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we vibe couples sex toy

As technology changes the world as we once knew it, the same can be sex about the sex toy industry. Adult toys are no longer boring phallic-shaped plastic pieces infused with toxins instead of vibrations. Today, they’re the complete opposite and unlike anything your sexual pleasure has ever experienced before.

Sex toys that sync to your smartphone are the latest rage. Wevibe vibrators are often dubbed as being the best couple’s sex toy, and for many reasons. Your partner can tease, please and play with you from a distance with a simple touch of an application. They can also use the music option to sync your sensations to a playlist which presents a ton of new means of pleasure. Here are some of the best ways to use adult toys that sync to music.

we vibe couples sex toy

Set the Mood in an Entirely Different Way

Forget about dimming the lights, lighting candles, and turning on the radio. What’s the point if your partner isn’t present anyway? Instead, use Wevibe toys to set the mood internally. With the music sync option, the Wevibe vibrator will match the vibrations to the beat of the song, allowing you to experience ‘Pony’ by Genuine and some Marvin Gaye in an entirely and inarguably, better new way.


Send the Sensations of “Your Song”

Every couple has a song. It could be a song you heard on your first date, a song that was playing when you finally fell in love, a song that resonates with your relationship or the song that was playing during your first dance. Whatever it is, you have one and if it isn’t already on your playlist, it’s time to change that.

Couple songs usually have a meaning that goes far beyond the music, creating all kinds of sentimental feelings that no other song has the power to do. Well, your song can create even more feelings – sexual feelings – with the sync to playlist option. You’ll love “your song” in an entirely different way, and so will your partner.


Combine the Senses for Optimal Sexual Pleasure

Experiencing mind-blowing pleasure isn’t just about the physical sensations. It’s about combining your sense, whether it’s touch, smell, sight, sound and taste. So, combine some of them with your Wevibe toys for optimal pleasure.

As Wevibe couples toys silently hum the songs on your playlist turn on the same song in your bedroom and appeal to your two senses for a spike of sensations.

It’s amazing what a little creativity – and technology – can do for your sexual pleasure. Add a Wevibe vibrator into your collection of adult toys and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.


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