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Everyone does it. Everyone loves it. There is something about sex that is linked to our primitive longing for being loved and to belong to someone who is a mortal like us. Sex is not just a ‘way of nature’ to make us procreate our younglings. Sex, especially for humans, is much deeper, a part of our identity and a source of our desire. However, we’ve demonized sex for too long. The result- Taboo and hesitant people who are too closed to express themselves freely.

Now, it is all changing! International CES 2020 is live in Las Vegas. If it weren’t for all the good things CES is doing for ‘Sexual Wellness’ this year, this blog post would probably not have been written. So, let us see how CES is changing people’s outlook on sex toys.

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Cold Shoulder to Sex

There is something about human sexuality that often makes it an ‘outcast’ topic within a social setting. While liberal thought has enabled people to be more expressive and accepting of vivid palette of sexual colors, taboo still prevails in their minds. The CES event of 2019 unwillingly (or experimentally) gave entry to some innovative companies dealing in Adult Novelties. In fact, a few of the products won the awards for design and impact, only to be rescinded later when judges found out that they had actually voted for a sex toy. People weren’t too sure which side to pick, until now!

This year, sex toys – Creative, high-quality and thoughtful, are all the rage in the CES, Vegas. Keeping aside the fact that CES organizers made amends in their policies and regulations regarding ‘Adult Novelty Companies,’ it is the genuine want of people that has given wings to these ideas.

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Sex Toys = Intimate Human Expression

From simple lubricants to high-end clit massagers and vibrators, there are a plethora of sex toys being engineered for men and women alike. While people, up until now, found it hard to walk-up to a sex shop and buy the products of their choices, they are openly appreciating the adult novelty companies for their innovation at CES 2020. For them, sex toys are not just another utility; rather, they are a way to spice up their relationships or experience stars and moons within their bedroom walls.

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This is the era where innovative sex toys are generating millions in pre-sales and their creators are receiving applauds. People are finally opening up to embrace the freedom of their sexuality with the help of sex toys. In fact, this is the very spirit on which Ella Paradis has been built- to enable the people to unite with the sexual creatures within themselves and their lovers.

Happy Highs of Sex are on the Way

International Consumer Electronics Show 2020, Vegas, is just a starting point of a long journey that yearns to unfold in a passionate manner. People are becoming more and more inclined towards their sexual wellness and supporting their favorite creators and products openly. The best part is that the authorities are becoming flexible in allowing this expression to flow freely. One key reason, of course, is profit. Another crucial reason, however, is the majoritarian view that knows sex is something powerful, personal, pertains to self-perception and overall happiness in life.

If you are into taming the wild, primitive and raw sexual being within yourself, Ella Paradis stands with you. Visit our online store to order the products of your choices. And yes, don’t forget to visit the fabulous CES in Vegas (Shhh…that is where all the cool stuff is).

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