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Hey everyone today, I’m going to walk you through buying your first sex toy, whether you are dipping your toes in the water, as the saying goes, or you are exploring new things with your partner, partners, significant other, what have you, let’s go ahead and get started.

I know that’s a crazy new world and some people didn’t think they would ever get into it, but this is not something that’s uncomfortable – fun fact, over 65% of women in the United States own a sex toy and over 50% of the population owns some sort of sex toys.

So don’t think you’re anything special buying a sex toy and thinking it’s uncomfortable, but just trying to create some lightheartedness anyways, let’s go ahead and get started.

So my go-to is and as you can see, it’s easily laid out into categories. So when I first got into this world, I started with heavy research, but that’s just me of the types of toys there are and play for myself and my significant other.

But in this instance, I’ll go ahead and start with women, right? So you have a ton of different categories and if you are just starting out, of course, you’re not going to know like the different types of vibrators the difference between bullet and egg is that shape or is that different features, right?

Like you have your ones. So to start with simplicity, when I first got started is I looked for something that is a stimulator, right?

A toy that would give me a sensation, outward, nothing that I had to put into myself. And same goes for men in this instance is I suggest doing something that gives you a stimulation outward, unless you were already exploring kind of 2.0, play as an entry level with doing something that’s, you know, internal for lack of a better way to explain it.

So one of my go-tos is the butterfly. I just know that again, because I already use toys at the butterfly cord, rural stimulator by better love.

This one is so, so, so simple. You have your on button, you have your intensity increase, your decrease in intensity.

And what a stimulator is in this one is specific is it gives you a suction mixed with kind of like a pulsating type of feeling.

And then with some of these stimulators, they also have a sort of air sensation, right? This is what I highly recommend as you’re starting out with toys.

Again, speaking on behalf of experience on the women’s side is because it does you, that stimulation that you’re looking for without thinking, like, how do I control all these features?

Does this have temperature? Does it not have temperature? Because these are things you just won’t know right outside of that you have a ton of brands, right?

As you begin to get into these waters, I don’t necessarily suggest you focus too much on the brand because there’s your women, you know, women ISER, there’s your Lilo, Layla, however one may say it. There’s your magic wand. You have your We-vibe, you have your Better Love, but the brand won’t really matter.

If you don’t quite know what the toy and product itself does. Right. I, when I first started, lived in categories, right.

In my instance, I’ll hit women’s sex toys. I’m just speaking again from experience. And then as you see, you begin to have different variety.

You have a bullet, right? What does a bullet do? Does it vibrate? And do I put it in myself, then you have this vibrator, right?

But as you see, it has this little handle guy, like, are you ready for something that’s a stimulator outward facing as well as something you’ll be putting in yourself.

Right? And then again, you have things that are stimulators and the really, really good thing about Ella Paradis is it will tell you what type of product this is, right.

More than likely most products will be categorized with the type of things they are vibrator stimulator, so on, so forth.

And again, as you’re getting into these waters, a lot of what I recommend is researching product pages, right? So going back to butterfly, which is what I will focus on right now, as you head over to the butter, better love butterfly tutorial, stimulator, you see all of the features within the product page.

Are you looking for something you could play within the shower? How many vibrations are you looking for? Do you even know that you’re looking for multiple vibrations?

There’s different types of silicone, right? So you also have to keep in mind, are you playing with loop? If you are playing with loop, is this silicone safe between water-based or silicone-based loop?

So that’s also something to research. And then of course, if you have a color preference, most products come in different color varieties.

But in this instance you have one that actually, I do think the butterfly, the butterfly does come in a few colors.

So you generally look out for the swatches and then as you see you have specs and features. So it’ll tell you generally how long this product will last before it needs to be charged.

If it is a product that needs charging type of silicone, the vibration settings and how big the toys itself. Right?

Another thing to keep in mind is are you traveler? Do you need something that has what is called a travel lock where the on button itself right here is not sensitive to the touch where you actually do have to hold it on so it doesn’t randomly turn on.

Then you have your couples toys, right? Are you doing this with partners, a partner, significant other, what have you, to spice up your time in the bedroom, on the couch, on the kitchen counter.

So this is also something to consider you have different like sensations stimulators that don’t have to be a toy, right?

It could just be various creams, moisturizers, things like that. So you have your wands, you have your bondage, you have clamps, right?

Have you explored claims maybe since you’re new into this world, if this is for you and someone it could be good to explore something outside of toys too, but I could go on and on and on guys, I highly recommend that you do research as to the types of toys.

And honestly, you could do a lot of that research at We do also have live chat. I have called them for a few questions as well.

So definitely something to check out welcome to the world of pleasure is power. So take care of your mental health, take care of your physical health.

And then of course always stay curious. Do, do what makes you happy? So over and out, I will go ahead and be answering questions.

So again, this was to review how to buy my first sex toy. I will do a how to buy my first sex toy 2.0, we’re actually do review a few of the products and the type of sensations they give from personal experience.

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