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Cleaning Anal Toys | Ella Paradis

Hi, everyone today we will be going over how to clean anal toys, and just like all the other toys that I’ve been discussing this past week in terms of cleaning after every use, anal toys are no different.

I will still go over again, the difference between glass, metal, and silicone, as well as when you can use lukewarm water and antibacterial hand soap over an antibacterial toy cleaning spray and or antibacterial toilet cleaning gel, gel-type cleaner.

So, as I’ve mentioned in all my previous videos, if your toy is waterproof, you can absolutely clean it with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap.

If your toy is not waterproof, I suggest sticking to the toy cleaners, and there’s also toy cleaning tissues.

So, the toy cleaning tissues are good as soon as you’re done. Go ahead and wipe your toy down if you don’t have time to clean it right that second. Then at least you are taking the bacteria off right to ensure that you are not increasing the risk of getting an infection when using your toy again.

Now I am not endorsing any one specific brand and the types of materials of toys. There’s no specific that I say, use or don’t use or clean a specific way. They should all be cleaned after every single use. All should be cleaned with antibacterial products.

So only thing I would mention is, again, if the toy is not waterproof, do not run it underwater.

So, you could take, of course, a paper towel, toilet paper, damp cloth, whatever is your preference and wipe the toy down. Do not run the toy underwater if it is not waterproof. Just use toy cleaner.

And then, of course, after you clean your toy, store properly. Put it into a toy box, put it into a pouch, put it into a bag. We sell satin bags here at Ella Paradis.

And then this topic and more you can find on our blog at or on our YouTube channel, as well as our Vimeo

I do discuss how to properly clean toys, how to properly store toys and other fun facts in terms of toy material.

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