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Thanks to the sex tech boom, it seems like there is a new invention for pleasure every month, and we are here for it! Over the last few years, we’ve seen innovations in hands-free devices, sex toys for couples, customizable vibrators, and clit-suckers. There are now sex toys that offer just about any sensation you could dream up for people of all genders.

People may also use everyday household items as sex toys (called pervertibles) or use common sex toys in new ways. What constitutes a sex toy? Well, that’s for you to decide. Sex toys are meant to offer pleasure during partnered sex or masturbation. And the options in choices? They are endless.

If you’re new to the world of sex toys, all of the options can be overwhelming at first. How do you know where to start or what to look for? Today, we’ll offer a rundown of common types of sex toys and what they can do for your pleasure.

10 Common Types of Sex Toys

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators were the first vibe to gain popularity, partly because in the 1970s, renowned sex educator and masturbation guru Betty Dodson swore by them. Because of their wide head, wand vibrators provide powerful and full clitoral coverage. Wand vibrators are designed for external use, and their intense vibrations have been revolutionary for consistent clitoral orgasms. These vibrators are so powerful and were initially marketed as back massagers, as shown by Samantha in Sex and the City, who wants to exchange her vibrator because the battery won’t work and is told it’s a back massager. Sure!

Clit suckers

As opposed to vibrations, clit suckers use air pressure and suction around the clitoris to simulate a sucking sensation. Clit suckers have become popular in recent years, thanks to more recognition that there is, in fact, a market and need for products that cater to female pleasure! Clit suckers come with varying intensities; some offer vibrations as well.

Rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are an easy-to-recognize vibrator, thanks to their two-part design for penetration and clitoral stimulation. The clitoral stimulator often has two long vibrators to double up on clitoral reach and power. Because of this shape, which mimics long rabbit ears, the rabbit vibe landed its cute name—but don’t be fooled, these vibrators come ready to offer serious power due to their ability to do two things at once.

Butt plugs

There’s not a ton of mystery behind what a butt plug is designed to do (plug the butt.) People can use butt plugs as a warm-up to anal sex, double penetration, and during oral sex and intercourse. Butt plugs allow for a dual-sensation, and when used alone, they offer anal stimulation. If you’re choosing any sort of butt play, make sure to use plenty of lube.

G-Spot toys

Often, g-spot vibrators are easy to point out because of their slight curvature, which allows for a more specific angle to hit the g-spot. G-spot stimulation and orgasms can feel intense and highly pleasurable. Pro tip: use g-spot toys while stimulating the clitoris simultaneously. Much like the clitoris, the g-spot is an erogenous zone. If you haven’t been able to find it with your fingers, a toy might offer a more precise reach.

Anal beads

Anal beads are a long chain of small balls which insert into the anus. Rather than solely supplying a sense of fullness, some people get a thrill from repeatedly inserting and withdrawing anal beads. Anal beads have a generally longer reach than butt plugs, providing deeper sensation. You can use them alone or while stimulating the genitals. Before using anal beads, make sure to use lubricant around the anus and each bead. Reapply lube frequently as the anus is not self-lubricating.

Maturbation sleeve

Masturbation sleeves offer a squishy texture that you can masturbate into! When erect, people with penises can penetrate masturbation sleeves, which provide pleasure through a combination of suction and varying textures. Be sure to use plenty of lube inside a masturbation sleeve and wash appropriately after usage.

Cock rings

Cock rings fit snuggly around the penis and can be used during masturbation, intercourse, or oral sex. Cock rings can also be worn during anal penetration. Some cock rings even vibrate! Because cock rings restrict blood flow to the penis, they can help maintain an erection for longer periods of time.

Sex toys for couples

You can use pretty much any sex toy as a couple. However, thanks to new innovations in sex tech, new toys are designed to offer different forms of sensation to the people using them, simultaneously. There are many different sex toys for couples, from vibrators to double dildos. These designs show that sex toys can enhance coupled sex and are not just for single people.

BDSM cuffs, floggers, restraints

If you’ve ever been drawn to consensual power play, BDSM toys can help! Toys like floggers, which offer impact, can heighten sensitivity and aid in Dom/sub play. Toys like restraints and handcuffs can help facilitate power dynamics while the person doing the (consensual) restraining gets to tease their partner.

Bet you didn’t know there was a sex toy for that

There are a slew of sex toys that you might not have used but have probably seen before. There are also a ton of sex toys you might be surprised to know are real inventions! Thanks to endless options, anyone can use sex toys to fit their unique preferences. Some unique sex toys you might not know exist are:

  • Penis chastity devices
  • Butt plugs with fur tails
  • Pheromone cologne (it’s a real thing!)
  • Vibrator cameras
Advice for which sex toy to choose

If you’re new to sex toys, aim for a sex toy that sparks your interest or makes you curious. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never have, you don’t need to wait until you come across a partner with the same sexual interest. You might also try a sex toy that offers a sensation you can’t experience with fingers, tongues, or genitals alone. To play it safe, choose a toy with a sensation that you know feels good to you. So, how many types of sex toys are there? Too many to count, but not nearly enough.

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