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I know, I know – you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with the suggestion of bringing adult toys into the bedroom, especially if it’s with someone you’ve been with for a while, but adult sex toys are meant to enhance you and your partner’s sexual experience to help #makebetterlove.

Whether you’re experienced in using sex toys with a partner or have only used them for solo play, I’m sure the thought of bringing an adult toy into the bedroom with your long-term partner has you thinking of all the pleasurable twists they can add.

Let us walk you through a few simple tips to go about bringing adult toys into the bedroom with you and your partner and take your passion to new, orgasmic heights.

What we’ll be covering:

  • Recommending Adult Sex Toys to Your Long-Term Partner
  • Choosing Your Sex Toys
  • Did My Partner Like Using Sex Toys?

Recommending Sex Toys to Your Long-Term Partner

Communication is key, and by now you likely know that with your partner. Nothing changes when it comes to introducing new and exciting twists and turns in the bedroom.

Make sure the conversation is two-sided and leave the “me” out of it for now. To avoid making it sound as if you are dissatisfied with your partner try to look at ways you will both benefit from introducing adult toys into the bedroom.

Instead of saying, “I can’t orgasm when we have sex anymore, so I want to buy a vibrator.” Try, “I think it would be so sexy if you used a vibrator on me while we have sex.” Allow for your partner to realize they are still the one giving you the pleasure you desire and will only be enhancing this sexual experience with an adult toy.

If you’re in a long-term relationship you should feel comfortable with each other. Allow the conversation to be light and positive to help alleviate any doubts of performance or discomfort.

Embrace this experience as a way to enhance what beautiful sexual relationship you already have in the bedroom with your significant other by continuing to communicate about what you both would like out of this new experience, even when choosing your toys.

Choosing the Perfect Adult Toys

There are so many lists and guides owned by brands on the internet that will push you to purchase their own adult toys. At Ella Paradis we have a wide arrangement of all the best luxury adult sex toys, so our best interest is to make sure you find the perfect couple’s toys for your situation.

When choosing your first adult toy to bring into your long-term relationship you want to ensure you don’t choose something that will scare either of you before even starting your experience. We recommend exploring our line of BETTER LOVE adult sex toys.

The BETTER LOVE line includes three rechargeable vibrators that are unique to anyone’s liking. Each has 10 vibration settings and a smooth, sleek silicon figure for a great first-time or experienced user. These waterproof vibrators are great for bedroom or shower play with your partner – player’s choice.

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Did My Partner Like Using Sex Toys?

You just experienced using a sex toy with your partner, but did they like it?

Once again, communication is key! We always recommend talking to your partner after having a new sexual experience to steer away from assuming whether they liked it or not.

Ask your partner if they enjoyed the experience, if they would do it again, or if they may want to try something different next time. Remember, this is a two-sided conversation, so it’s time for you to talk about how you feel as well!

We have a large selection of the best luxury couple’s toys for all types of relationships. For more help, check out our article on How to Choose the Best Sex Toy for Your Relationship!

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