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Cleaning Your Toy | Ella Paradis

What’s up everyone!

Today we’ll be going over how to safely clean a sex toy.

This is something I’ll follow up with a video showing you as well but for the sake of explaining, we are going to go through one of my favorite categories, cleaners.

Few things to note on to the safety of cleaning sex toys is making sure your sex toys don’t have any cracks for whatever reason. When you are cleaning the sex toy you are focusing on the part that you utilize whether that be a clitoral stimulator, a vibrator or a masturbator and not going excessively into maybe like the battery area or anything that has like the wiring.

Also, something to note some toys are waterproof, some toys are not so if your toys are not waterproof. Please only stick to toy cleaners and antibacterial toy wipes. Do not use water unless you’re just taking maybe a piece of toilet paper or a paper towel and kind of you know, wiping it down damp but, still ensuring that you follow up with something antibacterial.

Now, if your toy is waterproof, feel free to use lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Gently cleanse either the tip of the toy, or clean the inside of the toy, or the outside of the toy. With a few fingers or just a little bit of a damp rag wiping the toy down but again, ensuring that your toys in good condition no cracks, no nothing that it could seep through and harm the toy or, potentially harm you. And then another way to do it is using the wipes.

So, there are tissues, and we’ll go ahead and go to the tissues. If you feel the most comfort, you can go ahead and use antibacterial cleansing tissues and that at least removes the surface level you know guck or whatever is on the toy and then you can go into spraying it and cleansing it with antibacterial toy cleaner. As always, guys, this is more available at our blog at as well as our YouTube channel and our Vimeo (

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