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Sex can be much harder to resist when you are in a hot and sultry relationship with a partner that rocks your world in the bed. There is a strong magnetic force in the orgasms, after sex cuddling, and deep soulful relaxation. Though, sex drive is different for every person, and it varies with the hormonal surge within the body, most women, when on their period, feel extra ‘frisky.’ In fact, they feel the desire more strongly during and after an average of 10 days of their menstruation. However, for women, the idea of sexual intercourse during their period might sound like a messy affair. Worry not! We have ways to keep your act clean when you are horny during that time of the month.

We have some good news for the ladies! Having any kind of sex during your period does not have to be messy. Whether you are a fan of slow-intimate, rough-rocking, or kinky-creative stuff in the bedroom, you can seize all that is dying to enter your panties.

Here are a few ‘bed-tested’ ways to have sex on your period without making a mess!

Use Menstrual Cups to Prevent Leakage

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The easiest solution to ride on the orgasmic highway with your partner while on your period is to use the menstrual cups. These are soft, ergonomically designed leakage prevention cups that keep ‘untidy’ affair within the bounds of your vagina. These are super-soft and have been designed keeping the female body in mind. Buy these cups now to open up the gates to lustful moaning in the bed with your partner, even during your period.

Keep Your Bedding Clean

Sex & fluids go hand-in-hand. There is lube, pre-cum, juices and what not when two individuals are getting horny in the bed. During the period, it can get even messier if you have nothing to protect your bedding from fluid stains. Fortunately, Liberator Fascinator Throw is here to save the day. A perfect bed throw cloth with moisture barrier that keeps your ‘dirty’ & ‘nasty’ affairs contained without letting them reach your actual bedding. Simply choose the satin side or the soft furry side depending upon your mood, and pull your partner towards you with confidence!

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Go for the ‘Anal’ action Instead

We know how pleasurable it is to let someone enter inside your ‘forbidden’ territory. It is a secret and lustful pleasure that is hard to resist. And yes, there is only one thing that gives as much pleasure as the anal sex- it is anal sex! Why bother at all with different tactics to have crazy sex during your period when you can change the game altogether? Simply get the Back Door Glide Lube, put some music on and the let the magic begin. And, if you are too successful in arousing your partner’s interest, use this serum to relax your anus naturally (no desensitization). The penetration will be amazing.

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However, if you are a newbie and wish to explore the ‘unexplored,’ we recommend you to use butt plugs first. These will not only help you get used to backdoor penetration, but also experience the sweet, tingling sensations that will make you want more. On top of that, no need to worry about the mess during your menstruation.

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And, if somehow things go out of hand, the heat of passion takes over, and you simply do not get enough prep time, you can rely on these Cucumber Swipes to rescue you from any mess caused. You never know when your partner might surprise you with action. These Swipes can be carried easily during travel and stay, and you can get comfy and cozy with your partner (which can be a dildo as well) without any worries.

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There we have ended the ‘messy sex during menstruation’ problem forever. Grab the items for your ‘kinky wardrobe’ and have mind blowing sex all day long!

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