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how to spice up a relationship

Sex has a way of becoming typical. Typical sex means that you’ve found the best way to enjoy your partner and achieve climax without pulling out all the stops. But what happens when you find yourself yawning halfway through the routine or thinking about what you’re going to eat afterward?

Sounds like you could use a refresh. Unlike washing the dishes, there is more than one way to spice up the bedroom. Once you build a significant level of trust, your partner and you can start a journey of exploration and excitement that surpasses the typical night in bed. Sex, at its core, is meant to be enjoyed, providing toe-tingling pleasure and a satisfying release.

Improving your sex life doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money or consent to situations you’re not comfortable with. In fact, before you explore anything, it’s important to first communicate with your partner and understand what each others’ needs and desires are. Skipping this step can lead to disaster down the line, so make sure you ask. You’ll be delightfully surprised by some of the answers you get!

The next thing is to uncover how comfortable you are with exploring different areas of the body and alternative ways to become aroused. There may be certain situations you’re not okay with and voicing your opinion is going to ensure you are satisfied and comfortable regardless of what takes place. With communication and comfortability established, a better sex life not only becomes an option but a reality.

After you have reached an understanding with your partner, the fun can begin! Whether you’re in need of a refresh or simply want to try something new, we’ve put together a list of fun and simple ways to spice up the bedroom and explore your sensuality.

10 Ways to spice up your sex life

period sex

1. Having period sex

If you’re one of those women that put a lock on their privates during their period, it may be time to find the key. Periods are already covered in stigma, but once you peel back the layers of this very natural phenomenon, you might just find the act enjoyable and extremely sexy. Menstruation sex also comes with a host of benefits.  Discard the irrational fear that your partner will be grossed out and replace it with the very real fact that you can reduce your cramps, temper your mood and shorten your cycle all from having intercourse. Did we also mention the natural lubricant that makes the feeling even that much more sensational? Time to get saucy.

2. Introducing toys in your sex life

Sex toys weren’t created just so you could giggle embarrassingly at them in online catalogs. Those oddly shaped and brightly colored contraptions can take your orgasms to the next level while also encouraging your partner to become an integral part of the experience. After having a conversation about comfort, you can tap into the world of toys made for two. Sex toys for couples entice the senses while bringing you closer and developing intimacy. If the idea overwhelms you and you’re not sure where to start, there are also vibrators for beginners that can match your speed and needs. No matter what you choose, toys are great devices to seamlessly add into your bedroom routine.

prostate play

3. Playing with your partner’s prostate

Arousing the prostate is not as finicky as locating the G-spot, but it can take a bit of courage to find yourself that far down below. Luckily, if you’re figuring out how to spice up your sex life with someone you trust and are comfortable communicating with, the trip down under may not be as awkward. Prostate play offers a different way to experience pleasure, aside from penile ejaculation. Even better, prostate orgasms don’t rely on sperm release and can occur more than once without any recovery time. To do this, you’ll need to stimulate the prostate via anal insertion or perineum stimulation. The prostate, when aroused, will swell and feel like a walnut, a distinctive enough feeling for you to know that you’re in the right place at the right time.


4. Introducing another partner

The more the merrier, amiright?

A tricky area to pull off successfully without a lot of communication beforehand, introducing a third party into the mix can also trigger deeper desires leading to an unforgettable experience. Sharing a new person between the two of you can develop into a better sex life, one that invites variety and choice. It can also break up the patterns and grooves you have established over time and find new ways to make each other excited. With the right person, threesomes can become multidimensional experiences that encourage you to go beyond your norm and reintroduce you to someone you thought you knew so well.

sexy show

5. Attend a sexy show

Dinner and a movie used to get you to first base, but dinner and a sexy show can get you to homerun. A PG show can be entertaining but a burlesque or strip show can fulfill you in more ways than one. Filling your eyes with the sensual motions of a professional dancer is like visual foreplay, one that sparks the imagination and sheds a new light on your partner. It can also inspire you to take these newfound moves into the bedroom. Watching without touching is an aphrodisiac that teases and tempts, without ever allowing you to take part in the action. Arousing you from afar, you might just find it hard to make it home in time.

home made sex tape

6. Star in your own film

Sex tapes aren’t just for celebrities and porn stars, nor do they have to be made with high-quality equipment to be enjoyable. Making a movie can be a great way to spice up the bedroom with minimal effort. The best way to capture the memory is to first get your partner in the mood. Once they are thoroughly enjoying something, slide in your camera and record it. A hot moment gets even hotter when you know you can play it back later and get aroused again. To take it up another notch, record a few minutes of foreplay and watch it together during intercourse. This outer body experience will make you reach your climax before you know what’s happening.

7. Experiment with roleplaying

Halloween costumes don’t have to be restricted to October 31st. You can easily repurpose them for an adventurous nighttime romp. Roleplaying allows the imagination to roam, creating new characters and scenarios that tap into unspoken desires. Whether you transform into a fireman, a sexy nurse, a construction worker or a vampire, the options to explore are endless and provide unlimited experiences for you to reimagine and spice up your sex life. Roleplaying is also a great technique to roll in with foreplay and dirty talk, allowing you the freedom to become another person, even if it’s only until you come.

young couple on vacation

8. Switch up the location

Did someone say vacation?  Nothing spells romance and spice like a beach vacation or weekend getaway. Sometimes, you must literally break out of your surroundings to reconnect and recharge. There may be different things you’re open to trying since you’re not at home or in a familiar place. Let your environment release your inhibitions and open up your senses to new experiences.  No matter how long you choose to escape reality, these few days of bliss will produce lasting moments of extreme pleasure that can spice up your relationship.

erotic massage

9. Give an erotic massage

If you want to learn how to spice up a relationship in the simplest and most sensual way, try an erotic massage. Swap out your TV routine with a few candles and soft music. By gently touching your partner and relieving tension, you may find them relaxed enough to try new things (choose from the list above). Combining the gentle touch with essential, edible oils will allow you to also employ other parts of your body into the mix, making the massage more of a segway into other pleasurable matters.

couples watching porn together

10. Watch Porn Together

There are millions of people watching porn at any given time. Most times, it’s a solo event but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of Netflix and chill, try Pornhub and thrill.  Choose a film that you both want to watch and see how it makes you feel to have your partner present while you’re stimulated by the movie. The addition of having someone near that arouses you may heighten your senses so much, you might not even finish the video.

The next time you find yourself in the same position you’re always in, know that there are many ways to kick up your sex life. With the right amount of communication and understanding, you and your partner can take your bedroom boom to the next level.

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