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Hi, everyone today will be going over how to safely store a sex toy.

And the best thing to do is to put it into a satin bag or a toy box. So, let’s dive in.

If you keyword search toy box, it won’t give you what you need.

So, if you head over to when you hit toy storage, go ahead and hit the first category. And there’s a variety of different ways you can safely store your toy.

There are anti-bacterial toy bags so that the toy the toy bag isn’t collecting any sort of grime or dust. This is perfect for the smaller toys. There are toy chests.

Just be mindful of dimensions, because these could house almost all products.

You just must be careful of length and width. And sometimes there’s different like ergonomic ways that toys are created that the shape of the toy may not actually work out for the boxes.

There’s just a generic box. You have a bigger toy box, one that you can maybe house a few toys in. But again, make sure that the toys have been cleaned as well. Use toy cleaners, which you can also find here on our website.

 Then you have the satin bag, as I mentioned earlier. So, the best way to house your toy and to store your toy would be to put it into an antibacterial toy bag or a toy box.

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