up and be so vulnerable your partner is wonderful – no pun intended.


The best masturbation statistic we came across is that people are using sex toys solo and with their partner. A study conducted by Arizona State University revealed that 18 of 20 people have discovered the true potential and pleasure of adult toys. Unfortunately, that statistic should be 100% across the United States because everyone desires to explore their inner sexual inhibitions.


Chantal McCulligh
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