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What is up, everyone, it’s your team over here at Ella Paradis, and today we’ll be going over what to buy as your first sex toy.

 Now that’s an exciting question, but also a broad question because it’s awesome that you’re now exploring the world of sex toys, but broad because it really depends on you and your preferences and what you’re doing with the toy.

Are you trying to do solo play? Are you looking to play with a few people or are you looking to have a couple’s toy? So, I’m scrolling you through the Ella Paradis homepage just to give you a feel of categories. So, there’s Bedroom Play and there’s toys you could do that may not incorporate necessarily physical touch of the toy itself, but the purpose of the games is to incorporate that physical touch and get play going.

Then you have your actual toys, you have your categories of women’s toys, men’s toys, and couples’ toys. So, for the sake of just showing something, let’s go ahead and hit women’s toys. Going into the women’s toys category, you have things that could be used as solo play and couples play.

So, let’s scroll through. For example, you have Wand massagers, you have clitoral stimulators, and you have couples vibrators. So, everything is housed under this sex toys page. And why it’s under a diverse group of categories is because you can use it across different things. I’ve said this before in a previous video, specifically speaking to clitoral, the clitoral area, the vulva.

I always default to suggesting beginners’ toys being something that you know you are trying out exteriorly, for example. For women, I suggest clitoral stimulators. For men, I suggest masturbators. There are hidden masturbators. There are things that just have it like a silicone lip. And I say that because it helps you ease into play.

You can use lube. You don’t have to use lube. You can just get a feel for the toy itself and start getting into the world of the sensation, right? What do you like about the specific toy? What don’t you like? What are you looking for? Do you want Battery-Operated? Do you not? And this comes with playing with a few toys, right?

The more you explore, the easier it gets to understand the diversity of the toys and the different features toys will have. As always, guys,

I end everything with this note that we have this category and more on our blog at Scroll down to the bottom and visit our blog, as well as find this video on YouTube and our page on Vimeo,

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